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Monday, July 6, 2015


This little word has been heavy upon my heart lately. Often, I rush through moments at the speed of light. I look to the future rather than absorbing every second of every day. I become annoyed at my eight year old's actions some days and wish he were older. I hope to pass through the teen years with my daughters sooner than later. Some days, I think bedtime will never arrive. 

Then this little word, savor.  This little word changes my perception of my every day, my every moment. This little word by it's very definition, says to delight in the ordinary. It commands me to enjoy even the mundane. It demands that I am grateful even in the moments of discord with a restless teen, and the slow to respond eight year old. This word directs me to notice the dew resting upon the spider web I pass on my morning run. This word pops into my consciousness randomly throughout the day and changes my perceptions.

This is a mighty little word. Savor.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Weekday Ramblings

Here's a little of what's making me happy and keeping me inspired this week- thought I'd share! 

<> This lady inspires me so much and brings me such joy with her photos.

<> I'm thinking that this Earthquake Cake looks way too easy and yummy not to make!

<> This post on Emily's blog has forever changed how I see my closet!

<> I've just added this book to my wishlist. Can't wait to order it!

 And while I was on my little rabbit trail finding it, I stumbled upon this book that came out in 2013 that I never ordered. Why not? She's so right up my alley y'all. It's now in my cart too!

<> My latest crush- I want a vintage spoon from Jessica's shop. She has the cutest stuff!

Wishing you a weekend filled with all kinds of awesome!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Surrounded By Words

You may have noticed that I display lots of prints around my house. I just love them and order from other bloggers and off of Etsy. It's occurred to me, the importance of keeping words around my home all the time, right out in the open where I can see them not only when I wake, but when I sit to rest a spell, or fly through my bedroom with a load of laundry. 

{top: Recipe For Crazy  bottom: the wheatfield}

I loved each one for it's color, or artwork, or it's beautiful font. Then, as this season of 'embrace' began, I noticed the real value in each one and how much it was contributing to me.  This was unexpected

I had purchased them for their aesthetics, but I now see what a glorious tool they've each been. Consider surrounding yourself with words this year, and stand back and marvel at how it may just change you. Prefer not to spend right now? Make your own. Try googling inspirational sayings and quotes, and be amazed with what you'll find. Open up Picmonkey {free editing y'all!} and choose your own font, then print, and hang wherever with some cool washi tape, a vintage hanger, or an old clipboard and there you have it- inspiring art all your own. 

I've just ordered this one for my ever growing collection and I can't wait to put it up for Valentine's Day.

This one's from Kelli And Vanessa

And this new one on my mantel that I'm so in love with {choose brave shop}

Isn't it just adorable? Consider filling your home with words and be amazed at how it may change you!

P.S. One of my sweet friends just reminded me that you can also get awesome FREE printables over at Ann Voskamp's site. Click here to head on over and see her beauties.

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