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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

And, The Winner Is............

This has been so exciting! I've had so much fun reading all your comments for the Giveaway! Y'all are absolutely awesome and a huge thank you to all that entered! All the names were added to a hat and Matthew drew the winner's name. 

And now, without further ado, drum roll please......the winner is....... Glenda! Congratulations Glenda! If you would e-mail me your address to, I'll get your goodies in the mail! 

Congratulations again Glenda, and thanks to everyone that entered. Remember, even if you didn't win, you're still a winner. Follow this link over to jessica n designs and enter FARMDIARY at checkout for 10% off your purchase. There are some amazing gifts over there y'all, amazing I tell ya. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Hello friends! November is such a special month to me. My new bloggy friends may notice that I don't post much about Christmas until after  Thanksgiving. This is very intentional. I've worked so hard over the last few years to slow my life down, to live more in the moment. It can be really hard, let me tell you!

Society pushes everything, it feels like every holiday is pushed down our throat and the focus is always on buy, buy, buy. That goes against a slow and intentional life.

So, as a result, November is my thankful month and Christmas doesn't start until the day after Thanksgiving in our house. And you know what I'm super thankful for? You all. All you precious folks that show up here and make my life awesome. I'm so grateful for y'all! 

I wanted to host a wee little Thanksgiving giveaway to show you my appreciation. For a long while, I've swooned over the products from this sweet lady, seriously swooned y'all. I've pinned them, bookmarked her pages and finally, the time was right and I ordered a piece of her stamped flatware for a very special wedding coming up {shhhhhhhhh, it's a secret, don't tell!}. I loved it, so then I ordered a tee from her collection, and I loved it too. When I started thinking about wanting to express my gratitude to you all, I knew exactly what I wanted to give y'all........

With the holidays fast approaching and the weather turning all cozy and all, I started thinking that y'all really needed lots of caffeine to power through all your upcoming holiday obligations. Am I right??? So besides the awesome coffee mug and the vintage stamped spoon, I'm also going to throw in my favorite Starbucks Aria Blend Coffee so you're ready to brew away from the moment your package arrives {big smile}. 

All you have to do is leave a comment to be entered and I'd be thrilled if y'all would share on your social media so that lots of precious folks could enter too. You have until midnight November the 17th to enter. Winner will be announced on Wednesday, November the 18th right here on the blog. And here's the best part, even if you don't win, you still  win because the awesome folks at jessica n designs have offered a coupon code for my readers, yay! Just head over to their website with the link above and type in FARMDIARY at checkout and you'll receive 10% off your purchase! See, win- win!

Now, comment away...................

Monday, March 9, 2015

My Blogging Philosophy {anniversary edition and a GIVEAWAY}

Well, it's March y'all, and around here that means my one year blogging anniversary. Yep, this little blog was born one year ago this month. Crazy how fast the time flew. Some of you have been with me since the beginning and I have lots of new friends too. I wanted to share with y'all how I decide what you see when you come for a visit. Y'all could go anywhere else, but you've chosen to come here and read what I write and comment from time to time, bless your hearts, I just adore when you take the time to chat with me in the comments.

So, obviously I've chosen the SLOW route in blogging. I started not even knowing what HTML was and somehow I managed to get this blog live. I changed the look of the blog quite a few times and I'm sure it will change again eventually, but I'm okay with it for now. Obviously, I haven't paid anyone to design my page or lay it all out for me nice and professional like so it's a little off center and wonky.... hey, just like me- ha. I haven't taken my page views into the hundreds of thousands, and while that would be nice I'm sure, I want to know that the growth of this blog is coming from one person liking it's content and sharing with another, you know, how we make friends in the real world, meeting one another through like minded friends. I haven't written any fancy e-books and I'm not really sure if I'll ever have enough words swimming around in my head to fill up a whole book. I haven't done any sponsored posts on the blog for money, but I'd really be interested in that if it were a house related product that I love anyway {hint, hint, Benjamin Moore Paints, Ikea, Kenmore}. Maybe one day....... she says wistfully.

Here's the biggie for me. I don't like all that stuff that pops up all over blogs wanting me to buy some product or subscribe to something, even if it means that I may have more subscribers if I would use them. They just drive me nutty. I feel that if you really like my content and want to subscribe, you'll take a minute and look for my form in the side bar and sign yourself right up. I don't need to beat you over the head with it by flashing requests at you. You know how when you drive by a big ole car lot and there's balloons tied to every car, hundreds of them, designed to get your attention? I just don't get it. I've never once said, hey, oh my gosh look at all those cars for sale, I've never noticed that humongous car lot before, we don't even need a car, but you know what, let's go buy one. That's kind of how I feel about pushing things on y'all. You're smart, if you want to connect on FB, or subscribe to this little blog, I'm totally confidant you'll click on the right button without it jumping out at you while you're trying to read.

So there's the skinny on this little blog. It has slowly and steadily grown over the past year, all thanks to y'all and each one of you taking the time to come by and share my content when you feel like it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this journey with me. 

And now an announcement............ as a big ole thank you, I'm going to have a little giveaway in honor of my one year anniversary. It has lots of my favorite things for crafting, entertaining, and some other goodies that I just adore and thought you might too. It also includes an awesome 11 x 17 print from the Choose Brave Shop

All you have to do to enter is comment below! That's it! A winner will be chosen at random from the comments on Saturday, March 14th and will be announced here on the blog. Don't forget to check back Saturday to see if you won! Good Luck Everyone!

Love y'all so much and thanks for joining me when you could have chosen to be anywhere else!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

And The Winner Is..........

Firstly, I'd like to thank EVERYONE for making my very first giveaway such a success! I had so much fun reading all your comments every day! Comments are great! Writing a blog is wonderful, but knowing that someone stopped by and enjoyed your content and took the time to engage in the comment section, is just magical. Thank y'all for stopping by and please chat with me in the comment section! K? And now, drum roll please, the WINNER of the "Seven Willows Soaps, Soys And Stationaries"  Gift Bag is: 
Congratulations Angela P. You'll be contacted by e-mail shortly. If you haven't received an e-mail by this day's end, please use the contact form in the header of this page to message me.  Thanks again to ALL that entered!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Homeschooling Adventures and a GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Did you see that? That title? I'm doing a GIVEAWAY! My first. But, just to build the anticipation...... a post on homeschooling adventures.

There is so much to love about schooling your children at home, but this is my absolute favorite. Once regular school has begun and all the kiddos are back in school, a great h-u-s-h envelops the land! Everywhere becomes so quiet and uninhabited. Parks and playgrounds-empty, hiking trails-empty, beaches-empty, you get the point here, right? This is when we begin our ADVENTURES! For this adventure, we headed into the woods to Hemlock Falls. Sounds kind of like the location of a horror movie set, doesn't it? I promise it's not creepy at all. What it is, is pure natural bliss. Little narrow, stream-lined trails, waterfalls galore and some of the very best God has to offer. Here's how our adventures unfolded.......

Just us and nature. Wonderful. Peaceful. Rejuvenating. I'm so grateful that we school our children at home. I wouldn't want to miss all these moments for anything.

Giveaway has now ENDED. Thanks to ALL that entered TLFD's First Giveaway!

And now.... drum-roll please.... THE GIVEAWAY! I have partnered with Carol, owner of Seven Willows: Soaps, Soys And Stationaries, to put together this collection of goodies. Together, we are offering a bounty of the BEST smelling, all natural soaps and products that you have ever laid eyes upon {or noses as this case may be}! I would just give anything if this computer had a scratch-and-sniff feature! Lordy mercy y'all! Her stuff is flat out AMAZING! If you follow that link up there right to her website, Carol has given The Little Farm Diary's readers a coupon code: just enter TLFD at checkout for 15% off!!!! So, here's what you'll get if you win: 

  1. Full Size Bar Of "When Honeysuckle Blooms" Artisan Soap
  2. Full Size Bar Of "First Date" Artisan Soap
  3. Full Size Bar Of "Peppermint And Lavender" Coconut Milk Soap
  4. Full Size Bar Of "Bee My Honey" Artisan Soap
  5. Four Sample Size Bars Of Carol's New Soap Scents
  6. Lavender "Washing Powders" Soap For Clothes
  7. "Red Currant" Natural Soy Candle
  8. "Morning Glory" Shea Butter And Aloe Lotion
  9. AND, A "Little Farm Diary" Tote

Can you say "wowza"! Yep, all for one lucky winner! PLEASE, I'm begging y'all to share, share, share to ALL your social media sites. The more the merrier and the more also means more giveaways in the future! This giveaway will run from 8:30 a.m. EST 8-29-14 {that's TODAY} until Monday 9-8-14 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Winner will be chosen by Rafflecopter  and announced on Tuesday 9-9-14 right here on the blog. Entry is here at the bottom of this post. I like to keep it SIMPLE, so just click on the Rafflecopter entry box AND don't forget that you have to leave a comment on this post to be eligible. Good luck y'all, and remember, share, share, share! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway ******All The Legal Stuff******

“Giveaway ends September 8 at 11:59 PM EST. Open to Legal Residents (18 years of age or older) of the US only. Prizes cannot be shipped to PO Boxes. Winner will be selected by Rafflecopter and be notified by email. Winner will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is selected. The product  for the giveaway was provided by "The Little Farm Diary" and "Seven Willows". The product offered for the giveaway is free of charge, no purchase necessary. My opinions are my own and were not influenced by any form of compensation. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are in no way associated with this giveaway. By providing your information in this form, you are providing your information to me and me alone. I do not share or sell information and will use any information only for the purpose of contacting the winner.”

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