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Friday, December 4, 2015

We're Going To The Chapel {well, almost}

This Christmas season is filled with even more wonder than usual. Our son is about to be married. Oh my, married. It takes my breath away just to say it out loud. I cannot wrap my head around the fact that he's not that cutie little two year old in overalls or the seven year old obsessed with Pokemon cards, he's all grown up and about to begin the greatest adventure of his life.

I can't pretend that I knew it would turn out this good. I'd be lying if I told you I always knew that the perfect one would show up at exactly the right moment and he wouldn't miss her. I've been fearful, worried and all that stuff us momma's feel from time to time. 

And yet, here we are, in the sweet spot, in that moment that all us momma's dream of, that moment when it all lines up, that moment when it all falls into place, despite our shortcomings as parents, despite our many mistakes, yet, here we are, our first baby is getting married. 

The many mistakes I made raising him, schooling him, preaching to him, what do you know, it didn't ruin him. The times I fretted over the small stuff, it all worked out for the good, for the awesome. All that, the good, the bad and the ugly, shaped this child of mine into the perfect man for this perfect woman, this gift from God. 

We raised him in a totally ordinary way and he grew into a totally extraordinary man. 

So, here I am, just me, making mistakes every single day, but despite all my mess, all my failures, God showed up and blessed my son beyond measure. 

Happy Friday friends and have a very, merry weekend!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Coffee and Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts? Yes, Please! {aka: wedding shower on a budget}

This last Saturday we threw a little wedding shower for our son and soon to be daughter-in-law. Party planning? Sign me up! I trolled Pinterest for ideas and found several that I thought would make for a fun shower and be budget friendly at the same time. I don't know about the guests, but we  had such a good time! How could we not have fun? There were doughnuts and coffee involved, geeeeeesh! 

The girls and I made this giant chalkboard and my husband did the chalk art, I was so proud of him! We have a wonderful local doughnut shop, delicious! My parents pitched in and made lots of sausage balls and literally tons of coffee was consumed. We had such a blast.

The girls put together the party favors and I think they turned out great.

Now the wedding countdown begins! This year, Thanksgiving has a whole new meaning!

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I'm not sure how we got to where we are today, or even why, best to say that God had a plan, nothing else makes any sense. When two people marry and neither is in control of the finances, neither even a clue how to be in control of the finances, well, let's just say bad things will happen. Did you know that if you don't pay your car payment for two consecutive months, because you need  to buy some new clothes really, really bad, that they'll repossess that car, even if you call them and explain to them that you will pay them the next Friday? This came as a shock to me. My smiles and sweet southern drawl couldn't get me out of this mess. And, did you also know, that if you borrow against your house to start a landscaping business that later fails and you can't make the payments, that you can loose your house? Shocker, right? So, let's just say that we had to learn things the hard way, shall we? Some of you financially capable people are rolling your eyes right now, I know. Hard to believe that anyone can be that dumb, but I'm living proof, that, yes, it is possible. That was more than a decade ago, and I still can't believe how we lived, totally out of control and flying by the seat of our pants.

Wherever you may be right now, it's never too late to get back up and brush yourself off and get on a new track. I promise you that there's someone else in worse shape than you. God is a God of second chances and underdogs. God wants his children to prosper and be joy-filled. My husband and I have been in some really down and dirty places, we've not always followed God's desire for our lives. But here we are on the other side, and the view sure is better from here. Hiding our dirty laundry doesn't help any one either. Coming clean to ourselves and others, is part of the healing process.

For years, I shoved all my messes under the proverbial rug, and went on like those messes had never really happened. Went on like I couldn't possibly have been that  person. But I was,  and until I owned up to it and came clean with all the world, there was no hope of healing.

Through all the mess, I believed in my husband and he believed in me. He held me and comforted me in my brokenness when I felt that I wasn't worth being loved. How could anyone make such huge mistakes and be worthy of love. I had to learn that I was loved both by God and my dear husband. 

Yet, here we are today, living a life of simple abundance, a life filled with blessing, a life way beyond any we ever could have imagined. A life with a new understanding of what prosperous really is. A life that we never could have appreciated or understood before all the fire. That fire was God molding and shaping us both and for that, all these years later, I am forever grateful.

Wherever you are right now, you are worthy too.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

When The Wrong One Is The Right One

Today is my wedding anniversary, and in honor of the love of my life, I wanted to share a little with y'all, my virtual besties

Our marriage never should have worked out. Statistically, we shouldn't have beat the odds. You see, my husband was from the wrong side of the tracks marrying a girl, that, let's just say, could have been Sandra Dee. Yep, we should have been doomed from the start. But here's the really cool part, God always has a plan, and He has the power to turn all things into good for His glory. Do I hear an Amen! We should have been doomed from the get go, but God sees the WHOLE picture. He doesn't see obstacles the same way we do, he sees into our souls and He knows EXACTLY what we need. Do I hear another Amen?!

Twenty three years ago, God put a miraculous plan into action and it began with two polar opposite humans saying 'I do' before a justice of the peace. It wasn't all fairy dust and unicorns, let me tell you, but God doesn't care about easy. God put two opposites together on the spin cycle in the washer and beat out our weaknesses that we never could have accomplished alone. He took two diamonds in the rough and used them to smooth out the lumps and bumps of each other. In other words, he turned all the bad to His good. That's just what He does. 

God knew exactly what would be in store for us if we made it through the tough years. He knew the beauty of this little farm He brought us to and how much we'd enjoy it all if we could just make it through all the bumps in the road. He knew that we'd finally get it that 'less really is more'. I am so thank-full that I serve an ALL knowing God!

I'm so grateful for this man that God saw was made for me. Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Simplifying Date Nights

Scheduling date nights has always been hard for us. With no family nearby, and hiring a sitter not in our budget, date nights have not happened nearly often enough around here. Having older children to care for the younger ones is a blessing for sure, but when they are all grown up with houses and lives all their own, it gets really c-r-a-z-y trying to plan a date night! We have simplified so many parts of our lives and I decided that date night needed simplifying too! 

Date night should be a time of renewal with your spouse, right? It doesn't need to be about hours in the shower, shaving, hair-do's, make-up, and nails, getting all dressed up, then dashing out of the house to dine at some fancy restaurant. No...... that's not what it is about at all. Just getting it scheduled and all that dressing up even sounds stress-filled! Date night should be about a moment in time, where we look into the eyes of our partner and remember why we married them, loving them wholly and completely. This can be accomplished right in your own backyard.

So, make dinner ahead, put on a movie in the house for the kids {and tell them "no going outside"}, and you've just planned a stress-free date night for you and your hubby. It doesn't have to be an all out production, just a tiny, stolen moment.

Simplify, and steal a moment away with your husband, in your very own backyard. Throw a quilt on the lawn and gaze into the beautiful evening sky. Light a fire on the porch and cuddle under the stars. We have a really bad habit sometimes of making everything so doggone difficult when it's really the littlest pleasures that bring such lasting joy. 

Simplify people. Simplify.

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