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Monday, May 18, 2015

Life Is Good

Sadly, I'm feeling a bit under the weather, but I really wanted to share some of our first camping adventures with y'all, so here I am. I have so much to say about our trip, mostly that it was everything I'd dreamed of {and more} and I can't wait to hit the road again! 

We were thrilled that our first adventure was to our beloved Savannah on the Georgia coast. We camped at Skidaway Island State Park. We drove over to Tybee Island to have a little beach fun everyday and these are some photos from our last evening there {sigh}. Hubby and I got in lots of time together too! There's lots of benefits to having older kiddos on vacation and we took full advantage of our free time!

Tybee Island is our favorite beach. It's a non-commercialized beach {my favorite kind} and still sports that old time beach kind of a feel. Lots of locally owned little shops and eateries, and none of that chain stuff from the real world. 

I'll have more about our camping experience later as soon as I'm feeling better. It was so wonderful y'all and I have tons of ideas swimming around in my head on how to improve our camper life. I can't wait to share them all with you. Y'all have an awesome week!

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Camper Reveal {part one}

Oh my gosh! I can't type fast enough. I'm so excited not only to share this reveal with y'all but, to actually be done with this camper so we can hit the road! Today I'll be sharing all the photos of the new interior in the camper and then Wednesday I have some cool before and after shots that really showcase how far we have come since purchasing this little camper and I'll give a source list with that post also. 

The most important element for me in this reveal is not to show off this camper, but it's an inspiration post on how you can take a little ole something and transform it into a luxury, even while on a shoestring budget. Remember back to this post {A Camper Crush}, we started dreaming and saving waaaaaay back last year. It took lots of patience and prayer to have this little dream come to fruition. But we finally have reached our goal and it's all the sweeter because of the amount of time we took to save and scrape it all together. 

That's how we live, and it's so much better than buying this camper new and on credit, we scoured the internet for a whole year to find the right camper and yes it was hard, and at times, I began to wonder if maybe it was just a pipe dream of mine, but in the end, it fell into place perfectly with His timing, not mine. That's always better, to stand out of the way, and let God be the navigator. 

Thank you to all of you that have been along with me on this year long journey. I'm so grateful to have been able to share our progress with you along the way. And don't forget, I'll have some cool 'before and after's' on the blog Wednesday along with a full source list. Have an awesome week y'all!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Little Sneak Peek {it's all about the camper week!}

So yes, this week is all about the camper and I'm so happy to announce that we are done!  And best of all, all photos have been taken, and I'll soon be editing and getting them all loaded onto here to share. It has been such an exciting time and even our daughters are now really excited to go camping or glamping as they prefer to call it. I must say that I'm filled with anticipation and can't wait for this little family to hit the road. Ahhhh, I'm dreaming of the day that we will hook up the camper to the car and we will all pile in and head down the driveway out into the great unknown.............ahhhhh, soon, soon.

We had only a few little snags, a leak in the sink faucet that couldn't be repaired but needed to be replaced, and a cantankerous lock that we are still tweaking, other than that, this baby purrs like a kitten. I'm already planning lots of voyages this year and I can't wait to post while we are on the road. I can see me all snuggled in my bunk one evening, typing away about the day's adventures, click, click, click go the computer keys. The kids all settled in their little bunk, reading by lantern light. We'll start our adventures closer to home and then venture out more as we become comfortable and more experienced. Luckily, all the kiddos are old enough to help out with the set up and take down process which is a huge load off of the hubby and I as far as the work load goes. 

I'm thrilled to announce that the full camper reveal will be Monday, the 11th so stay tuned y'all! This Friday though, I'll have an easy little craft that found it's way into the camper, I know right, finally a little DIY around here! So y'all be sure to pop in Friday morning for that. Hugs!

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Monday, May 4, 2015

A Camper Update AND A Window Box Tutorial

Well y'all, this week is all  about the camper. Behind the scenes over here, we're making sure that there are no issues and that the camper is ready for it's maiden voyage coming up real soon. Fingers are crossed that I make the time to get photos of her all set up and looking her best in the next couple of days. I'm just giddy! 

Since we are totally distracted, I thought I'd re-post one of my favorite spring DIY's. Lord only knows I'm not doing any outdoor spruce-ups over here right now, so, I'll wistfully remember my last spring's 'Window Box Tutorial".  

Today, we're gonna play in the dirt! And, when we're all done, you'll have all the information you need to plant a simply beautiful window box. For twenty years I've had window boxes on whatever house we've lived in, and even a condo too! They are just charming and they have a lot of punch in such a small package. They have the power to really boost your home's curb appeal. I'm going to break down the process of planting one into a few super easy steps. By the end of this post, you'll be running to your local garden supply center to pick up your supplies to plant one too! Don't believe me? Stick around, it's crazy simple!

First, you need a window box planter. These are super duper cheap all the way up to crazy expensive. There are also LOTS of online tutorials to make your own if you're feeling crafty. If you've been with me on this blog long, you'll know that I always shoot for the best for the least. With that said, here's a photo of my really sad, OLD window box planter.
Stay with me now, I know it looks wretched, but this will all come together in the end, I promise!

I found this years back at Lowe's on clearance, and as you'll see in a moment, how it looks empty really doesn't matter. When it's all filled up with green lovelies, you'll hardly see the planter anyhow. First, head to your garden supply center and look for 3 varieties of plants. Here are your three keywords when shopping for plants- tall, mounding, trailing or creeping. 
You will need 2 tall plants, 2 mounding plants, and 2 or 3 trailing or creeping. See, super easy! Just read the little tags on the plants and you'll see those keywords. Look for annuals because they'll give you the most bang for your buck. Also it's really important to know if your box will have mostly sun or mostly shade. You'll find that plant info on it's label too. My box gets all shade, so I've picked my plants accordingly. So, are we good so far? Also grab a good bag of potting soil. Now we're all set to plant!

How To Plant A Window Box In 5 Easy Steps:
1.   Start with a clean box then add a couple of inches of fresh dirt {you'll add more later when you get your plants all situated}
2.  Next, add your two tall plants in the very back of the box evenly spaced

3.  Then add your two mounding plants at the front of your box, evenly spaced also

4.  Next, add your trailers or creepers to the sides and front of the planter.

5.  Fill in any holes between the plants with more potting soil and you're all done.  See, I said easy, right?

Check out this before and after, big difference, huh? 

Now, go forth and get those hands dirty folks! And send me some pics of your before and afters! I'd love to see your ideas!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Camper Redo {part two}

So, I'm slowly but surely making progress in the camper. The curtains are done! I wanted them to be lined, but I didn't want to purchase more fabric. I decided to use the white lining from the original curtains and it worked out perfectly. I used Velcro to attach them to the camper windows, making removal for storage and cleaning super easy. 

And here's my favorite new addition to the camper.

We're almost done, so the next post will be the big camper reveal. Are you feeling the excitement? I sure am!

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Friday, March 20, 2015

A Camper Redo {part one}

We've been hard at work over here getting our little pop-up ready for travel. Y'all remember we got a little pop-up camper? My plan is to have a vintage/bohemian vibe with a little hippie thrown in for good measure. I'm really challenged with the bohemian style because it's filled with mismatching and I have a real hard time making things flow without matching, but I'm committed to making it work and I know I'm going to love the end result. I've had a crush on bohemian for a while, and I think I'll be as surprised as y'all when it all comes together! 

I've found an awesome site filled with pop-up redos and helpful advice. If you're considering a pop-up, check out The Pop Up Princess. I purchased some clean-up products on Larissa's advice. 

My first goal was to clean the canvas both inside and out. It was mildewy as sometimes happens to canvas and that had to go. I used Scott's Outdoor Cleaner and even though it doesn't remove the stains left by the mildew, it completely removed any smell which was my goal. Next on my list was to clean and protect the see through plastic windows. I used ProtectAll and the plastic is as clear as glass. As soon as we have a few sunny, hot days in a row, I'll be applying Scotchguard to all the outside seams to waterproof the canvas. 

I removed all the cushion covers from the seating areas and all the curtains. They were definitely not  bohemian. I put a whole lot of thought into what I wanted to cover our cushions with because it had to match the bohemian vibe, and let's face it, we'll be traveling with kids and pets, it has to be easy to keep clean. I've been swooning over leather sofas for a while but our current home has way too much dark wood to be able to pull off one of those, so it was a natural choice to choose leather cushions for the camper. Easy to keep clean and a perfect fit for my bohemian dream. I know they're not real leather, but just play along with me here, k? 

My husband helped me recover all twelve  cushions and it was a bit of work taking an entire day, but I think it's going to be perfect in the end. Now, I've covered quite a few seat cushions in fabric, easy-peasy, but this was different, first, it was 'leather', and it's stiffer to work with and tends to bunch up and second, half of these cushions needed to be pretty from the backside as well, all new challenges for me. I had no intention of sewing with leather, so it was obvious we'd have to learn some upholstery tricks. We finally  found a tutorial on You Tube and it was the answer to my prayers. It addressed every issue we were having.

Whew, once we knew what we were doing, we went right to work. I love  them.

I'm just giving you little sneak peeks at them {you can see them all finished up when we're all done with the camper}. Next up, sewing new curtains. Stay tuned y'all for part two real soon ..............

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Our Act ll {a camper story begins}

Have you ever noticed that what we want isn't always what we need? Not too terribly long ago, I thought that want equaled need and that contributed to my financial demise. I now know that the two are polar opposites, thank you God for showing me the difference.

Since last spring, my husband and I have been discussing getting a camper and starting to travel more that the kids are older. Immediately, the first thing out of my mouth was, "anything but a pop-up- NO  pop-up". I should have known not to say that so vehemently............

We researched every camper old and new. We knew it would be an older model since we would be paying cash for it and that's all we would be able to afford. As we looked and scoured high and low, about six months in, I started to realize that maybe what I didn't want was exactly what I needed. I had already begun to dream about redoing the inside of a vintage camper and how it would be all kinds of pin worthy awesomeness!

Along the way, I've learned  that doing things His way means taking my time and being slow and prayerful in my decisions. Leaping is no longer something I do. As time passed it became abundantly clear that God had other plans for this little family. Right now, what we needed wasn't a pull behind camper but a pop-up. WHAT?????  Excuse me God, but you must be mistaken, I really need a pull behind vintage camper, surely you know that, right? Okay, maybe I don't need  one, but I really do want  one. 

As it sometimes is, His answer was no.  

We found the perfect one just a little drive away within twenty four hours of me accepting that God was right. That's how it goes y'all. When you and God are on the same page, it just flows like a river. So we have an amazing and huge  pop-up camper that is exactly what we need! 

Throughout this post are the pictures of the camper as it was when we bought it and I've already begun the redo. I'm thinking a little bohemian vibe will suite this little family just perfectly. So stay tuned for more posts to come as I make more and more progress. Our maiden voyage is the first week of May, so we have plenty of time to make lots of progress before we head out. If you want to be camper inspired, check out my Pinterest board: Camper Crush............

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