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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Just Like You

Do you have days when you wonder if you're doing this life thing right? Do you browse the web, find awesome blogs {there's no shortage of those out there!} and feel that you can't possibly measure up? There are some fabulous women out there throwing extraordinary parties and documenting them in step-by-step tutorials, turning their dilapidated basements into dream rooms, there's no shortage of here's-how-you-do-it webinars, mercy, everyone's writing a New York Times best seller it seems. Do you ever come away from all that and wonder, I'm not measuring up, am I? 

I do.

We're not all extraordinary in the same ways. Some of us are extraordinary in more subtle, less flashy ways, but still, just as mighty in purpose, maybe even more so. It wouldn't make a very good webinar, but boy I'm good at camping adventures, if I do say so myself. Now, if I could just get my teenage daughters to appreciate this gift of mine, why, I'd be on cloud nine!

It's hard to not be envious of the abilities of others. It happens to me all the time. To be honest, I don't peruse blogs as often as I once did. That's weird to hear coming from a blogger  isn't it???? It's hard sometimes to control my green.  

So, when you visit here, keep in mind that I don't have it all going on, that my floors are covered in dog fur and legos most all  of the time, and that invariably, I do over-salt the kale and burn the cornbread, why, sometimes it won't even come out of the pan. Some days, my failures far outweigh my successes. You too?

See, I am just like you {smile}.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Accepting Grace

I must confess- some mornings I wake up and being a mom and teacher just isn't what I want to do. I don't really want to hear the endless chatter of my seven year old, I don't want to be an outstanding homeschool mom. I don't want to head outside with the kids and sketch the beauty found in nature. I really want to curl up in bed under the blanket and pretend to be somewhere else, anywhere else. So I have some more coffee and pray and try to find peace and..... then, the dog throws up in the chair, yeah, some mornings are not pretty.

Being a mom is tough at times and what should we do when all we want to do is run from our life? I'm faced with that question sometimes and maybe you can relate? I sure hope so or I'm just going to look all kinds of whiny right now! As a homeschool mom, I'm with these precious little guys 24/7, and no, I'm not grinding my teeth when I say precious,  why would you think that?? 

Some mornings, life doesn't flow smoothly. When you're feeling out of sorts, give yourself permission not to feel guilty. Honey, it happens to us all, and it's o.k. I don't have an easy three step program to make you feel better- mercy, I wish I did. But, it will pass, and until then be kind to yourself. Love yourself and give yourself grace, God has

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