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Monday, March 21, 2016

The Dark Side Of Blogging

You know those times that you get all inspired while visiting someone's awesome blog, and you're scrolling through all their pictures and you're getting all antsy and excited and the wheels in your brain are a turnin' and then you run into your living room to see what you can do to make that magic happen at your house and then.........FIZZLE. Yeah, that happens to me too. In order to make that picture in my head come to life, I need to buy this or that which leads to buying this and that which then leads to, I think you get the picture.

Instead of feeling inspired, you feel like a failure. Instead of being motivated you feel defeated. Honestly it's weird blogging sometimes, being grateful that I have a community to share within but being almost embarrassed that I'm part of the big machine that drives people to want constant change and feel less if they can't afford more. Oh gosh, I never want to be that person. I feel pulled more often than not and wonder, why do I blog? Am I helping or hurting.

Blogs push so much commerce whether intentionally or not. There have always been the have's and the have not's but blogging really puts them right out there in front of our faces. Is it just me? I'm rarely on Facebook, but the other day I was scrolling through and I have lots of other bloggers pages on my feed. Geesh, I bought this, new sofa that, I hung new drapes here, I went antiquing and found this, I declare, I closed the computer and felt all green inside.

Last week when I mentioned the few blogs that I frequent, my loves have more to do with means than anything else. I choose my favorite blogs the same way I choose my friends. I want to be surrounded by folks closer to my socioeconomic circle than not. Am I the only one that fights that age old green eyed monster?

I hope and pray that you never feel that way when you visit. When I say we are slooooooooow here, I really mean we are! Purchases take months sometimes years! We wait for sales, scour thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets. We've made it thanks to God's generous blessings and I'm forever grateful for such a hardworking husband.

 I want you to know most of all that little unsightly finds can be magically transformed into treasures for nearly nothing, all you need is a vision. It is completely reasonable to expect that your home should make you smile, and that you have the power to make that happen with very little investment, it may take years, but that only sweetens the end result. It doesn't take lots of fancy, expensive purchases to make your house a home. You may see so many people living that way, but I promise, it's just not true. That's why I stay I guess. I have a message to share. We can all live big on very little!

I love y'all visiting here and I never, ever want y'all to feel anything but goodness when you come by! Keep me on my toes, if I ever make you feel anything less than that feeling you get with that first cup of coffee on a cold winter's morning, well, you just better let me know! Pinky swear?!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Another Slow Redo {kids bathroom}

Whether you live in an older house or newer model, you're probably no stranger to the redo. I've written a bucket full of times about slow and intentional living and redo's on a shoestring budget because that's just how we live. And you know what, I wouldn't want it any other way. Slow anything means that you've put a considerable amount of thought into the situation and you're not going to make as many mistakes or have regrets. Slow means that you're going to be pleased as punch with the end result and that's all good, right? Right! 
While we're on the subject of slow, case in point, our kids bathroom, or the cave as I like to call it. I've always hated this room because it's so dark and gloomy. It's on the very back corner of the house, tucked away, and not really on my radar, this poor little room has been ignored, totally ignored. Do you have a room {or two} like that in your house? This bathroom is the achilles heel of our house, it really is. But no more, it's time has come. Amen and Hallelujah!

It's so beige y'all, and not in a good way. It's mismatched, oh so dark, broken, design flawed, it's a colossal mess, but we're ready to take it on. This bathroom is stuck in the 70's, but no more, we've declared war on the bathroom. 

Here's what you'll see with this redo:
  1. Only changes that we can afford. None of that borrowing from Peter to pay Paul stuff. This means that nothing is going to be ripped out. You'll see small changes that will have a big impact on the look and feel of the space.
  2. We'll be replacing the old stained linoleum with vinyl and we'll be doing the labor ourselves. We have the piece already and it was a remnant from a friend of my husband's that does flooring professionally. It was free y'all, cha-ching! Would I prefer an awesome vintage tile perhaps? YES, but I'm not going to let my budget get in the way of fixing up this little space.
  3. Paint! Lot's of re-painting. Paint is so inexpensive compared to other big dollar changes you can do around your house, never be afraid to re-paint an object or a wall. Repeat after me, paint is my friend. 
  4. I've been scouring online sales for months now at higher end stores I love but can't afford {#urbanoutfittersiloveyou} and I've gotten a couple of really sweet pieces. 
  5. Did I mention how slow this project will be? It's gonna be so slow, you'll probably forget that I ever mentioned that we were doing a bathroom re-do. I promise, I'll pop in with little updates along the way so you {and me!} can see that we're making progress.

Well, there you have it, the beginning of another slooooow redo. Pray for patience for me! I struggle sometimes with slow! It's going to be a little chaotic over here for a while and sometimes that drives me a little bonkers.

I beg of you, don't not start a home project because it seems too mighty, bite off a small little chunk and work on it slowly. Is there a room in your house that's driving you nutty? Why not start a slow redo?


Monday, November 2, 2015

Living A Beautiful Life On Less {book review}

I am so honored to be sharing this book with y'all today. I met Danielle back when I first began blogging and last Fall she rocked my world when she asked me to drop by her blog {Blissful And Domestic} every month and write a guest post for her. What a wonderful year it's been! Then she surprised me again, when she told me she was working on a book, then she finished said book, published said book, and before I knew it, a copy was in my mailbox. Just holding this little book in my hands, I was blown away. She wrote a book, and here I am, holding it in my own hands {yes, I do have a slight book addiction, nothing to worry about y'all}.

Once I got past my shock and awe, I packed that little book up and it went with me on our next camping adventure. I carved out some quiet time by the campfire and made some coffee and I tore into that book. Danielle has packed this book full  of good and practical advice on how you and your family can begin to live a fuller life on less. 

If you've been around this blog for long, you know that I strive to live simply and intentionally every day. I didn't always live this way, and boy, I'm here to tell you that living simply is soooooo much better. Danielle's book {Living A Beautiful Life On Less},  will help you get started, or inspire you to stay the path. She covers everything in this book, budgeting, meal planning, wardrobe planning, eating out, and so much more. 

I'm so very proud of her, and I promise you'll love her book! I can't think of a better Christmas gift for a friend or loved one, hint, hint......

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