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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

An Anniversary- Come Celebrate!

This is a REALLY special week for me! It's my anniversary! Six little months ago, I started this blog and I never could have envisioned the paths it would take me on and the many ways it would change my EVERY day! As a homeschooling family, sometimes our world can seem a little small. We focus so on family and learning and as the mom doing the teaching, it's so common to become all wrapped up in that and lose your own individual identity. You become the "homeschooling mom", and that's your whole life. Then one day, your littles are bigger and you look around and realize, "who am I". When I found myself in that place six months ago, I began writing and this little blog was born.

I never could have envisioned the joys that were in store for me. I didn't realize all the connections to many wonderful women I would make from all around the world. I never realized that I would feel so passionate about writing again. I never realized that by writing, my world that always seems to whiz by at lightening speed, would slow down because writing about it and photographing it just seems to have that effect. I had no way of knowing that when I put my first thoughts down, on my first not so good post {with terrible pictures!}, that my life would change as it has. It has been an amazing journey that has left me crying for MORE!

So for today, I'm looking back at some of the posts that have meant the most to me and have gotten the most response from the beautiful and kind people that have taken the time to drop by this tiny little spec of a blog compared to ALL the blogs out there. I appreciate y'all so very much because writing is terrific but sharing and knowing that you have affected other's lives in some way is truly awe inspiring! Whether a post changed how you think about educating your children, or maybe helped you tackle your fear of painting furniture, or gave you an idea of a recipe to serve for dessert tonight, please consider giving me some feedback in the comment section, because it's your comments that take this from being just my ramblings to an actual, virtual conversation between you and me. Comments mean SO much to every blogger. It lets us know that we're not just whistling in the wind, but that you are really there and you are listening. If there's something that you're not seeing here that you'd like to, tell me that too!

In case you missed any of my older posts, just click on the links under the photos and it'll take you right back to the original post! Thank you all again for taking the time to visit.  My hope is that this blog will continue to grow and flourish and it will only do that if you'll take the time to share any of these posts, yes, I'm shamelessly begging y'all to click on that little share button at the bottom of each post and SHARE. I'd be ever so grateful!!! This little blog sits in a teeny, tiny, little crevice of the whole world wide web and only y' all, the readers, can give it legs and help it grow. I'd be sooooo grateful and you'd be making my little dream come true!  

Thanks for helping me celebrate my six month anniversary! See you on Friday with a tutorial on how to make a beautiful fall wreath to grace your entryway! I promise it'll be EASY, FRUGAL, and FUN!

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Laundry Room Redo

Well, I promised that I would reveal our laundry room make-over, but boy this has me quivering in my boots! This post should come with it's own disclaimer: "view only at your own risk!".  I have to say first before any photos, that ALL the other rooms in our house are super clean, REALLY! I'm going to totally humiliate my family by posting the before photo, but I just love before and after photos on blogs that I follow, so, I'm throwing my shame under the bus!

Our "laundry room", was a storage and catch ALL room for years. It was like a giant junk drawer.  It stored everything from suitcases to pet food and EVERYTHING in between.  This room is directly off of our dining room, and as often as I entertain, I was mortified if one of my kids would open the door while company was over in fear that they would see my terrible secret. I, clean freak Mama, had a very messy, yucky, hoarder-like room in my home. I don't know why we didn't tackle this room sooner. This room has been the most fun of any of the home projects we have done, probably because it is such a dramatic change.  We began by purging lots! We had a giant garage sale and donated some items to local charities. We moved other items to storage bins in the basement. We then removed the shelves to open the room up, and it really did! We put on a coat of fresh white paint, scrubbed the window and laid a new vinyl floor.  Then the fun started with decorating, and we still have lots that we want to add, but this is a great start.

Now staying organized is a snap.  Before, we could hardly find the washer and dryer, but now everything has a place.  The room is multi-purpose.  It serves as a laundry, mudroom, craft and sewing room.  

Even our 15 year old washer and dryer got a fresh coat of paint, 'cause that's just how thrifty we are, if it's not broken, it's not getting replaced.  This project didn't happen overnight either.  We started purging last fall, and the week after Christmas, friends helped to lay the vinyl floor.  Then a month later the paint, and I think you get the picture.  When you're working on a shoestring budget, it can take a while, but some progress is better than no progress.

I finally have a place for my sewing supplies and my machine, instead of being stored on a top shelf of a closet when not in use, it is now within easy reach.

And finally, I'm no longer embarrassed when friends are gathered in the dining area. It's a wonderful, well organized space. This makeover seemed like such an overwhelming task that we put it off forever.  I could just kick myself for that. We spend so much time in this room now and before it was cringe-worthy.  Also, laundry has yet to get behind, because the room is so cheerful and pleasant, we all get our laundry done. Thanks for stopping by to view our laundry room redo.


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