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Monday, March 2, 2015

When The Unthinkable Happens

All of our lives have their ups and downs. It's just the way it goes and we expect it to be that way. But sometimes, events happen that are way beyond what we've come to expect as normal. Events too huge to even comprehend. 

Last week, in our little community, a tragedy. Innocent lives were lost and innocent folks were injured. It never sits well when life shifts so violently and unexpectedly. It's just un-natural. It shook our whole community to it's core. Small town living has it's advantages and one of those is low crime rates, but even small towns aren't completely immune to violence. 

I began thinking of one of the times that our pastor had said that a life shaking event is not necessarily about the main players. Sometimes, it may have very little to do with them at all. A tragedy can be a catalyst, changing many people's paths. It does sound really cruel, but I believe it might just be a part of God's bigger plan. Something so massive, we couldn't possibly understand. A ripple effect.

I have always despised being in pictures. I grew up around women that spent their whole life saying, "oh honey, I hope you're not getting me in that picture". Maybe that colored my view a little, paired with the fact that I'm not the 'perfect weight' I wish I was, and that has kept me behind the camera way more than in front. Beyond ridiculous, I know.  

I couldn't help but notice that one of the folks that lost their life last week in our little town, had so many precious photos of her and her sweet daughters. Slam........... hit me hard, right in the face. Tragedies happen, life can end unexpectedly, and I have so few moments captured with my kids, so much time has passed and opportunities have been missed, all because of my ridiculousness.

So last week, my girls and I went for a couple of days to see 'Wicked' in Atlanta. Totally awesome by the way, but as we finished loading our luggage into the car at checkout, I went and sat in the car ready to go. The girls were behind the car doing what girls do best, photographing each other and the gorgeous scenery of the city. As I was sitting there, it hit me, what the heck am I doing sitting here in the car, duh, right? I jumped out, warp speed and got in the pictures. 

Life is short and we don't get re-dos. Life can end in a moment, do we like what we're leaving behind? What would our kids have at that moment that we were suddenly gone? 

So you may have guessed it, I'm changing my legacy one photo at a time.

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