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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Camper Reveal {part two}

I really hope y'all enjoyed Monday's camper reveal! Today I'm sharing a detailed source list for all the goodies inside. I began dreaming of a bohemian vibe for this camper and I wanted it to have a little gypsy appeal but it had to have some vintage thrown in for good measure too. I have never decorated in a bohemian style before and it was challenging for me at first. I was a little uncomfortable with the style because there's no real rules, bohemian by it's very nature is mismatched. When styling bohemian, remember "what goes best with a pattern? Why, another pattern of course." I thought I'd start with my curtains. 

I'd been swooning over the Joel Dewberry patterns for their fun vintage and colorful vibe. Then, right to Urban Outfitters for the bed duvets and 4 more key pieces.

{before and after of girls' bunk}

This is usually how I go about styling any space, pick out a handful of key pieces that I love and build the rest of the decor around them.

{before and after of hubby and I's bunk and table area}

{before and after of kitchen galley}

Source List:

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dressing Olivia And Random Facts On Fashion

Olivia has always loved fashion. Lucky for me {and her dad}, she's grown up knowing that thrift shopping is the bomb! Her sense of style amazes me. She is our first girl and I loved shopping for her when she was little. Back then, we spent LOTS of money on clothes. Nordstrom, Gap, Dillard's, oh yeah, such waste. Our life is very different now. Thrifting is the name of the game. Olivia's turning into a young lady right before my eyes. I'm very grateful that I LOVE her style! Her hair does anything she tells it and those big brown eyes, oh my. Her dad is even considering a shotgun purchase just to keep all the future suitors at bay ;)

{ vintage shoes: antique mall, shirt: clearance Old Navy, skinny jeans: WalMart }

It's mighty hard raising girls in this world today. We not only have to fight against ALL the sexual media bombarding them every day, but also against the world telling them how they are supposed to look. Girls readily get the message that it's a one size world and if you don't fit that mold...well... you just don't fit. I recently did a post on self acceptance and body image and how crucial it is for our teen daughters to love themselves. Olivia is moving forward and learning to feel good about herself.

We shop LOTS of thrift stores, consignment sales and store markdowns. Believe me when I tell you how hard it is to find appropriate clothing when your girls start wearing women's sizes. Man, it's tough! They are still just precious little girls and suddenly all skirts are micro minis and shirts are just mere threads dangling. What? What happened to the good ole days? You remember, right? When skirts came to your knees and shirts, well, they actually COVERED you. 

{denim jacket: thrift store, lace skirt: clearance American Eagle, chemise: Amazon}

Thrifting is so much fun and it's all about the thrill of the hunt. We just love it and I'm so thrilled that my daughters are learning how to take care of a family on a budget. If you haven't thrifted lately, head out on an adventure this weekend! You can thank me later! Get thrifting mama's ~

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Friday, July 25, 2014

A Late Summer Mantel

Well, dare I say the words, summer is slipping away. It'll be August in mere days. Around here, since we homeschool, we say that it's summer till mid September, just 'cause we can! After Wednesday's camper crush post, you can probably tell that I'm feeling a might bit adventurous and I wanted our mantel to be a bit adventurous too. A little while back, I wrote about our late spring mantel, and honestly I've had that one up until now. Usually, I do a summer mantel with lots of beachy items that I've collected, but this year I was so in love with my cow print in all her glory, that I just left the mantel as it was all these months. I was finally ready for a change, and since I have adventure and campers on the brain, I've been collecting some fun pieces to reflect my adventurous spirit. 

I decided to leave up our old "barn door" that we made because it really helps to lighten up all those dark rocks. I also left up the white banners, the more white, the more bright- a great decorating tip for renters! I found the white paper fans and thought they added a little bit of whimsy. This look will keep me happy until I start to feel the cool crispness of the fall air, and then it'll be time to think about Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays. I'm sooooo not ready to welcome any of that yet, so I'm going to stay adventurous for as long as I can! Thanks for stopping by today!

Source List

"Let's Sleep Under The Stars" print:  by Katie Daisy at Etsy
"Everyday Is An Adventure Embrace The Journey" print:  by recipe for crazy at Etsy
"VW Bus" print:  by Lemonade Makin' Mama at Etsy
Metal Ampersand:  Habitat for Humanity Restore
Banners handmade by moi

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Afternoon Delight {Copycat Starbuck's Frappuccino}

I really miss my wintertime afternoon coffee. It's probably the ONLY thing about winter I do miss. Our kiddos are performing in our local theatre's version of "The King And I" in a couple of weeks, and the practices have been MANY! Our evenings are late due to the practice schedule and I find myself really needing an afternoon pick me up to keep me from embarrassing myself by nodding off in my cozy, back row seat. Hot coffee, hot summer, yuck. Sounds just awful right? The other day while out on one of our thrifting adventures, I splurged BIG-TIME and bought a Starbuck's Frappuccino. It was hot out, and I was exhausted, and this luscious, but ridiculously overpriced treat, really hit the spot. How do folks justify spending that money on a regular basis- I just don't get it?? So what's my thrifty, little self to do? Those frappuccinos are quite addictive I should say. I did what any thrifty minded soul would do, I began an internet search. Don't y'all do that too? My searches led me to many recipes and much taste testing. Whew! I hope y'all appreciate all my trials perfecting this recipe for you all. It was tedious! But after much testing, I've landed upon a doggone good match! Enjoy y'all........

Copycat Starbucks Frappuccino

3/4 cup STRONG coffee {cold!}
1 1/2 to 2 cups ice
1/2 cup whole milk
2 Tbsp. sugar
1 tsp.vanilla

Add all ingredients to blender. Blend until you no longer hear any ice whirring around. You may substitute  your usual milk or sugar. To change up the taste- add flavored syrups, and if you want the whole Starbuck's experience, add whipped cream!  Ta-da! Your very own Frappuccino! Now, take a bow!

And now, I'm off to make me one of these delicious treats - another late practice tonight. Thanks ever so for stopping by.............

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How To Survive And Thrive On One Income {Part Three}

Here comes part three of my five part series. If you missed parts one or two, just follow these links {Part One and Part Two} to catch up. And the next step is........

3.  Change How You Shop

 O.K. You made it through step one and step two, now what? Now your EVERY day has to look different. Did you enjoy shopping at Target just because? When your daughter needs an Easter dress, do you just run to Macy's and pull out your card? Life is going to be different now, harder sometimes, but oh so much better. 

Now, you need to find where all of the thrift stores are in your local area. So much of the stuff I find in resale stores, still has the tags on it? Say what? Yep , it's true. When we are out in the working world buying up a storm, things don't have as much value and we toss them way too soon. You've got to learn to plan ahead. If a special event's coming up in a couple of months, start shopping now, because in resale stores, one dress doesn't come in every size. It may take a bit of looking to find clothing where you've been used to just pulling it off the rack.

I was so surprised when I first started thrifting at the feeling of success I had. I knew how hard I had to work to find an item that was perfect in every way and I felt so accomplished and proud when I made the purchase. I'd surely never felt that after a purchase at Dillard's! Goodwill and your many local thrift stores have nearly everything you could need for your home and your clothing. Only if I find a super sale, do I buy new. Once you begin to hit your local thrift stores and you find some great furniture deals, you might even find out that you like to refinish or repaint items for your home- I sure did! 

There's a treasure trove in resale stores, flea markets and yard sales. You are also teaching your little one's how to be wise shoppers. What a valuable gift to pass on to them. We cannot always know what our financial circumstances will be, teaching our little one's to stretch their money is such a valuable skill. Now get out there in your city and let your new shopping adventures begin!

Don't miss Part Four of this series. This next one is a BIGGIE and your success of surviving on one income depends on you doing THIS very important step. It is often overlooked, but we are going to talk all about it in detail. See you all tomorrow......

Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Product Review and A Package

If you haven't noticed yet, I like baking bread. It's just something so motherly about it. I cook and bake LOTS of stuff, but there's something about making bread that just takes me back in time and I feel all 1800'ish. And yes, I am a little weird. But, back to the bread. Well, I haven't been able to find my ideal bread slicer, until now. Even using a knife especially designated for bread slicing, I ended up with smooshed bread, and some anger issues, but that's another story. Here's what I'm using now. You can pick one up on Amazon. Here's why I'm liking it. When I cut into a still warm loaf of bread, no smooshing. Yep, you heard me right, no smooshing! Beautiful slices every time.

Also, I'd been pining over the goodies at this Etsy shop for awhile. So when I had a little extra spending money, my first stop was Etsy. I love ALL their products but I really had my eye on their napkins and kitchen towels, just dreamy! My package arrived yesterday, and they're everything I had hoped for. They really make kitchen time happier and brighter! I can't wait to use these cutie napkins real soon.

It's Thursday already, can you believe it? Don't forget to hit your local farmer's market like I posted about here or those flea markets that I posted about here. Happy almost weekend everyone!

Monday, May 5, 2014

A Thrifting We Will Go..........

One of my favorite things to do once the weather warms, is to hit the road in search of thrift stores and flea markets. This weekend was just perfect for an adventure. I'm not much on antique stores, because they are usually a little pricey, but thrift stores and flea markets are right up my alley. I found so many bright vintage items. I just love digging through racks and bins for treasures.

Word of caution: you have to learn early on to be very intentional in your shopping though. When I first started thrifting, I found great values on items that I didn't really need now, but they were such a steal that I bought them for "later". Bad habit to get into! A little while later I had a basement bulging at the seams! So, be very intentional when you see a treasure, have you ALWAYS wanted the item or is it just a bargain? Only purchase something if you have a space for it or it's been on your want list for a long while. I saw so many things that were both beautiful and a great deal, but I didn't purchase them. I've been wanting to add vintage metal furniture to our outdoor spaces, and this weekend I hit the jackpot! I love how retro it looks and stay tuned, these pieces are gonna get a big makeover!  I'll post pics when I get them all prettied up.  I just love these pieces, so many memories of my grannie's house. And the most fun? Figuring out how to get all this stuff into the van without having to leave at least one of the kids at the flea market ;)

You can even find super deals on potted plants too. I found all these beautiful plants to add to our gardens for a way better price than our local nursery.

Knowing that my kids can spot "diamonds in the rough" just makes me feel so doggone good. We had so much fun together and brought home some great goodies at a heck of a price.

So, maybe next weekend, you might try a family adventure. Happy thrifting! It's Monday again, have a beauty filled week everyone!
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