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Monday, July 25, 2016

Balance Lost

Balance is a skill that has eluded me most of my adult life. Since before I was a blogger, I've admired many a fellow blogger as she writes of some terrible tragedy in her life, or some life altering illness, and somehow she keeps right on blogging during her recovery process while at the same time juggling homemaking and three little kids. It baffles me how these women manage in what seems like a flawless dance where at the end of each day, they've managed to get it all done. I don't know how they do it. I'm not that woman. My life's not flawless, sometimes it's a bumpy, lumpy mess.

I've been gone for a while from this little blog of mine. I've felt all the emotions that go along with that. Failure, guilt, I've felt lots of those. I found that I wasn't one of those other women, one that keeps on ticking {remember those old Timex commercials??}, nor was I the infamous energizer bunny. Nope, I was a mere mortal, that during tough times, I retreated into myself to heal and could barely get anything done. I've been in survival mode for months and I'm a little ragged looking around the edges. Our home has been in the care of our three littles for what seems like forever. Praise the Lord for children and husbands willing to not only help out in tough times, but literally take my place. I don't know what I'd do without them.

No, I'm not dying, {whew!}, but figuring out what's wrong with me has been a months long battle. In hindsight, I guess I started feeling a little off last December, tired more than usual. It continued throughout the winter and then in March, I had that totally random pinched nerve thing, so crazy. I've not gotten back to my old self since that occurred. I've been completely exhausted for months and it's changed everything. A couple of months ago, more obvious symptoms began to quickly unfold and I was going from doctor to doctor and test to test searching for an answer. Then, a few weeks ago, it became extremely clear what was wrong with me, I was having my first Crohn's flair-up in thirty years.

If any of you have Crohn's disease or know someone that does, you'll know that not ever having a flair-up in thirty years is a miracle in itself. People with Crohn's are sick y'all, like messed up all the time. Believe me, I know how blessed my life has been. No doctors, no meds for thirty years, that's practically unheard of, which is why I've not even considered that I may be feeling ill because of my Crohn's, last thing on my list y'all. I'm still in the testing phase of this current issue trying to pinpoint exactly where my Crohn's has flared this time, and yes, the tests are not pleasant. It requires that I be put to sleep, over and over, and nobody likes that, but we do what we gotta do, right?

I guess that the burden of not knowing what was wrong with me was laying so heavily upon me that I just stopped writing. I wasn't seeing very much beauty or joy around me and I felt that I had absolutely nothing to write about, the words all dried up. I've missed this place so much and y'all, I've missed y'all so much. I'm praying that I'm here to stay, back on this little blog, but if I go missing, please know that I'm healing.

It hasn't been all doom and gloom over here. Since I've let the house go all to _____, {well, I'll let you fill in the blank!} we have done a bit of camping, and we have several more trips planned this year that I can't wait to tell you all about! I'm so excited, squeal! We've been camping in our little pop-up for a whole year now and it's waaaaay past time for me to write a little one year anniversary post. And just in case you're wondering, I'm still totally smitten by camping, totally!

I've missed this little place and y'all so much, hopefully there's still someone out there that waited for me and didn't loose hope. Give me a shout out if you're still here, it would really make my day! Hugs sweet ones and thanks so much for sticking around!

Monday, May 16, 2016


This morning, I'm going to let you in on a little secret, I'm an INTROVERT, in all caps. Growing up, I mostly fought it, despised it, cursed it, but once I became an adult, out of school, not forced to embrace people all the time, I learned to be okay with who I really was, embrace it even. As an adult, I decided when and with whom, I wanted to socialize. It's been lovely all these years, completely lovely, until now that is.

God has decided that I need to learn to embrace people more, so into the fire I've been thrown, noooooo. I've argued my case with Him, to no avail I should say, so in the fire I stay. The cause, I'm the mama of two teenage girls. All you mama's out there are going to recognize this dilemma I've unwittingly fallen into, it's called teens like socializing, and it's so uncomfortable for me, which gets us right back to why God has thrown me into the fire. I don't understand the why part, but He obviously didn't agree with me that I was just fine in my own little tiny corner of the universe???  I thought it was all kinds of awesome, He thinks differently, shoot.

So, here lately I've found myself, socializing at multiple proms, having too many sleepovers to count, hosting cookouts with no less than fifteen teens, have I lost my ever-lovin' mind?, chauffeuring around teens, mine and others, to various local events, many late nights with kids and their parents at local eateries celebrating this and that, really Lord, are you kidding me???? My daughters, mercy how I love y'all, but you're killing me!

All you regular, sociable folks out there won't get this at all, but for the rest of you, this is hard! So hard, in fact that I shut down completely from the toll it takes on me mentally, which may explain why I disappear from this blog at times. Sound crazy?  It feels crazy inside my head, and the struggle is real my friends, but for whatever reason, God wants me uncomfortable right now and if I could see the big picture like He can, I'm sure I'd totally get it, but right now, little ole me is treading water struggling to keep from drowning.

So back to the title, stretched, where are you right now? Is God giving you a makeover too, stretching and pulling you in all directions? It hurts doesn't it? Believe me honey, I know how it hurts. I have to remind myself daily how it's all for something good, and it will be revealed in His time, not mine, but doggone it's hard. If you're struggling with change today, I'm right there with you sista, you are not alone.
Amy {CEO Introverts Unite}

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Dining Room Change-Up

Happy Wednesday sweet friends! If you happen to follow me on instagram {what? you don't follow me on instagram??}, you may have seen a little sneak peek of our dining room. There have been a few changes over there.

I really needed our house to work for us more efficiently and authentically. I wanted it to truly reflect us as a family. I wanted to embrace all the warm tones that this old house has, and I did all this while knowing that everyone else out there is white washing everything in their homes. It's okay to be different! I love different!

I moved some furniture around and shopped the basement as usual, emptied out some cabinets to fill the shelves and went back to all natural, thrifted, mismatched chairs. This works so much better for us. There's something so warm and welcoming about old wood, don't you think? And I want that, I want our home to be welcoming to others. Real life happens here, and this dining area is often filled with messy little hands, spilled watercolors, the occasional chicken {smile}, it's a real workhorse of an area. It's our gathering space, my favorite kind of space.

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Monday, April 11, 2016

The Chicken Whisperer Turns Nine

And just like that, our baby turned nine. He was a difficult pregnancy and birth and was born at only twenty nine weeks, so tiny, but you'd never know. He's one tough little cookie. He's my early riser, always has been. Try as I might, you just can't tire this one out.

It's pretty interesting being mama to one boy that's grown and married and one that's just turned nine. That's a pretty wide spread. It seemed like a small undertaking at thirty nine, but now at almost fifty, whew it's hard to keep up sometimes. This wild child keeps me on my toes.

He's still young enough to find wonder in everything around him, and boy I love that. I try to see the world through his fresh eyes and let me tell you, it's such a wondrous view. What a blessing this last one has been. We gathered together to celebrate this little life. Matthew wanted a white cake and white icing, and that's exactly what he got, thank heavens he shared with the rest of us because boy, it was delicious!

And my favorite part of birthdays, the gathering part. Nothing is ever better than the coming together of family around a table, sharing so much more than food. Such a lovely day.

Hoping your week is a wondrous one! Happy Monday y'all!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Bare Easter

This year, there were no colored eggs, candy filled baskets or maple glazed hams. This year, we bloomed right where we were planted. Mama's a little down at the moment, pinched nerve and all, so Easter became exactly what it should be, a gathering of those we love sans all the extras. An official grateful for what we do have kind of a day. 

We rose early and shuffled ourselves and the bare necessities into the car. We didn't stop till we found the mountains and a crystal clear stream perfect for fishing and picnicking.The afternoon was filled with moments of soft sunshine, laughter and all the wildness that I've come to expect from our three not-so-littles. With one child all grown up and no longer at home, I realize how precious these moments are that I have left with these three. Better not blink, they grow so fast.

At first, I was so sad not having an Easter filled with all the trimmings, but by days end I realized that this bare Easter was better than any chocolate bunny I'd ever had. We praised God under towering spruce and beside rolling waters, our hearts filled with all that Easter truly means. What could be better than that?

Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday, Oh Yes It Is

I had to pop in today to wish y'all a glorious Easter weekend! This is a wonderful time of year to be especially grateful for all God's blessings. Our God is so generous. He gave His only son as a sacrifice for us all. At our house, we are reflecting on the enormity of that gift and the miraculous nature of it all.
"He is not here; he has risen! Remember how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee: 'The Son of Man must be delivered over to the hands of sinners, be crucified and on the third day be raised again'"
            Luke 24: 6-7 


Monday, March 21, 2016

The Dark Side Of Blogging

You know those times that you get all inspired while visiting someone's awesome blog, and you're scrolling through all their pictures and you're getting all antsy and excited and the wheels in your brain are a turnin' and then you run into your living room to see what you can do to make that magic happen at your house and then.........FIZZLE. Yeah, that happens to me too. In order to make that picture in my head come to life, I need to buy this or that which leads to buying this and that which then leads to, I think you get the picture.

Instead of feeling inspired, you feel like a failure. Instead of being motivated you feel defeated. Honestly it's weird blogging sometimes, being grateful that I have a community to share within but being almost embarrassed that I'm part of the big machine that drives people to want constant change and feel less if they can't afford more. Oh gosh, I never want to be that person. I feel pulled more often than not and wonder, why do I blog? Am I helping or hurting.

Blogs push so much commerce whether intentionally or not. There have always been the have's and the have not's but blogging really puts them right out there in front of our faces. Is it just me? I'm rarely on Facebook, but the other day I was scrolling through and I have lots of other bloggers pages on my feed. Geesh, I bought this, new sofa that, I hung new drapes here, I went antiquing and found this, I declare, I closed the computer and felt all green inside.

Last week when I mentioned the few blogs that I frequent, my loves have more to do with means than anything else. I choose my favorite blogs the same way I choose my friends. I want to be surrounded by folks closer to my socioeconomic circle than not. Am I the only one that fights that age old green eyed monster?

I hope and pray that you never feel that way when you visit. When I say we are slooooooooow here, I really mean we are! Purchases take months sometimes years! We wait for sales, scour thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets. We've made it thanks to God's generous blessings and I'm forever grateful for such a hardworking husband.

 I want you to know most of all that little unsightly finds can be magically transformed into treasures for nearly nothing, all you need is a vision. It is completely reasonable to expect that your home should make you smile, and that you have the power to make that happen with very little investment, it may take years, but that only sweetens the end result. It doesn't take lots of fancy, expensive purchases to make your house a home. You may see so many people living that way, but I promise, it's just not true. That's why I stay I guess. I have a message to share. We can all live big on very little!

I love y'all visiting here and I never, ever want y'all to feel anything but goodness when you come by! Keep me on my toes, if I ever make you feel anything less than that feeling you get with that first cup of coffee on a cold winter's morning, well, you just better let me know! Pinky swear?!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Come On Over, It's Share Day

First off, thank y'all sweet souls bunches for stopping by and wishing me a speedy recovery! Y'all really know how to make a girl smile! The good news is, I made a tiny bit of progress and have a little bit of relief pain wise, oh, the angels were singing, it was like a humongous weight was lifted off of me. I am going to write about my pinched nerve journey whenever I make it to the other side of this mess, because I've really been angry at the conflicting information on the subject and I'm going to have to through my hat into the ring on the subject. Well, that'll be something for y'all to look forward to, right???? {wink}.

Now, on to Share Day............... I know there are a plethora of awesome blogs out there that I've never even heard of or had the time to visit, and there's only so much time I can spend on the computer, so with that said, I do have a few faves that I wanted to share with y'all today. Here's my unofficial list in no particular order:

{wouldn't you luv to share a cup of coffee in her kitchen???}

What can I say but, she's JERUSALEM GREER y'all. Visiting her blog is like putting on your favorite pajama pants and old tee and sitting down with a cup of coffee. She's homespun personified and that's that!

{dreamy, huh???}

Run on by and meet Sara if you haven't found her already. She's one creative cookie, she lives on a farm, and I would be her in a minute if I could go back in time and realize who I really was meant to be a whole lot sooner, that is as long as I could keep my hubby and four sweeties! She's young, full of ideas, and a real treat. Such an inspiring young woman.

{she takes awesome pictures like this full of beautiful yummies}

Again, a young woman who is following her heart, oh if I'd only been brave enough to follow mine sooner! I've not been following her for all that long, but she constantly amazes me with her energy AND, she lives on a farm, starting to see any similarities with my favorite blogs? Yep, you guessed it, chickens, cows and growing your own food rank pretty high on my list.

{I could sit here in Shannan's living room and talk for a while, couldn't you?}

And last but not least, Shannan. I've followed her the longest and my has she inspired me over the years and without a doubt had a whole lot to do with me embracing me however wonky {that's one of Shannan's words-ha} that may be. 

Now one day, in my dreams, I plan on somehow meeting these gals in real life. I think we'd all get along swimmingly! Now you share, do you know of a blog I might be missing out on? Share away in the comments! Big hugs to y'all!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Good Enough

In the midst of hard times, we can either accept them and try to find the good or whine and moan about the trial we've found ourselves in. I will be the first to admit that I'm a whiner. As I'm dealing with the pain of a pinched nerve, and the realization that it may take quite a bit of time to heal, I've found myself looking around and trying to see what God would like me to see in this moment, in this place that is my new life.

I'm seeing one glaring problem, my desire to have everything perfect all the time. My family has taken over all duties required to run a home, but you know what, they don't clean like I do, just good enough, is, well, good enough. And so it should be. I should have a content and grateful heart for all the work that they've taken over but yet I still struggle with wanting everything my way. I'm having a really hard time accepting this new place of good enough. 

I prayed not so long ago for God to help me be happy even when things around me weren't really as perfect as I wanted them to be. You know, I wanted better balance, I want to be okay with things clean and tidy, not perfect. Well, here I am. Ask and ye shall receive, right? I wasn't really expecting being flat on my back being the answer to my prayers though. Ha, God has such a sense of humor! Let me just say, I'm not laughing God. Mostly, I fight the urges to get up and fix things the way I like them, even though I know that the more I'm up, the slower I heal. 

Do you struggle with a perfection complex? It's time consuming, stressful and yes, it sucks the pleasure right out of life. I'm so worried about how my home presents itself to visitors that I'm seriously too tired and stressed to even enjoy their visit. Totally messed up I know. Anyone out there that can relate? It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful, unless of course you live inside my head. 

So, with all my free time, I'm praying that I can grasp the concept of just good enough being good enough. I say this as I'm staring into the kitchen from my bedroom fighting the urge to go and spray and wipe the counters, definitely a slooooooow learner here. 

And please leave some comments, I'm seriously bored out of my wits over here {wink}!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Down The Rabbit Hole

It seems that I've taken an unexpected, unplanned blogging break. Life, it's always full of surprises!

As moms, we don't get sick days or time off. We are always on the job. Last Wednesday, life as I know it, ended. I went to sleep Tuesday night just fine, and woke up Wednesday morning with a pinched nerve. It was as if I fell down the rabbit hole. All the things that had filled my days, were now overshadowed by pain.

I now have a huge respect for those of you out there that live with chronic pain, bless your hearts. On day number six, I waved the white flag and sought medical intervention, the pain was just too much to bear. It seems that there's not a clear cut treatment plan for a pinched nerve, only many, many different opinions. Choosing the right path has been extremely confusing, as I think I've figured out, there is no right path, just opinions, ughhhhhhhh. Now, if you notice that this post seems a little wonky and has lots of misspellings, hey, I can blame the meds {wink}!

So with all my free time, I began thinking about y'all, especially y'all that have to deal with a chronic condition of any kind. How strong you must be. I began to realize that I take my health for granted every single day. What's that saying?, you never know what you've got till it's gone.

I'm a firm believer that all things happen for a reason and that all things are for our good, whether it seems so or not. If there is a lesson I need to learn, I pray that I get it now, so that God doesn't have to bring it before me again, in an even mightier way. God, let me learn it now! And sometimes, the lesson is not for me at all, but someone close to me needs to learn through my suffering. For the past thirteen days, I've proudly watched my family come together to take over my usual duties. I've watched my daughters take charge of cooking, baking, and cleaning. Maybe the only way for them to truly learn how to take charge of a household was if I was completely out of the way. With me always hovering, well, lets just say that I may be a bit of a control freak and I really have a hard time delegating. With me on the sidelines, my family has been able to soar without my interfering assistance.

I found this little poem{hymn} as I was reading..........

A Little Bird I Am
A little bird I am,
Shut from the fields of air;
And in my cage I sit and sing
To Him who placed me there;
Well pleased a prisoner to be
Because, my God, it pleases Thee.

Nought have I else to do;
I sing the whole day long;
And He whom most I love to please,
Doth listen to my song;
He caught and bound my wandering wing,
But still he bends to hear me sing.
Thou hast an ear to hear;
A heart to love and bless;
And, though my notes were e’er so rude,
Thou wouldst not hear them less:
Because Thou knowest, as they fall,
That LOVE, sweet LOVE, inspires them all.
My cage confines me round;
Abroad I cannot fly;
But though my wing is closely bound,
My heart’s at liberty.
My prison walls cannot control
The flight, the freedom of the soul.

Oh! It’s good to soar
These bolts and bars above,
To Him whose purpose I adore,
Whose providence I love;
And in Thy mighty will to find
The joy, the freedom of the mind.

                             -Jeanne Guyon

For you all that may be suffering today, my prayers are with you.


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Let's Go Camping!

It's been a whole year since we purchased our Little Pop Up Camper . What adventures we have had! We're already planning trips for April and I'm just giddy! Do you and your family camp? I wanted to share with you a little about what I've learned this last year, but first a little sharing about me..........

I'm a girly girl. You know the ones, they don't like to get dirt under their nails, they powder their noses when out and about, they 'hold it' forever rather than go in a porta-potty, yeah, I'm one of those. So, needless to say, I'm not the roughing it type. Having to potty in the woods just isn't my thing.

We tried tent camping when the kids were little- hated it big time. Hearing little animals scurrying around my tent all night just wasn't my cup of tea. Shoot, I was terrified and didn't sleep a wink! Now, I have friends mind you {you two know who you are ;)}, that are camping aficionados! You should see these women camp. I promise you would be in awe of their campsite! Tents, screen rooms, organized totes filled with food and supplies, they literally put women like me to shame! It just wasn't for me or my husband, so we wrote camping off our list. We decided that it just wasn't for us. Huge mistake!

It then took years and years of wasted time for me to consider camping again. I say wasted time because there's just something about our children, that they deserve to be raised out in nature, unplugged from this world we live in, as often as possible. Traveling and hotels is one thing, camping is totally different. Camping brings your family together in a way you'll never experience in a hotel.

It's so much easier to start your kiddos off early with this lifestyle, the camping lifestyle. It's much harder to convince teenagers that camping is awesome. Our girls have been real troopers and I've been so proud of them for their good attitudes. Sometimes they're a bit whiny, but I see the gains of our adventures and it's worth a little discomfort on their parts.

So why all this rambling on? Spring is upon us, and if you've ever wondered if camping might be right for you, YES, yes it is! I don't want you or your children to miss out on the benefits of camping. If someone as girly as me loves it this much, you may just love it too! Don't like sleeping on the ground? We planned and saved for a whole year for our pop up, so worth all the sacrifices.

And the price? Camping is so inexpensive, especially if you tent camp, and you don't have to go far. A state park just down the road or in your own state is a perfect landing. The point is to be out there in nature, unplugged around a campfire, hiking, game playing or just talking, remember that?,  just talking with one another. That's the whole point of the camping experience, connections, re-establishing connections, strengthening connections.

This world that we live in pulls our families apart, camping brings our family back together. So, if you've never tried it, maybe this is your year! Are you already a camping family? Give me a shout out!

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Friday, February 26, 2016

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue {hello spring}

As I sit here all cozy and warm in front of the fire, my mind has drifted far, far away. Thoughts of warmer days and gardens are dancing in my head. We've had a few warm days here and there and that was all it took, all it took to shift my mind to thoughts of spring.

Last weekend, my husband helped me with a little work in the flower gardens out front. This garden area has been an outright battle front for a couple of years now. It's us against the free ranging chickens, the verdict is still out y'all, but I think we're closing in on a successful plan of attack. Biggest problem, MULCH. The chickens scratch it, kick it and it flies too and fro. I've been doing lots of research and I'm determined that we can at least call a truce! I pulled back out my favorite book, Free Range Chicken Gardens. Oh how I love this book! I get all giddy just thumbing through the pages. It's an excellent resource for all free range chicken owners.

This morning I awoke really early and started looking for some lovely heirloom seeds to order online. I found the sweetest little website and ordered several varieties from them. I've been dreaming of nasturtiums and sweet peas, they had them both and I was thrilled. So the plan is to start them indoors and then transfer them out when there's no longer a danger of frost. I can hardly wait!

Also, on my to-do list, basement clean up. Stuff  has taken over and no longer do I have any control down there. It's just an old, unfinished, cinder block basement, now, but thanks to this sweet lady and this post, it's about to be so much more! She kicked my rear into gear, and mercy I needed that. She's done it on more than one occasion mind you! That's what I love so much about my little blogging community. Sometimes we girls need a push in the right direction, just a little motivation to get us going. I'm honored to be a part of such an awesome community of uber talented women, that so, so, often, get me moving!

That's me at the moment, what's going on in your little neck of the woods? Do tell............

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Teen Girls' Room Reveal {a boho inspired makeover}

Hooooray y'all, the girls' room is done! Don't get me wrong, I do love the process of re-decorating a space, but I truly do LOVE when it's finished too! You may remember that I became a bit obsessed with the bohemian style about this time last year when we remodeled our pop up camper {if you missed that click here}. Well, the girls really loved that style too, and now that they're a bit older, they really wanted to take their room from it's fun and color-filled theme to something a bit more mature, so a little boho chic remodel was in order. This room change had quite a few stages mind you, nothing happens fast around here! If I were a more on the ball blogger, I would have been writing about and photographing the small steps, oh boy, blogger fail. But anywho, it started with a chalkboard wall that literally and immediately changed the vibe in the whole room. It was quite amazing, their room really got it's moody on!

Aaaaaand, there it sat for the longest while, a chalkboard wall. We all began scrimping and saving pennies, and searching sales at Urban Outfitters. Since last year, Olivia had been confiscating any and all change she found around the house and suddenly she developed a love of doing her Daddy's laundry, must of had something to do with the fact that he leaves change in his pockets and it comes out in the wash- ha! She filled jars with change and would take them to convert into real money for her room savings jar. Sofia would add money to the jar with her Christmas money and allowance, so you see, this room has been quite a collaboration!

We began slowly collecting pieces for the room and putting them in a box. Finally after a few months we were ready to transform this room! One of the key elements for the girls room was a Crosley Record Player. I scoured Ebay forever, and finally found a refurbished model that was within our budget. I was terrified that it would come and be a disappointment, but I was bowled over, it worked! My how I've missed the sound of a turntable! The girls started collecting records from thrift stores and not a day goes by that I don't hear the most wonderful music coming from their room.

Another thing you may notice is the addition of plants. I love the plants and I'm sure we'll gradually add even more. They're key to the bohemian theme and they really do breathe life into any room. Love, love them!

There's so much more we could have done, but this was what we could do and still stay within our budget, and we can always add more pieces as we save more money. Hey, there's always lots of Daddy's laundry to do!

Thanks for stopping by for the tour y'all! I've listed the sources below just in case you want to get your bohemian vibe on too!

Soure List:

Plus Sign Rug Urban Outfitters
Rug In Seating Nook {this particular one is no longer available but check here for similar: Urban Outfitters}
Bedding {check here for similar: Urban Outfitters}
Tapestry over seating nook Urban Outfitters
Bed Shams and Throw pillows Urban Outfitters
Futon Sofa: Ikea
Sofa Pillows: Ikea

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Thousand Words

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then, oh boy, there's oh so many words here! I'm terribly behind sorting through all my pictures, so I'm proclaiming today phone dump day! Does that ever happen to you? Life gets so crazy full that you forget to go back and soak up all those memories. Well, today's the day, let the memories roll.......


Here's a few more from our wedding trip out west. Still can't get over the fact that my son is married! Oh Happy Day!

I never tire of our evening skyline here, heavenly.........

Now, let me take a selfie-ha! Showing my teen girls that I'm hip and cool too!

And last but not least, my son and daughter-in-love's cat. Isn't she gorgeous?

There's still a hundred more on my phone, but I don't want to overwhelm y'all all at once! How do you keep your photos organized, or are you like me and forget to download them all? Mercy, there's so many it can be overwhelming! 

Glad you're here today!
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