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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Camper Reveal {part two}

I really hope y'all enjoyed Monday's camper reveal! Today I'm sharing a detailed source list for all the goodies inside. I began dreaming of a bohemian vibe for this camper and I wanted it to have a little gypsy appeal but it had to have some vintage thrown in for good measure too. I have never decorated in a bohemian style before and it was challenging for me at first. I was a little uncomfortable with the style because there's no real rules, bohemian by it's very nature is mismatched. When styling bohemian, remember "what goes best with a pattern? Why, another pattern of course." I thought I'd start with my curtains. 

I'd been swooning over the Joel Dewberry patterns for their fun vintage and colorful vibe. Then, right to Urban Outfitters for the bed duvets and 4 more key pieces.

{before and after of girls' bunk}

This is usually how I go about styling any space, pick out a handful of key pieces that I love and build the rest of the decor around them.

{before and after of hubby and I's bunk and table area}

{before and after of kitchen galley}

Source List:

Monday, May 11, 2015

Camper Reveal {part one}

Oh my gosh! I can't type fast enough. I'm so excited not only to share this reveal with y'all but, to actually be done with this camper so we can hit the road! Today I'll be sharing all the photos of the new interior in the camper and then Wednesday I have some cool before and after shots that really showcase how far we have come since purchasing this little camper and I'll give a source list with that post also. 

The most important element for me in this reveal is not to show off this camper, but it's an inspiration post on how you can take a little ole something and transform it into a luxury, even while on a shoestring budget. Remember back to this post {A Camper Crush}, we started dreaming and saving waaaaaay back last year. It took lots of patience and prayer to have this little dream come to fruition. But we finally have reached our goal and it's all the sweeter because of the amount of time we took to save and scrape it all together. 

That's how we live, and it's so much better than buying this camper new and on credit, we scoured the internet for a whole year to find the right camper and yes it was hard, and at times, I began to wonder if maybe it was just a pipe dream of mine, but in the end, it fell into place perfectly with His timing, not mine. That's always better, to stand out of the way, and let God be the navigator. 

Thank you to all of you that have been along with me on this year long journey. I'm so grateful to have been able to share our progress with you along the way. And don't forget, I'll have some cool 'before and after's' on the blog Wednesday along with a full source list. Have an awesome week y'all!

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