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Monday, March 30, 2015

A Springy Little Porch

Now that I'm feeling a little spring in my step, it was time to freshen up the front porch a little. Any of you that live in a small house like ours, knows that your porches are 'outside rooms'. Our front porch gets lots of lounging from now till November and I totally adore it! 

My favorite part is this little lamp. I had wanted to make a shade like this for so long, and once I started putting things together on the porch, I knew my dream lamp would feel right at home there. The lamp base was grey previously and I knew that I wanted my porch lamp to be a little flirty and fun, so I painted on two coats of the soft coral I'd used on my dining table chairs. I'd been saving this old fluted shade in the basement forever, so I began to rip the old fabric off the shade exposing the glorious wire cage. I was in LOVE. I ripped up scraps of some of my favorite fabrics and tied them randomly around the wire, and voila, my dream lamp was born.

I did a little more shopping in my 'bargain basement' and pulled out a very old Easter wreath and a little bunny I purchased years back.

And that does it for a little spring refresh that has our porch beckoning me in the afternoons already.

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