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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Decorating With Color {a dining room story}

On the surface, this story is going to seem like just another presto chango, dining room redo, fresh look on an old dining room, when in reality, it's so much more. Instead, this is a story about a girl, a girl who is trying to learn how living intentionally looks in her everyday life. This is the story about living a life on purpose and how that looks and even relates to home decor. 

There's not anything exceptional about our dining room, it's just like yours- a place to gather for meals with family and friends. But this new walk of mine is causing me to look at all the parts of my life with new eyes. You see, I have this problem of liking for my house to be in order, so much in order that I fear it sucks the life right out of this little house- I'm working on it y'all. I like neatness and cleanliness, which is good and all, but too much is, well, TOO much, you know? For years I've had some type of runner or cloth on my table, it looks nice, and while I don't really  mind if it gets soiled- I probably do mind. Like I said, I'm working on it. So, one afternoon while perusing through the pages of one of my favorite blogs, I saw a photo of her dining table- her stark naked dining table- sitting right there like it was ready for, life.  That empty table just slapped me right in the face I'm telling you, and she had these cool shelves on the wall behind her table with, get this, real stuff,  like sewing and crafting things that might actually be fun- did you hear that? Fun. Not just useless decor that sits and gathers dust, but real life stuff that's cute and colorful all on it's own.

So, after I picked myself up off of the floor, I knew what I had to do. I headed to the basement for a shopping trip- you do that right? I knew that I'd have to totally redo the wall because it had some serious holes in it from all it's previous looks. I spackled and sanded and repainted the whole  wall. It was so worth it though. Then I had a clean slate to work with. Shelves went up with homeschool stuff, board games, supplies for impromptu artwork, some new prints, a real live plant {live anything  is a must in winter}, and a real and intentional dining room was born. I changed out my light to a wire cage light that I'd been saving for just a time as this. 

Then I painted our dining room chairs to some corals, greens, yellows and bird's egg blues, because what's not fun about colored chairs?? And the most important ingredient, an EMPTY  table- an empty table ready for life to happen.

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Home And Friendship

I was the wallflower during my school years, the LAST one picked for every team sport, the awkward one that just didn't ever seem to have the right words to say. But as I'm doing a downward slide through my forties and quickly approaching fifty, God has been so good to me in the friendship department, that I don't even feel worthy enough to deserve the women that He's so graciously placed in my path. They are growing me, inspiring me, and comforting me in the most inconspicuous ways. 

Just this week, a precious friend dropped by with a gift for me. A gift that she couldn't possibly have known how badly I've wanted. We had never talked about it before, but yet, there she stood with this gift in hand. We call this "a God thing" around here, and just leave it at that.

As a homeschooling mom, I'm always buying books for my kids, but usually I just dream about the books I'd love to have. I go about filling up my wishlist on Amazon with all my dream books hoping that one day I'll need just one more item to make their $35.00 free shipping fee, but alas, I always have waaaaay more in my cart than funds in the bank, so my wishlist gets pushed to the side with a sigh. 

I've wanted Myquillyn's book since it came out during the summer. The Nester was one of the very first blogs I discovered years back and she was a huuuuuuge inspiration for me. 

At that time she was a smaller blogger living in a rental house- that really spoke to me. She opened my eyes to the fact that just because I was in a rental, I didn't have to put my decorating desires on hold. She showed me that I could re-do and paint boocoodles of items to lighten and brighten our spaces.

If it were not for Myquillyn, The Little Farm Diary Blog, would not exist and I'd be one sad and depressed puppy. I love all the progress we've made right here in our little rental! I owe her so much. 

I encourage you to not feel trapped if you have found yourself renting your current home. I also encourage you to order "The Nesting Place" for yourself. I'm so grateful to have this book and to be even further encouraged by The Nester. 

So on this chilly fall morning, I find myself curled up with a cup of hot tea and a very grateful heart for a friend that blessed me with a much wanted gift. Hoping that blessings are right around the corner for you too..........

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Day I Added More RED

Yep, I'm cruising into fall. I'm whistling all the way. This should aptly distract me from the fact that winter is hard for me. I've been fluffing, primping and painting, little by little, all in preparation for the arrival of autumn. This season, I'm adding more red and I'm lovin' it so much. It is a rich color but still has that hint of 'I'm a little bold and sassy'. I've changed up the dining area and the entry just by adding a little red. In the dining area, I repainted the mirror and changed things around a little, and see what I mean, it's just a little sassier over there now. LOVE. 

Next, over at the entry, I changed out my spring/summer wreath with this one I made last year. The woolly textured yarn just says cooler temps are on the way! Yeah baby! I wanted a little more fun in this area, so I added a little red ric-rac onto the plain white lamp shade, and ta-da, free freshening up with just the right amount of persnickety. That is a word isn't it?? Oh well, it is now~ ha! 

So what decor changes do you have in the works right now at your house? Shop around your house and relocate some pieces from other rooms. Decorating doesn't have to be expensive. Change out some colors and don't be afraid to change some pieces with paint. If you don't like it when you're finished, you can always paint it right back. So today's motto~ CHANGE IT UP!

This post was originally written by Amy Espinosa who blogs at "The Little Farm Diary" {}

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Girls' Room : The Big Reveal

We are finally done in the girls' room! Hallelujah! I was beginning to think this was going to take forever. The "bones" of the room remained the same, but the girls really wanted to freshen up their space and have it reflect their tween and teen personalities more.

The makeover actually started before you even enter the room. Our oldest daughter is a Pinterest fan and had seen a photo of a painted door that would give the bedroom more of an apartment vibe. She loved it and wanted to try the same technique on their door. So, she taped off the panels and began painting. They both decided on the number two since they are two sisters sharing the space. 


Then we freshened up their seating area with some new pillows and art work. This great little love seat converts into a bed for spend the night guests.

The beds got a little lovin' by adding a graphic duvet cover and more fresh pillows. We pretty much left everything else the same.


The biggest change-up came to their shared desk area. They spend a whole lot of time at their desk and they needed some shelving to de-clutter the space. They also wanted to incorporate a t.v. into the area so they could watch movies together from bed. The disco ball, well every teen just needs a disco ball right?

The room reflects their vision now and they are both really pleased with the result. What do you all think? Thank you so much for coming by to see their transformed space! Have a great week y'all!


Duvet covers-IKEA
All shelving- IKEA
Pendant Light- IKEA
Sunburst mirror- Lowe's
Desk lighting- IKEA
Desk- IKEA
Loveseat- IKEA
Zig Zag Rug- Urban Outfitters
Disco Ball- Walmart
Pillows handmade by moi
Curtains- IKEA and I added the pom poms. See how here.

Post originally written by Amy Espinosa who blogs at The Little Farm Diary {}

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How To Survive And Thrive On One Income {Part Three}

Here comes part three of my five part series. If you missed parts one or two, just follow these links {Part One and Part Two} to catch up. And the next step is........

3.  Change How You Shop

 O.K. You made it through step one and step two, now what? Now your EVERY day has to look different. Did you enjoy shopping at Target just because? When your daughter needs an Easter dress, do you just run to Macy's and pull out your card? Life is going to be different now, harder sometimes, but oh so much better. 

Now, you need to find where all of the thrift stores are in your local area. So much of the stuff I find in resale stores, still has the tags on it? Say what? Yep , it's true. When we are out in the working world buying up a storm, things don't have as much value and we toss them way too soon. You've got to learn to plan ahead. If a special event's coming up in a couple of months, start shopping now, because in resale stores, one dress doesn't come in every size. It may take a bit of looking to find clothing where you've been used to just pulling it off the rack.

I was so surprised when I first started thrifting at the feeling of success I had. I knew how hard I had to work to find an item that was perfect in every way and I felt so accomplished and proud when I made the purchase. I'd surely never felt that after a purchase at Dillard's! Goodwill and your many local thrift stores have nearly everything you could need for your home and your clothing. Only if I find a super sale, do I buy new. Once you begin to hit your local thrift stores and you find some great furniture deals, you might even find out that you like to refinish or repaint items for your home- I sure did! 

There's a treasure trove in resale stores, flea markets and yard sales. You are also teaching your little one's how to be wise shoppers. What a valuable gift to pass on to them. We cannot always know what our financial circumstances will be, teaching our little one's to stretch their money is such a valuable skill. Now get out there in your city and let your new shopping adventures begin!

Don't miss Part Four of this series. This next one is a BIGGIE and your success of surviving on one income depends on you doing THIS very important step. It is often overlooked, but we are going to talk all about it in detail. See you all tomorrow......

Friday, May 9, 2014

A Front Porch Makeover

Mercy, it's been busy over here! Between the painting and gardening and well, LIFE, I'm exhausted. But it's a good exhausted. You know that kind right? The one that feels so good inside because you're doing stuff you love. Well you may remember our flea market finds a couple of posts back. I finally found, actually my dear husband found {he's just the bestest husband!}, a vintage tulip backed glider and chair set that I've wanted for sooooo long. Usually when I see them, they're out of my price range, but this one was a match.

It was in great shape really, because someone had re-painted it not too long back, and had taken very good care of them. Sadly, it was black, and this girl's got to have color! And I wanted classic RED! So, red it was! I swoon just looking at them now, and yes, I have already had my morning coffee sitting on that glider, TWICE.  

 My love for spray painting furniture has been re-kindled since my post on decorating for renters. And to let you in on a little secret, I do have a favorite spray paint. I've tried a few and this one's definitely my favorite. It goes on beautifully, and includes a primer. Anything that's going to eliminate a laborious step for me, sign me up! And, do you see that marvelous color on that paint can? That's for the other outdoor metal chairs that we found at the flea market. I'm trying to build some excitement here. Are you feeling it?


I hope that you are all enjoying this glorious weekend. See you next week.....

Monday, May 5, 2014

A Thrifting We Will Go..........

One of my favorite things to do once the weather warms, is to hit the road in search of thrift stores and flea markets. This weekend was just perfect for an adventure. I'm not much on antique stores, because they are usually a little pricey, but thrift stores and flea markets are right up my alley. I found so many bright vintage items. I just love digging through racks and bins for treasures.

Word of caution: you have to learn early on to be very intentional in your shopping though. When I first started thrifting, I found great values on items that I didn't really need now, but they were such a steal that I bought them for "later". Bad habit to get into! A little while later I had a basement bulging at the seams! So, be very intentional when you see a treasure, have you ALWAYS wanted the item or is it just a bargain? Only purchase something if you have a space for it or it's been on your want list for a long while. I saw so many things that were both beautiful and a great deal, but I didn't purchase them. I've been wanting to add vintage metal furniture to our outdoor spaces, and this weekend I hit the jackpot! I love how retro it looks and stay tuned, these pieces are gonna get a big makeover!  I'll post pics when I get them all prettied up.  I just love these pieces, so many memories of my grannie's house. And the most fun? Figuring out how to get all this stuff into the van without having to leave at least one of the kids at the flea market ;)

You can even find super deals on potted plants too. I found all these beautiful plants to add to our gardens for a way better price than our local nursery.

Knowing that my kids can spot "diamonds in the rough" just makes me feel so doggone good. We had so much fun together and brought home some great goodies at a heck of a price.

So, maybe next weekend, you might try a family adventure. Happy thrifting! It's Monday again, have a beauty filled week everyone!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

On Decorating for Renters

About seven years ago, our life changed drastically, and we found ourselves looking to rent a home. Our decision was God led and was one of the most beautiful moments of our life together {that story is another whole post on it's own!}. For the sake of this post, I wanted to share some things I've learned along the way about being a renter but still having fun decorating. Bloom where you're planted people! Bloom!

Fortunately, we are blessed to have a landlord that has been like a father to our family, as I said, this was a God led path, and God placed us in our little Garden of Eden. I had dreamed my whole life of a home like this, but never dreamed how the path would be laid out before us. It was bumpy and paved with boulders rocks at times. But here we've landed and here we pray we will always stay.

Renting can be extremely challenging as far as decorating goes because there are such limitations. Even here, in the best scenario imaginable, I have limits that I just can't get around. Our living room space has wood paneled walls that would be just dreamy painted a crisp white. But that's something I just can't do. Same with the dark wood kitchen cabinets. I would love to paint them, but again that's a biggy for a renter and I feel it oversteps our boundaries. Our landlord has been very gracious and has allowed us to paint walls and change out lighting. From that point I had to learn how to brighten any other dark areas with a little illusion. I began painting some things everything light, cool colors or white.

This chest of drawers, for example, was a thrift store find, but it was a dark cherry colored wood. I painted this piece Benjamin Moore's "Bird's Egg", and I lightened up an otherwise very dark entry wall. This visually tricked the eye to seeing more light where there was previously darkness. Don't be afraid to paint your furniture. Google repainting furniture and learn how to spice up your old, lifeless pieces.

This piece was once a dresser with attached mirror and was given to us by our landlord's wife.  Once again, dark wood. I removed the mirror, repainted it a buttery yellow with white distressed drawers and it's now the buffet I always wanted in our dining area. Thinking outside the box works every time.

We've had this armoire for years.  It, too, was dark wood, so white it went. This was the first piece of furniture I painted. I've never regretted that decision. Please remember that EVERYTHING we do here is on a shoestring budget and took many months, even years to match my vision. Don't not start because you can't see a finish line. Just work on one piece at a time,and keep trucking along. I learned that a can of spray paint is my best friend. I repainted a thrift store lighting fixture with just a bit of spray paint. I've done this to every fixture in the house! Everything here was 1970's brass and that just didn't cut it, but I wasn't about to go out and buy all new!

I've pretty much painted everything in our home {not much has escaped me}. But, it makes such a huge difference.  Your home should reflect your personality. It is your blank canvas. Another big help, are throw rugs. Begin slowly collecting light, bright one's and change your space from the floor up.

Another biggie, if you have very dark surroundings, is to change your upholstered furniture. If you're like us, sometimes new is not an option, so learn to slipcover. Of course I couldn't afford to have someone make them for me, so I began to search online for how to sew a slipcover. I found a fabulous e-book, "The Lazy Girl's Guide to Making a Custom Slipcover" at http:/ This helped hugely and gave me the confidence to drastically change our surroundings. I'd dreamed of going white with our furniture and this allowed me to begin. After much saving, we were able to purchase a new couch to replace a very old and sad one. Finding the best deal at IKEA, we purchased a white slipcovered sofa from their EKTORP line and I'm still over the moon with it! We have four kids and six house dogs, and we entertain A LOT. When it gets dirty, I throw it right in our washer, then hang it to dry and voila, like new again. Going white with our furniture has made a huge difference. 

I think this will give you an idea of how lightening your furniture can really have an impact on a room. That coffee table was a Re-Store find for ten dollars and yes, those precious little casters are original to the piece. This was also a dark colored wood originally, and got a thorough sanding and a coat of B.M's "Bird's Egg" also {I just LOVE that color, can you tell?}. Don't forget your walls.  Lighten and brighten there too!

Renting doesn't mean that you're stuck with someone else's stuff, it just means that you've got to think outside the box a little. It's still your home, enjoy where you are right now!

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