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Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Top 5 Tips For Maintaining Your Weight Loss

Just popping in this morning with an update on me! Yes, ME! There's some modesty for ya, huh!? I wanted to share a little on my weight maintenance so far since I lost a bit of weight last year {see that here, here, and here}. So far so good y'all. Maintenance is tricky and I've really had to stay on the ball. I've incorporated a few tidbits into my every day that have helped me hugely and I wanted to share........
  1. Replace meals with juicing every day. I LOVE juicing! It's been a lifesaver to my maintenance plan. Why? It helps me maintain a balance and not feel guilty about eating like a normal person sometimes. I juice breakfast and lunch most days and I have to say, it's my #1 maintenance piece of advice! {Here's where I get many of my juice recipes and inspiration}
  2. Keep a snack handy always. My favorite snack is nuts, any kind, any variety, I LOVE nuts! I can honestly give a squirrel a run for his money, no lie, I'm a nut hoarder. They're in the car, in my purse, in the pantry, always easily accessible. If you have a healthy snack handy at all times, and eat when you first feel those hunger pangs, you won't over do it later.
  3. Don't count fat or calories! This is a biggie because it's against most all weight loss and maintenance plans. Through my whole weight loss, I never counted fat or calories and I truly believe it's key both to losing and maintaining. So you're asking, how do you know if you're doing it right, what's holding you accountable? If you go back to the very basics of food, and we all know what those are, foods that are closest to the way God gave them to us, foods closest to their natural state, that's what you eat y'all. If you eat this way, clean and non-processed or an item with about five ingredients or less, there's no need to be a slave to calories and fat counting.
  4. Live! Enjoy that get together at your friends house, have that occasional burger and fries drenched in ketchup, have that slice of  birthday cake at your kiddos party, it's okay, you're not gonna blow it. If nearly every day you eat the way you should, you have no worries when you occasionally live a little. Life should be enjoyable and food is often center stage at gatherings, enjoy it!
  5. Don't hide from your scale! Repeat after me, my scale is my friend! Once upon a time not so very long ago, I'd hide from my scale. I figured that if I didn't see how bad things were, then they weren't really all that bad. Nuts, I know! Now, I weigh every day some weeks, less others, but I keep an eye on my number. It's way easier to take action with 3 pounds than 30, Amen? 

So that's it, my sage advice on maintaining your weight loss, easy peasy, right? I totally enjoyed the holidays, and January I might add, and I'm currently juicing more and exercising when possible to lose four pounds {see, I did enjoy the holidays!}, but it's okay. By keeping an eye on things it'll only take me about a week to drop back down to my happy number. I find that most of what I gain is fluid based due to eating foods that I typically don't eat, so it drops off pretty quickly when I eat what I should. Are you currently losing weight, maintaining or maybe just in the planning stages? You can do this! It's so worth all the hard work!


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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

When A Picture Is Worth More Than A Thousand Words

A single captured moment can be life changing. I don't remember gaining weight, but all of a sudden, after our first camping adventure, I realized that I had gained a whole bunch of weight. I was tired, slow and miserable. When we returned home from that trip, I changed, I changed everything.

Looking back at those beach pictures, I looked pregnant. Very pregnant. As I've been writing about my lifestyle changes and food changes {here, here, and here}, I've had lots of friends ask for a before and after. Honestly, I was putting it off, because I cringe at the sight of the 'before' shot and I was so embarrassed to share that photo with y'all. But, you know what, sometimes life's not all that pretty, I have bunches of struggles just like y'all, food is a big one for me, and I know I'm not alone.

So, it was really hard to lay all my mess out here for everyone to see. I'll always have a baby belly, shoot, I've had four babies, and that's okay. I wasn't after perfection, I really wanted to feel  good and be happy in body and mind. Done. I lost thirty two pounds eating healthily and exercising. Nothing weird, nothing crazy, just good ole' fashioned hard work. 

Stick around this week, cause we just returned from a truly wild camping adventure and I cannot wait to share the details with y'all. And, Happy November by the way. Can you believe it's almost Thanksgiving and then Christmas, oh mercy y'all! Coming up soon, a little give away  on the blog, so stay tuned for details. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Food Matters {a journey of health}

A little while back I posted about my weight loss and lifestyle change {you can find that here}. As of this writing, I've lost twenty seven pounds, but it's what I've gained that I'm writing about today.

To write about all the miraculous changes in my body, I first have to tell you about me. The me that was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease at eighteen, the me that has been on and off of Prozac most of my adult life, and the me that over medicated myself for debilitating migraines for more years than I care to remember. Over-weight and over medicated, that's been me for most of my post-baby years. I've lost weight before with traditional fad diets, only to gain it all back and more, sound familiar? It's a well travelled path.

So let's talk about what I eat. Lots of fruits, veggies, nuts, clean /farm raised/antibiotic free meats on occasion, farm fresh eggs, hormone-free diary, very little processed food {five or less ingredients and organic}, I bake breads from scratch or purchase preservative free organic, I use some sugars {organic cane, maple syrup, or raw honey} when baking homemade goodies. So you get the idea, I eat as clean as possible. Loosing weight was my main goal and I'd really hoped to be more energetic. I've achieved both of my main goals.

That was expected though, I knew that if I stuck to my plan of eating healthy and exercising, I would loose weight and I would naturally feel better. What I wasn't expecting was the ability of food to heal all of my brokenness. Food is  healing. My Crohn's disease, in full remission, migraines vanished, Prozac, gone. Food is power-full.

To begin this journey, you have to be desperate for change. You have to be sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I was.

I am.

If you're in a similar place, and are desperate for change, join me. We can do this.

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Monday, August 10, 2015

How To Lose Weight Without Dieting

There must be millions of articles on the Internet about dieting. How to do it, what crazy combinations of foods to eat {or not eat} to lose weight. Book stores are filled to the brim with even more self help books that lay out every detail of what you should and should not do in order to shed those unwanted pounds. What if I told you that all of that, all of that dieting mumbo jumbo is totally not necessary. What if I told you that diet is the ugliest four letter word there is.

My story is not an important one. I'm no health expert, I don't have a fancy list of letters after my name, I'm not a nutritionist, but I do have one thing under my belt, years of trial and error, years of doing it all wrong has opened my eyes to doing it all right. I'm going to share that with y'all today, nothing special really, but my experience, my many fails and lastly, my success.

It's 1993, big hair is still in in the deep south and I'm now a momma to one very handsome little boy. Besides getting the baby I'd always dreamed of, I got something else I'd never even thought of, fat. I know a few of my high-school friends read my blog from time to time, and they'll call me on a lie if I dare fib, so in all honesty, I'd been skinny my whole life. One hundred and eight pounds sopping wet was my norm pre-baby weight, this also came with a perky little A cup. After my first baby, things changed, boy did they change. And I know that they should have changed, I'm okay with having a more womanly shape, but I bypassed womanly and went straight to fat. Remember, it's the early 90's, cue the Slim Fast Shakes, yeah baby. They were horrid, but slightly effective, temporarily.

My tug of war with weight gain and loss had begun in earnest, and it would color the rest of my adult life. The constant loss-gain cycle and the focus on deprivation and what that does to you mentally would take center stage up until present day. On the subject of high-school friends again, our ten year high-school reunion was scheduled and there was no way I was going with this new shape of mine, no way, so I did the most reasonable thing I could think of and I lied. I said I was going to the beach, sorry folks, cat's outta the bag now, but y'all probably guessed that any way, isn't that why many women don't attend their high-school reunions????

More time passed, and I became more desperate to lose, so enter fasting. Quick weight loss, yes please, sign me up. I lost weight, yes I did, I also stressed my body so much that I caught a horrible case of bronchitis and thought for sure that I was gonna die.  But, I lost weight, sigh.......

Through all that turmoil and deprivation, I was never once happy with what I saw in the mirror, I always thought I looked fat.

In the last days of 1999, I became pregnant again with baby number two, I stayed pretty healthy during this pregnancy and didn't put on too terribly much weight, then in 2001, pregnant with baby number three. I didn't fare so well this time around and nearly hit two hundred pounds before she was born, whoa what?, yep, I'd never seen a number that big on a scale in my life. Two baby girls, a sweet little boy, and a momma fiercely trying to lose weight, again. 

Pills, tried those, more shakes, only fruit, whatever the magazine cover at the check out line said to try, I did it all, South Beach, you name it, I tried it. You too? Crazy right, how desperate we can be to lose weight that we'll believe anything out there. It must work, that lady on the cover of the magazine looks awesome in her after photo and she's obviously happy, look at that huge smile, I'll do it, whatever she did, I'll do it.

Baby number four, sealed my fate, I was destined to fat-ness and all the self-loathing and misery that comes along with that. I went back and lived on Slim Fast Bars again, constant hunger and a very unhealthy focus on food and schedules and when do I get my next meal. 

So, fast forward to 2015, what am I doing differently, what's the alternative? It's so simple really, there's no deprivation, no self-loathing involved, no shakes {thank you God}, just a simple little formula.  God given foods + movement.  That's it. No calorie counting, no fat counting, only a simple awareness of what goes into your mouth and movement every day. Do you hear the angels singing hallelujah? I don't feel deprived,  I don't worry about when do I get my next meal, there are no cravings, no low blood sugar jitters, translated, freedom.  Also, no more migraines, my Crohn's Disease is in remission and dare I mention, peace. Did you hear that, peace. 

So here I am, with my little not-so-important story. I've often heard it said that the Bible is our instruction manual. That's so true and God does mention food lots in the bible, heavens, it sustains us. We as Christians spend plenty of time trying to grasp the concept of living in the world, not of the world. This pertains to food as well. Most of the food at the markets has been designed to entice us visually and altered chemically as well, shoot, we don't even recognize when we are full any more, how crazy is that? Think about it, that's not what God had in mind for food. Absolutely not, that goes against everything that our God is. Food was designed for nourishment and pleasure, on it's own, as it is produced from this earth of ours. God desires us to be satisfied and full in body, mind and spirit, anyone that's ever dieted knows that we feel the exact opposite when we are trying to lose weight. We are overtaken by our desire to eat, or not eat and the thought of food literally possesses us. That sounds a lot like bondage to me, and honey, that's not God. 

As of this posting, I've lost twenty one pounds in nine weeks. Me + Exercise + God's Food. That's it, that's freedom. I'm learning to only eat when I'm hungry, that does sound silly, but for lots of us, our hunger sensors died out looooooong ago. It is a process, but it's so worth the hard work. I eat lots of veggies, fruits, nuts, eggs, grass fed meats and we are back on all organic foods again. Sound simple? Our God made it pretty easy, we just make it hard.

When we went on our first camping trip in May, I was twenty one pounds heavier, tired, depressed and disappointed in myself. You can read more about my shift in mindset that occurred when we returned home from that trip here. Wednesday, the kids and I will be hitting the road for another camping adventure, I'm stronger, healthier and totally empowered.  God has all the answers, even where food is concerned. 

If you have any questions about my journey, ask away. You can ask in the comments below or feel free to e-mail me by clicking on the 'contact' tab at the top of the page. I'm happy to chat. If this post inspired you, please do me a huge favor and click on one of the  'share' icons under this post. Thanks so much.

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Reclaiming Myself

Two years ago I ran a local 5K. I had spent a year and a half prior to that learning how to eat properly and exercise. I declared war on our pantry and cleared out all the processed and refined foods and baking ingredients and replaced every item with it's clean counterpart. Back then, it was much harder to find whole or organic foods in our area, so I found myself making many items from scratch. That equaled an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen, but, I was determined and I quickly learned how to make salad dressings, ketchup, granola, crackers, cookies and tons of other necessities, all with clean and organic ingredients. I lost weight by eating God-given foods and exercising, I lost twenty five pounds over time, and kept it off, all the while enjoying delicious foods and baked goods. I discovered that I could even enjoy homemade breads and sweets without gaining a pound as long as I made these items with organic, unprocessed ingredients and kept to a regular plan of exercising. My body was in a good place.

So what happened? Why did I gradually stop buying whole foods and exercising? Life. You know, it gets busy sometimes and we become unbalanced and one weak moment at the grocery turned into two, until one day I realized that my cart was full of the very foods that I'd admonished from our home not so long before. I know that my weakness is food, coupled with a sometimes lazy tendency, which over time resulted in the wrong foods creeping back into our kitchen. The lure of aisle after aisle of processed foods at the store that promise goodness and preparation at lightening speed, became so enticing that I took the bait. Are you seeing Eve in the Garden of Eden contemplating taking a bite of that apple, yeah, me too. 

Food is the key to our health, it's so simple really, what we put in our bodies determines how we look and feel. I've always been convinced that how I treated my past weight loss is the reason it didn't last. At first, I was all thank you God and without you God I couldn't have accomplished all this, then that gradually morphed into something else entirely. As people began noticing that I not only looked better but that I had a new found confidence and energy to go along with my new look, they would compliment my efforts, a lot.   It didn't take too long before those compliments went to my head and I started to feel very proud  of myself. I was a peacock fluffing my feathers for anyone that would take notice. I became an attention hog living from one, you look great to the next how did you lose all that weight. Rather than answering, God was my co-pilot, I would start into a listing of my prowess at the grocery and how long and far I could run. I began to carry my weight loss around like a medal that I  had achieved, just me, all on my own, and the thank you God's, began to all but disappear. 

I truly believe that God was saddened at how I handled the gift he had given me. He was saddened and disappointed at how I wasted my testimony. For this reason, I know in my heart that my weight crept back up and I stopped exercising all together. There is always a price to pay for sin, always.

But this is my favorite part of the story, I'm still here, God's still there, and I've learned from my mistake. My pantry is all clean, again, I'm exercising, again, becoming a runner, again, eating God-given foods, again. I love that little word, again.  That little word means hope, that little word means grace, that little word means that God is there and cheering me on as I pull myself back up by my bootstraps and start fresh, that little word is helping me to reclaim myself

Monday, June 1, 2015


It's taken a while, but my determination is returning. Here lately, it seemed as though my get up and go, got up and went...... without me. That ever happen to you, are you maybe there right now? This isn't the first time I'd lost my chutzpah y'all, might not even have enough fingers to count how many times that slippery little sucker has weaseled away from me. 

That first camping trip {you can read more about that here} was a great motivator, but switching my mind into gear is one thing, shoving my body into gear is another, way harder thing altogether. Ever been there? So, what am I doing? Number one, not beating myself up over yet another failure. Secondly, not trying to start off at the fitness level I had achieved a year ago {well......I may have but it didn't go so well}. My goal isn't a number on the scale. I know at what size I felt healthy, strong, and confident. To me, that's success and that's where I'm determined to be again. Is it hard? Shoot yeah. It's one of the hardest things I've ever done, but I've done it before {sigh} and I'll do it again.

So with one foot in front of the other, I start again, and at night when I collapse into bed sore and exhausted, it's a good kind of exhausted, it's a very grateful exhausted.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Therapy In The Dressing Room

I found myself in the dressing room waiting as patiently as one can on a teenager. I tagged along to make sure the hemline was to the knee. One stall over, a woman carrying on a conversation with someone in the next stall. As I waited there, I realized it was another mother-daughter duo. Then I could hear them shouting to another woman across the way. Another daughter, trying on outfits two stalls over. Their voices were all giddy with excitement and I could see outfit after outfit hitting the floor in a tangled jumble. As one model emerged, the other two would run out to catch a glimpse of the outfit. They would ooooooh and aaaaaah and compare which was more flattering. None of this is so unusual, it's why dressing rooms were born, but you see, I have an issue with my size, and they were not a size six, not even a size twelve, yet they were happy with what they saw in the mirror. They were happy with themselves right where they were at this very moment. I stood there in awe of their joy and confused at why I rarely ever try anything on at the store. When I do make the mistake of trying on, it turns into judgement day. Where did I go. Where is my size six.

As I was still waiting, teen girls take their sweet time don't you know, out of another stall pops a lady, mid sixties, tan and so tiny, she's thrilled with a handkerchief hem skirt and is twirling around like a little girl. "Perfect for the beach" she says. She came out of her room with the smaller mirror to catch a glimpse in the larger three way mirror. I notice she's wearing a wig, cancer maybe, but she's so happy and joy-filled and twirling and twirling.  

Therapy and God are all around us every day. You don't really have to look for it, you just have to pray to change and He will provide the path in the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times. I wasn't looking to be challenged in a dressing room, but yet I was. I'm still pondering all of it and that's just as it should be. I'll just leave it at that. 

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Monday, January 26, 2015

A New 'Light' In The Closet

God works in the most mysterious ways. Ever notice how you may begin on one quest and through little unintentional rabbit trails, you find God standing boldly, right dab smack in the middle of a trail, right where you never even expected?

This happened to me this morning. I had a notice in my e-mail of a twitter request, so I clicked on it to accept the request, this led me to the twitter page and then I noticed a retweet from sweet Myquillyn {The Nester}. She had retweeted a post from her sister's blog, Emily P. Freeman.

Now I must back up, waaaaay up............ I've been staring at my disaster of a closet for e-v-e-r. I've never been a clean closet kind of a girl. I was always in trouble when I lived in my parent's house because of "The Closet". Yep, sad mess. So, fast forward to present day, and I've been promising my husband that I would give our closet a stellar re-do and share it's success on the blog and tout lots of cool after photos of it's all organized "after" self. I've been putting a little aside for it's impending transformation, a little for cutie new hangers and little bins and boxes. ALL visual don't you see.

Then there's God. Standing dab smack in the middle of my rabbit trail. Remember Emily's post up there? Well wow! My closet is filled with tons of skeletons staring at me. There are many sizes in there. Many short lived sizes, many hope and dream sizes, many I'm almost there sizes, and many, Lord help me, I'll probably never be there again sizes. That's a closet filled with defeat and negativity. There's a monster in my closet, a real live devil  of a monster, and I didn't even realize. 

So why have I been procrastinating this closet redo for months and months? Obvious right? Honey, there's baggage in there, and I don't mean suitcases.

God knows this journey I'm on right now, a journey of learning to live with intention every day. He knows that He'll often have to keep me in check, because my flesh always strives for the 'pretty' . But God, He always strives for the down and dirty, the messy transformations. 

Obviously, there will be a closet transformation soon at my house, and I'll be sharing it with y'all, but now with a new purpose and a new goal. It's time to shed some 'light'  in my closet y'all.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dressing Olivia And Random Facts On Fashion

Olivia has always loved fashion. Lucky for me {and her dad}, she's grown up knowing that thrift shopping is the bomb! Her sense of style amazes me. She is our first girl and I loved shopping for her when she was little. Back then, we spent LOTS of money on clothes. Nordstrom, Gap, Dillard's, oh yeah, such waste. Our life is very different now. Thrifting is the name of the game. Olivia's turning into a young lady right before my eyes. I'm very grateful that I LOVE her style! Her hair does anything she tells it and those big brown eyes, oh my. Her dad is even considering a shotgun purchase just to keep all the future suitors at bay ;)

{ vintage shoes: antique mall, shirt: clearance Old Navy, skinny jeans: WalMart }

It's mighty hard raising girls in this world today. We not only have to fight against ALL the sexual media bombarding them every day, but also against the world telling them how they are supposed to look. Girls readily get the message that it's a one size world and if you don't fit that mold...well... you just don't fit. I recently did a post on self acceptance and body image and how crucial it is for our teen daughters to love themselves. Olivia is moving forward and learning to feel good about herself.

We shop LOTS of thrift stores, consignment sales and store markdowns. Believe me when I tell you how hard it is to find appropriate clothing when your girls start wearing women's sizes. Man, it's tough! They are still just precious little girls and suddenly all skirts are micro minis and shirts are just mere threads dangling. What? What happened to the good ole days? You remember, right? When skirts came to your knees and shirts, well, they actually COVERED you. 

{denim jacket: thrift store, lace skirt: clearance American Eagle, chemise: Amazon}

Thrifting is so much fun and it's all about the thrill of the hunt. We just love it and I'm so thrilled that my daughters are learning how to take care of a family on a budget. If you haven't thrifted lately, head out on an adventure this weekend! You can thank me later! Get thrifting mama's ~

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Monday, July 14, 2014

And More Dirty Laundry {Part Two}

I'm baaaaack! Told ya I'd be right here Monday morning! This was an interesting weekend. I've spent a WHOPPING lot of time reflecting on Friday's post. If you happened to miss it, click here, or else you're going to be totally confused today! If you are hoping for lots of sage advice and tried and true conclusions, I'm afraid you'll be leaving quite disappointed. What I do have today, is hope for me and for you and for all our daughters. I've spent the last three days thinking, planning, and figuring on how I can not only learn to love myself right now at this very moment, but how I can also help my daughter learn to love herself unconditionally. Let me tell you, it's REALLY hard. This is new territory for me! I've spent most of the last twenty three years trying to stay just out of the camera's frame because I didn't want to see myself in the photo. Come on now, be honest, you volunteer to be the picture taker too, don't you? That way you don't have to see yourself in the picture. Yep, this is gonna be painful! But, I'm up for the challenge and I shall succeed. I have to, my daughter's counting on me.

So this is how we've started. We've talked, hugged, cried, and laughed a bunch this weekend. That's a good start. We've also eaten lots of chocolate chip pancakes 'cause I figured it couldn't hurt, right? I've researched positive affirmations and bought lots of these:  

They make some of the cutest Post-it notes these days. Don't you just love that little cell phone one? Just perfect for a teen girl! I plan on using these to write positive thoughts and bible verses for both our daughters and sticking them on their bathroom mirrors. By reminding ourselves to change old habits, we can stay positively focused on the task at hand. These are also good for us moms! 

I am also going to be more vigilante at "checking in" with our daughter. I think that as our kids get older and need less from us, we tend to lose touch with them and get busy with other stuff, and intentionally or not, we miss out on their subtle cues. We are also stocking our bedside tables with some new reading materials. I've ordered these on Amazon:

                  Find It Here                 

Don't you just love the cover on that last one? So trendy! These changes that we're making are all fine and dandy, but the MOST important one comes from me. I have to change my dysfunctional view of myself so that I can mirror a positive self image for my daughters. The example that we set, I believe, is the most pro-active move we can make. If I love myself, she'll be more apt to love herself.

I've been so moved by so many beautiful women in my own community and in my "virtual" community. You guys are just the greatest and you've helped me beyond measure with your positive thoughts and "virtual hugs". I'm so, so blessed to have you all! Please share any advice you may have in the comment section! I'm just beginning a long, bumpy path here and I really would welcome some company! Until next time..........

Friday, July 11, 2014

And More Dirty Laundry {Part One}

I think this week should be called "The Week Of Transparency". I should start by saying that this wasn't a post I ever wanted to write. Why you ask? Well, I shared a post on depression earlier in the week and just the very next day, another of my WELL hidden flaws came to light. Boy, God's just really working on me this week! I guess it's better to just air ALL my dirty laundry at once, huh? So, grab a cup of coffee and have a seat, this is gonna be a little long! Can't say I didn't warn you.......

In this time we live in, there's no room for imperfection. Everywhere we look we're bombarded with PERFECTION, even the blogging world contributes. When I met my husband twenty three years ago, I was a size 4/6. I never had weight issues as a child or teen, and I was very aware that I had something that other's wanted, and I liked knowing that. No one told me that those feelings were sinful and that they were called pride. When I became pregnant with our first child, things q-u-i-c-k-l-y changed. Whoa, they really changed. I've been fighting and loosing the battle of the bulge ever since. I have hated how my body has looked for LOTS of years. I've lost a little, gained a little, and found myself mostly parked at a place way left of perfection. 

Now that you are up to speed on my weight struggles, here's how it's playing out in my life right now. My thirteen year old daughter has grown up watching me go through several outfits before I walk out the door, because each one just wasn't right or made me look fat. She's heard me fret over my weight, for, well, her whole life. Now keep in mind that she's a size 2/4. I've watched for months as she tosses MANY outfits before she walks out the door, but I've turned a blind eye to her habit because if I faced her issue, I'd have to face mine. I've noticed how she seems to stay in the bathroom forever before considering herself "ready to go". I just figured that I spent lots of time primping and fussing over details as a teen, and she's just going through that same stage. I didn't really want to investigate what was taking her so long. The other night she came to me in tears, and I now know that she doesn't like what she sees in the mirror when she looks at herself. WHAT??? She's a size 2/4, did I mention that??? She's got legs up to here, long flowing, wavy hair and she's sooooo beautiful. But, that's not what she sees reflecting back at her when she looks in the mirror.

What's the bible verse about the sins of the father? Yep, she's grown up thinking that women don't like their bodies because she's watched me loathe mine. Oh-my-goodness-what-have-I-done? My negative body image has been reflected upon my daughter, and is likely to show up in our other daughter when she reaches her teen years. 

I have chosen to selfishly see my weight struggles as only my own, but it's far from it! My loathing of my body, has now skewed my daughter's perception of her own body. In order to help her change her perceptions, I have to change mine. But wait, hold up here, I've spent twenty three years in this funk, you mean I have to change how I feel about my own body so I can help her change how she feels about hers? Dang, God. Why do you ask so much of me?

Friends, young girls are watching how we perceive ourselves and I think that it's not so much that the world asks perfection of us that's the problem. Maybe the problem is how we react to it's asking. What if the world was asking for perfection and instead of us crumbling and feeling defeated and crushed because we can't possibly achieve it, what if we reacted with strength instead. What if we as women LOVED ourselves and wore bright red even when our heart cries out to wear black. If we bucked the perfection request, what would our daughters see then. My daughter would have seen a mom that was comfortable in her own skin, one that put one outfit on and was pleased with what she saw in the mirror. Mine, in all her beauty, would realize the perfection of God's creation. And suddenly all that the world throws at us would not have nearly as much power.

Join me today as I begin to learn to love myself right where I am, right now at 5'4 1/2" and 156 pounds. Ouch, that hurt saying that out loud! Don't make me do this alone y'all! I know that some of you feel this way too and if you have a daughter, she may be learning some things from you that you weren't even aware you were teaching. Let's start loving our bodies TODAY, K? On Monday, come right back here, same place, same time, because I'm going to tell you how I'm back peddling out of this mess I've gotten myself into. That should be fun right? Until next time.......

Here's a quick link to Part Two of And More Dirty Laundry.

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