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Friday, January 16, 2015

DIY: A Winter Mantel

I've come to the realization that our mantel is my muse {sad but true}. I change it..... well, let's just say, often. When I was growing up we moved into a big ole' {newly built} farmhouse and my mother spent an absolute fortune decorating it and though it was beautiful, it NEVER changed. Nothing moved, nothing was updated, nothing- for like ever. Maybe that's where my decorating unrest was born, I don't know, but our mantel- I have fun!

Once we cleared out all the Christmas decor, winter decor arrived, and it's been a wonderful conscience choice I made in hopes of staving off my harsh, merciless, winter blues. I opened my arms and welcomed winter into our home this year and winter decorating has been a huge part of a really happy attitude over here. Now, I don't go out and buy all new, no siree, but I do shop the house and buy small pieces that I can craft into something to maybe match an inspiration picture I have. For instance, I drool and swoon, and swoon and drool over the Anthropologie catalog, but they must be nuts if they think I'm paying $125.00 for a garland of any kind. I really wanted the temple bells garland from there, so, off to the store to purchase some wonderful, woolly yarn, and the pom pom making began in earnest. Throw in some homemade art work and my favorite winter print from Choose Brave Shop, lots of candles and some dogwood branches from dear old mother nature- a winter mantel was born. If you're thinking, "this is not for me, I don't even have a mantel", have I got news for you!! This works great on any shelf. Ever heard of a fantle {aka fake mantel}? This is fun for everyone honey!Ever notice how crazy people want others to join in too so they don't seem sooooo crazy? It would make me feel so much better if you'd share my mantle obsession! 

My little secret for a wonderful mantel is to layer lots of your favorite things and always bring in some of the outside if at all possible. I love banners and garlands and layer them often on the mantel. For winter, I knew I needed lots of cozy candles {secret: I get my glass jar candles at Walmart for $1 and they last forever} to warm up the mood AND our dear old deer really gives it a cozy winter woodland vibe.

So to re-cap: 
1. Be Brave {don't be afraid to be a little different and even wonky in your decorating- it's your house!}
2. Pull out some off your favorite pieces and layer them.
3. It's winter- the more candles the better!
4. If you can't buy it , make it. I made all  3 of the garlands, easy-peasy, and I love how fun and colorful they are.
5. Bring the outdoors in whenever possible.
6. And, there you have it, a fun, colorful winter mantel that will give you a smile every time you walk by!

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