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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Love Of Succulents

I've been doing a little freshening up around here this week, part of my tiptoeing into fall plan. I've planned to stay away from the more traditional fall colors that I mentioned in my last post. I decided to warm things up over here by adding some more red, which I adore. More on that later, but for now, I've really been wanting to play around more with succulents. 

This summer I added a few in outdoor planters and I love them. They have performed really well. I also added a couple to our girls' room that you can check out here. With fall and winter on the horizon, I really wanted to bring some life into the house with the addition of some plants. I just love these little guys because you can plant them in the cutest containers. I've collected some milk glass over the years, and these succulents just look great planted in them. Have fun with your containers~ I've even seen these planted in old colanders and they are just cute as pie. 

My FAVORITE part about succulents you ask? Low Maintenance! Life's busy enough without babysitting plants! Am I right?  They do need a good source of light making them a perfect windowsill plant. Also be sure you plant them in a soil that drains readily and don't over water, other than that, easy peasy. I love how the house looks with these scattered about. 

Plants just bring such a breath of freshness to a room. How about you? What changes are you making around the house to usher in the upcoming change of seasons? I'd love to hear from you!

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