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Monday, February 22, 2016

Teen Girls' Room Reveal {a boho inspired makeover}

Hooooray y'all, the girls' room is done! Don't get me wrong, I do love the process of re-decorating a space, but I truly do LOVE when it's finished too! You may remember that I became a bit obsessed with the bohemian style about this time last year when we remodeled our pop up camper {if you missed that click here}. Well, the girls really loved that style too, and now that they're a bit older, they really wanted to take their room from it's fun and color-filled theme to something a bit more mature, so a little boho chic remodel was in order. This room change had quite a few stages mind you, nothing happens fast around here! If I were a more on the ball blogger, I would have been writing about and photographing the small steps, oh boy, blogger fail. But anywho, it started with a chalkboard wall that literally and immediately changed the vibe in the whole room. It was quite amazing, their room really got it's moody on!

Aaaaaand, there it sat for the longest while, a chalkboard wall. We all began scrimping and saving pennies, and searching sales at Urban Outfitters. Since last year, Olivia had been confiscating any and all change she found around the house and suddenly she developed a love of doing her Daddy's laundry, must of had something to do with the fact that he leaves change in his pockets and it comes out in the wash- ha! She filled jars with change and would take them to convert into real money for her room savings jar. Sofia would add money to the jar with her Christmas money and allowance, so you see, this room has been quite a collaboration!

We began slowly collecting pieces for the room and putting them in a box. Finally after a few months we were ready to transform this room! One of the key elements for the girls room was a Crosley Record Player. I scoured Ebay forever, and finally found a refurbished model that was within our budget. I was terrified that it would come and be a disappointment, but I was bowled over, it worked! My how I've missed the sound of a turntable! The girls started collecting records from thrift stores and not a day goes by that I don't hear the most wonderful music coming from their room.

Another thing you may notice is the addition of plants. I love the plants and I'm sure we'll gradually add even more. They're key to the bohemian theme and they really do breathe life into any room. Love, love them!

There's so much more we could have done, but this was what we could do and still stay within our budget, and we can always add more pieces as we save more money. Hey, there's always lots of Daddy's laundry to do!

Thanks for stopping by for the tour y'all! I've listed the sources below just in case you want to get your bohemian vibe on too!

Soure List:

Plus Sign Rug Urban Outfitters
Rug In Seating Nook {this particular one is no longer available but check here for similar: Urban Outfitters}
Bedding {check here for similar: Urban Outfitters}
Tapestry over seating nook Urban Outfitters
Bed Shams and Throw pillows Urban Outfitters
Futon Sofa: Ikea
Sofa Pillows: Ikea

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Cabin Inspired Boy's Bedroom

I think I mentioned a little while back that the kids' rooms were getting a little sprucing up. I'm here to say that we're finally done! Whew! Matthew wanted me to share his room first, so here we go......

Not too terribly much changed in his room {click here to see Matthew's room before} , but it was more of a tweaking to get a true cabin feel.  It was outdoorsy already, but I wanted to give it a strong winter cabin vibe.

I added a buffalo check duvet, some cabin inspired pillows and we repainted his bedside file cabinet a rich red. Throw in a vintage paddle, some deer antlers, a lantern, and I called it a day. I smile every time I walk by his room, and Matthew loves it, success! All the added pieces were on sale at Pottery Barn Kids, and just in case you're working on freshening up your boy's room, I listed my sources below.

Stay tuned, next Monday I'll be posting the girl's shared room. They were ready to take it from fun and color-full to..............well, you'll just have to wait until next week for that!

Source List:

Lodge Bear Sham
Bright Stripe Sham
Lodge Plaid Duvet Cover
Cast Iron Bed: yard sale
Gray Faux Wool Camp Blanket : Ikea
Metal Filing Drawers {used as bedside table}: Habit For Humanity Store
Vintage School Desk {used as bedside table}: Local Antique Store

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Monday, February 8, 2016

A Piano For The Living Room

I'm still not sure what happened, it's just a blur. All I remember is that we went to our local Habitat for Humanity store hunting for some old records for the girls new record player, and, we came home with this.........

I couldn't help myself, truly I swear I couldn't. It spoke to me, I'm not kidding, this piano spoke to my heart, in the boldest of whispers {it was 50% off!}, and the next thing I remember, my husband was loading this divine instrument onto our trailer. I feel that I should surely apologize to you all. All that talk around here of slow and intentional living, I threw caution to the wind! What else could I have done? It was speaking to me y'all!

I couldn't be happier, giddy actually. Isn't she the most beautiful thing you've ever laid eyes on? I wouldn't fault you a bit if you were having piano envy right now.  Even deer looks thrilled doesn't he? Our youngest daughter is smitten. She had already taught herself to play a few songs on our keyboard, and now she's raring to take lessons from a friend of ours in town. She's always been drawn to the piano, and now she can fly!

Even though it's sadly out of tune {it has to acclimate before tuning, who knew?}, her playing has brought life to this old house, the whole house comes alive, my heart comes alive. I feel that I'm finally home. Who knew that our little house was longing for music so? I sure didn't.

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Another Slow Redo {kids bathroom}

Whether you live in an older house or newer model, you're probably no stranger to the redo. I've written a bucket full of times about slow and intentional living and redo's on a shoestring budget because that's just how we live. And you know what, I wouldn't want it any other way. Slow anything means that you've put a considerable amount of thought into the situation and you're not going to make as many mistakes or have regrets. Slow means that you're going to be pleased as punch with the end result and that's all good, right? Right! 
While we're on the subject of slow, case in point, our kids bathroom, or the cave as I like to call it. I've always hated this room because it's so dark and gloomy. It's on the very back corner of the house, tucked away, and not really on my radar, this poor little room has been ignored, totally ignored. Do you have a room {or two} like that in your house? This bathroom is the achilles heel of our house, it really is. But no more, it's time has come. Amen and Hallelujah!

It's so beige y'all, and not in a good way. It's mismatched, oh so dark, broken, design flawed, it's a colossal mess, but we're ready to take it on. This bathroom is stuck in the 70's, but no more, we've declared war on the bathroom. 

Here's what you'll see with this redo:
  1. Only changes that we can afford. None of that borrowing from Peter to pay Paul stuff. This means that nothing is going to be ripped out. You'll see small changes that will have a big impact on the look and feel of the space.
  2. We'll be replacing the old stained linoleum with vinyl and we'll be doing the labor ourselves. We have the piece already and it was a remnant from a friend of my husband's that does flooring professionally. It was free y'all, cha-ching! Would I prefer an awesome vintage tile perhaps? YES, but I'm not going to let my budget get in the way of fixing up this little space.
  3. Paint! Lot's of re-painting. Paint is so inexpensive compared to other big dollar changes you can do around your house, never be afraid to re-paint an object or a wall. Repeat after me, paint is my friend. 
  4. I've been scouring online sales for months now at higher end stores I love but can't afford {#urbanoutfittersiloveyou} and I've gotten a couple of really sweet pieces. 
  5. Did I mention how slow this project will be? It's gonna be so slow, you'll probably forget that I ever mentioned that we were doing a bathroom re-do. I promise, I'll pop in with little updates along the way so you {and me!} can see that we're making progress.

Well, there you have it, the beginning of another slooooow redo. Pray for patience for me! I struggle sometimes with slow! It's going to be a little chaotic over here for a while and sometimes that drives me a little bonkers.

I beg of you, don't not start a home project because it seems too mighty, bite off a small little chunk and work on it slowly. Is there a room in your house that's driving you nutty? Why not start a slow redo?


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Decorating With Color {a dining room story}

On the surface, this story is going to seem like just another presto chango, dining room redo, fresh look on an old dining room, when in reality, it's so much more. Instead, this is a story about a girl, a girl who is trying to learn how living intentionally looks in her everyday life. This is the story about living a life on purpose and how that looks and even relates to home decor. 

There's not anything exceptional about our dining room, it's just like yours- a place to gather for meals with family and friends. But this new walk of mine is causing me to look at all the parts of my life with new eyes. You see, I have this problem of liking for my house to be in order, so much in order that I fear it sucks the life right out of this little house- I'm working on it y'all. I like neatness and cleanliness, which is good and all, but too much is, well, TOO much, you know? For years I've had some type of runner or cloth on my table, it looks nice, and while I don't really  mind if it gets soiled- I probably do mind. Like I said, I'm working on it. So, one afternoon while perusing through the pages of one of my favorite blogs, I saw a photo of her dining table- her stark naked dining table- sitting right there like it was ready for, life.  That empty table just slapped me right in the face I'm telling you, and she had these cool shelves on the wall behind her table with, get this, real stuff,  like sewing and crafting things that might actually be fun- did you hear that? Fun. Not just useless decor that sits and gathers dust, but real life stuff that's cute and colorful all on it's own.

So, after I picked myself up off of the floor, I knew what I had to do. I headed to the basement for a shopping trip- you do that right? I knew that I'd have to totally redo the wall because it had some serious holes in it from all it's previous looks. I spackled and sanded and repainted the whole  wall. It was so worth it though. Then I had a clean slate to work with. Shelves went up with homeschool stuff, board games, supplies for impromptu artwork, some new prints, a real live plant {live anything  is a must in winter}, and a real and intentional dining room was born. I changed out my light to a wire cage light that I'd been saving for just a time as this. 

Then I painted our dining room chairs to some corals, greens, yellows and bird's egg blues, because what's not fun about colored chairs?? And the most important ingredient, an EMPTY  table- an empty table ready for life to happen.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Winter Kitchen

This winter, each room in our house is getting a few tweaks for the season. Winter can be so dark and dreary, so with that in mind, I set out to lighten and brighten our tiny kitchen space. First up, curtains down.  Oh wow, what an unexpected delight! I knew it would be a little brighter without the curtains in there, but holy moly y'all, it's such a huge difference. 

If y'all have windows that you're not worried about anyone peering in, take those curtains down, at least for the winter. You'll be so surprised at the difference- I promise. It's a real mood lifter. I reorganized my open shelving with all my baking bowls too and it's so easy to grab what I need for baking now. 

Don't have open shelves? Neither did we. A simple removal of a few cabinet doors, and voila- open shelving. It really lightens and brightens your kitchen space. Never feel like you're stuck with your house just the way it is- think outside the box a little- you can thank me later! 

Anyway, these tiny changes in the kitchen have made a HUGE  mood lifting impact. I'll be posting on more free and on the cheap changes you can make around the house for the long winter ahead that will keep you feeling your best this season. The tiniest changes can make such a big impact. Y'all stay warm............

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Friday, December 5, 2014

A Merry Little Porch

I'm just overflowing with joy y'all to share our Christmas porch. Every Christmas for years, I head to my favorite blogs waiting with anticipation for those ladies to fill me with inspiration. This is my first Christmas being a blogger, I still have to pinch myself sometimes when I say that out loud. It doesn't even seem real sometimes that I spend my days writing and sharing and meeting some of the kindest folks on earth. I'm so grateful to be on this journey. Okay, enough rambling, on to our Christmas porch. Christmas is no excuse around here to spend wastefully, so I always do my best to use as many God given natural elements as possible, translation-FREE! I love using as much fresh magnolia, juniper, and nandina berries as possible! Welcome to our porch........

I kept the porch as simple as possible so that it would easily transition to a winter-time porch as well. My husband made the little fur covered bench for me and it doubles as a little table by the sofa. I recovered the sofa cushions with some recycled toile curtains that used to call the living room home and made a few more pillows in some grays and icy blues. 

 On the other side of the porch, I have another little sitting area with our swing and my favorite old afghan. I've had that blanket for years and I just love all it's bright happy colors.

I added pine cones to a twig wreath that I use in lots of seasons. And here's some pictures from our little side porch that gets the most traffic at our house. We're totally back door kind of people y'all! 

I was determined to stay simple and uncluttered this season using as many natural elements as possible. I thank y'all so much for coming by today for a little tour of our Christmas porches. Have a very Merry Christmas!

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Home And Friendship

I was the wallflower during my school years, the LAST one picked for every team sport, the awkward one that just didn't ever seem to have the right words to say. But as I'm doing a downward slide through my forties and quickly approaching fifty, God has been so good to me in the friendship department, that I don't even feel worthy enough to deserve the women that He's so graciously placed in my path. They are growing me, inspiring me, and comforting me in the most inconspicuous ways. 

Just this week, a precious friend dropped by with a gift for me. A gift that she couldn't possibly have known how badly I've wanted. We had never talked about it before, but yet, there she stood with this gift in hand. We call this "a God thing" around here, and just leave it at that.

As a homeschooling mom, I'm always buying books for my kids, but usually I just dream about the books I'd love to have. I go about filling up my wishlist on Amazon with all my dream books hoping that one day I'll need just one more item to make their $35.00 free shipping fee, but alas, I always have waaaaay more in my cart than funds in the bank, so my wishlist gets pushed to the side with a sigh. 

I've wanted Myquillyn's book since it came out during the summer. The Nester was one of the very first blogs I discovered years back and she was a huuuuuuge inspiration for me. 

At that time she was a smaller blogger living in a rental house- that really spoke to me. She opened my eyes to the fact that just because I was in a rental, I didn't have to put my decorating desires on hold. She showed me that I could re-do and paint boocoodles of items to lighten and brighten our spaces.

If it were not for Myquillyn, The Little Farm Diary Blog, would not exist and I'd be one sad and depressed puppy. I love all the progress we've made right here in our little rental! I owe her so much. 

I encourage you to not feel trapped if you have found yourself renting your current home. I also encourage you to order "The Nesting Place" for yourself. I'm so grateful to have this book and to be even further encouraged by The Nester. 

So on this chilly fall morning, I find myself curled up with a cup of hot tea and a very grateful heart for a friend that blessed me with a much wanted gift. Hoping that blessings are right around the corner for you too..........

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