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Monday, May 9, 2016

A Porch Story {simple living inspired}

Well first, hello friends. I've taken an unexpected break from blogging, but I'm so very excited to be back! You should know that I struggle greatly with balancing a simple lifestyle and the duty of blogging. Sometimes I find myself wondering how the two, blogging and living the simple life, can ever possibly survive within one woman. I confuse myself at times and that's usually when I take a little rest from blogging.

Do you often feel that your life is way too overloaded and running at a pace that leaves you nearly breathless, but you worry that you'll let others down if you don't keep up with this harried pace? I used to feel that, that sense of obligation to others over myself and my family. Over the last few years, I've managed to whittle down my obligations and learn to not feel as guilty. Now, I very carefully consider what goes onto my calendar.

Living simply not only affects my time, it has spread into all parts of my life, all parts of me. My home looks different today than it did just six months ago, I've taken a much closer look at my decor and asked myself if a certain item is really working for us, or is it simply clutter. I've moved things around and some pieces have been purged completely. Our outside spaces get a whole lot of traffic in the warmer months and I really wanted them to be simple and functional.

That gets me to the point of this post, sorry, my wandering brain, our porch. I started by completely emptying the whole porch, it drove me batty for it to be empty, but I felt like all the stuff on it cluttered my mind and I just couldn't think. I wanted it to be neutral and calm and uncluttered, I also wanted it to have a vintage vibe, of course, not too many plants, uh the upkeep when it gets really hot here in the summer months, so I looked for one outstanding basket and just a couple other little tidbits. I repainted my old metal chairs and our porch swing, added an old school desk for a coffee table, and I was done. Now it greets visitors in simplicity, but still maintains the vintage vibe that we have throughout the rest of our home. I've spent way too many mornings on it already and one cup of coffee quickly turns into two!

While I've been away from the blog, I've been focusing a bit more as time allowed on my Instagram account. I tell ya, it's way simpler to come up with one liners than entire blog posts! If you're on Instagram, I'd sure appreciate the follow and leave me a comment to introduce yourself if you don't mind. You can click on my Instagram feed in the sidebar to hop right on over {click on the word 'Instagram'}.

Thanks so much for allowing me some space to disappear sometimes and still being here when I return. Y'all are the absolute greatest! I've missed y'all so much! Happy to be back this morning!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Dining Room Change-Up

Happy Wednesday sweet friends! If you happen to follow me on instagram {what? you don't follow me on instagram??}, you may have seen a little sneak peek of our dining room. There have been a few changes over there.

I really needed our house to work for us more efficiently and authentically. I wanted it to truly reflect us as a family. I wanted to embrace all the warm tones that this old house has, and I did all this while knowing that everyone else out there is white washing everything in their homes. It's okay to be different! I love different!

I moved some furniture around and shopped the basement as usual, emptied out some cabinets to fill the shelves and went back to all natural, thrifted, mismatched chairs. This works so much better for us. There's something so warm and welcoming about old wood, don't you think? And I want that, I want our home to be welcoming to others. Real life happens here, and this dining area is often filled with messy little hands, spilled watercolors, the occasional chicken {smile}, it's a real workhorse of an area. It's our gathering space, my favorite kind of space.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

A Piano For The Living Room

I'm still not sure what happened, it's just a blur. All I remember is that we went to our local Habitat for Humanity store hunting for some old records for the girls new record player, and, we came home with this.........

I couldn't help myself, truly I swear I couldn't. It spoke to me, I'm not kidding, this piano spoke to my heart, in the boldest of whispers {it was 50% off!}, and the next thing I remember, my husband was loading this divine instrument onto our trailer. I feel that I should surely apologize to you all. All that talk around here of slow and intentional living, I threw caution to the wind! What else could I have done? It was speaking to me y'all!

I couldn't be happier, giddy actually. Isn't she the most beautiful thing you've ever laid eyes on? I wouldn't fault you a bit if you were having piano envy right now.  Even deer looks thrilled doesn't he? Our youngest daughter is smitten. She had already taught herself to play a few songs on our keyboard, and now she's raring to take lessons from a friend of ours in town. She's always been drawn to the piano, and now she can fly!

Even though it's sadly out of tune {it has to acclimate before tuning, who knew?}, her playing has brought life to this old house, the whole house comes alive, my heart comes alive. I feel that I'm finally home. Who knew that our little house was longing for music so? I sure didn't.

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Around The House {fall edition}

I've been so inspired this week by ALL the Fall Home Tours on some of my favorite blogs {check it out herehere, and here}. The little wheels in my brain started turning, how can I bring Fall into our home for practically free? For me, this means heading outside and bringing in all the beautiful treasures in the woods and pastures. There's plenty of sunflowers, corn and corn stalks, wheat grass, muscadine vines, and so much more. And guess what? It's all free! Now that's decorating on the cheap!

{I brought my pine-cone garland back up from the basement and decided to use it outside this year}

We are blessed to live in a house surrounded by pastures and lots of woods, so I have tons of wild things to choose from, but if you don't, head to the park {I've done that too lots of times}. We don't pick anything but fallen acorns and pine-cones are favorite treasures of mine. I brought back out our brown sofa slipcover, added some seasonal afghans and woolly throws for those chilly evenings, and, of course, threw in lots of candles. LOVE lighting candles in Fall and Winter!

{Excuse the gathering of chihuahua's on the left. With five house dogs, getting pictures without at least some part of a dog in them, requires an act of God}

{See what I mean? Chihuahua again.....}

I totally copied borrowed some ideas from other bloggers, hey, it's meant to inspire, right? 

I must say, I had so much fun Fallin' up the house both inside and out! Thank y'all so much for dropping by for our Fall Home Tour. Have a blessed weekend y'all!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Blue Chair

I mentioned Monday that I had a slight chair addiction, and Lord knows that I try to pass them by when I spot them. They sit innocently enough in antique stores and flea market stalls and I swear they give me a come-hither glance. I declare, I try my best to whisk right by them but alas find myself circling around again to get one more glance, putting out my hand this time to caress the fabric and wiggle the chair checking it's frame, sniffing to make sure there are no foul odors and finally allowing myself to sit. That's it, the sit  seals the deal.

I begin trying to figure out where in the world will I put this little dream of a chair? I'll figure that out later I tell myself. I can't possibly pass up a chair of this age, in this condition, and at this price. 

I loosen the tag upon the chair and clutch it in my palm, no one's getting my chair before I can get up to the cashier and seal this little deal. 

Anyone else a little overzealous at the flea market? Are you a chair hoarder collector like me? A different passion possibly? I promise, pinky promise, this is a no judgement zone, unload your burdens people.......... what can you not pass up?

Friday, May 15, 2015

Freshening Up Your Mantel For Free

Thank y'all so much for all your sweet comments about our camper redo. I have enjoyed reading each and every one. Y'all make my day! We are just back from our first trip out and I cannot wait to tell you all about our camping adventures. Until I'm back at the computer, I thought I'd share this little post I did for Blissful And Domestic earlier this week. I freshened up our mantel for free, can't beat that, huh? Click here to read more.  I'll see y'all Monday.

Friday, April 24, 2015

A Late Spring Mantel

I had so much fun with this mantel last spring and I thought I'd share again this spring. That cow print is still one of my absolute favorites! 

You are sure to notice that there's a lot of green on this mantel. That's no coincidence. It was a mighty loooong winter and I really needed to bring some spring green inside. You might notice that I used one of my "renter's decorating tricks" to lighten up the rock surround of our fireplace. I made an "old barn door" and painted it white, then distressed it to give it that worn, aged look.  It provides a brighter, lighter backdrop for the otherwise dark and dreary mantel. I had been pining over this cow print as it was showing up all around the blogosphere. Something about that cow just spoke volumes to me. When I looked at it, I just felt my spirits sore and I felt surrounded by that green pasture. I had to have her.

{Check out Meg's Shop to pick up your crazy, wonderful Cow Print}

Then the "Hey Y'all" print. Again, that green, such a color of renewal,and it expressed the feeling of hospitality that I want to have around this home of ours.

Hey Y'all print from Stephanie Creekmur's shop

 All the other stuff up there, just seemed to fit the vibe I had going on. The deer antlers just belonged up there with "Miss Cow", and the banners, well you just gotta have banners. I love making them and using them whenever I can. My favorite chicken, he just moves all around all seasons because I just love his chippiness {did I just make up that word?} and he really seemed to fit in up there too.

Some of my favorite candlesticks added a little shine, and then I called it a day! Even if you don't happen to have an actual mantel to decorate, give a shelf new life with a fun and colorful redo. 

Happy Spring Y'all!

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Some Springtime Inspiration

I've been scouring some of my favorite blogs and magazines for a little springtime inspiration. I found so much inspiration, and honestly.............. 

To continue reading  CLICK HERE  and follow me over to Blissful And Domestic.

Monday, March 30, 2015

A Springy Little Porch

Now that I'm feeling a little spring in my step, it was time to freshen up the front porch a little. Any of you that live in a small house like ours, knows that your porches are 'outside rooms'. Our front porch gets lots of lounging from now till November and I totally adore it! 

My favorite part is this little lamp. I had wanted to make a shade like this for so long, and once I started putting things together on the porch, I knew my dream lamp would feel right at home there. The lamp base was grey previously and I knew that I wanted my porch lamp to be a little flirty and fun, so I painted on two coats of the soft coral I'd used on my dining table chairs. I'd been saving this old fluted shade in the basement forever, so I began to rip the old fabric off the shade exposing the glorious wire cage. I was in LOVE. I ripped up scraps of some of my favorite fabrics and tied them randomly around the wire, and voila, my dream lamp was born.

I did a little more shopping in my 'bargain basement' and pulled out a very old Easter wreath and a little bunny I purchased years back.

And that does it for a little spring refresh that has our porch beckoning me in the afternoons already.

Monday, February 23, 2015

February Living Room

Well y'all, we're heading into the end of winter, March in just a few days, can you believe it? I realized that I hadn't shared many house posts since Christmas and y'all hadn't even seen the brown slipcover on the sofa. 

I totally adore my white slipcover, but for winter I wanted more of a cozy feel, so I went with the brown cover and used lots of textured pillows and fur. I've honestly loved it and we have done lots of cuddling here in front of the fireplace on those cold dreary days. 

I'm sure I'll go back to the white cover when it warms up a bit, but for now, cozy it is. 

Our little computer area had a bit of a change up too. I began implementing more corals and turquoises as accent colors, so the previous red chairs were put away for the time being.

Are y'all still embracing winter at your house too? 

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