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Monday, February 22, 2016

Teen Girls' Room Reveal {a boho inspired makeover}

Hooooray y'all, the girls' room is done! Don't get me wrong, I do love the process of re-decorating a space, but I truly do LOVE when it's finished too! You may remember that I became a bit obsessed with the bohemian style about this time last year when we remodeled our pop up camper {if you missed that click here}. Well, the girls really loved that style too, and now that they're a bit older, they really wanted to take their room from it's fun and color-filled theme to something a bit more mature, so a little boho chic remodel was in order. This room change had quite a few stages mind you, nothing happens fast around here! If I were a more on the ball blogger, I would have been writing about and photographing the small steps, oh boy, blogger fail. But anywho, it started with a chalkboard wall that literally and immediately changed the vibe in the whole room. It was quite amazing, their room really got it's moody on!

Aaaaaand, there it sat for the longest while, a chalkboard wall. We all began scrimping and saving pennies, and searching sales at Urban Outfitters. Since last year, Olivia had been confiscating any and all change she found around the house and suddenly she developed a love of doing her Daddy's laundry, must of had something to do with the fact that he leaves change in his pockets and it comes out in the wash- ha! She filled jars with change and would take them to convert into real money for her room savings jar. Sofia would add money to the jar with her Christmas money and allowance, so you see, this room has been quite a collaboration!

We began slowly collecting pieces for the room and putting them in a box. Finally after a few months we were ready to transform this room! One of the key elements for the girls room was a Crosley Record Player. I scoured Ebay forever, and finally found a refurbished model that was within our budget. I was terrified that it would come and be a disappointment, but I was bowled over, it worked! My how I've missed the sound of a turntable! The girls started collecting records from thrift stores and not a day goes by that I don't hear the most wonderful music coming from their room.

Another thing you may notice is the addition of plants. I love the plants and I'm sure we'll gradually add even more. They're key to the bohemian theme and they really do breathe life into any room. Love, love them!

There's so much more we could have done, but this was what we could do and still stay within our budget, and we can always add more pieces as we save more money. Hey, there's always lots of Daddy's laundry to do!

Thanks for stopping by for the tour y'all! I've listed the sources below just in case you want to get your bohemian vibe on too!

Soure List:

Plus Sign Rug Urban Outfitters
Rug In Seating Nook {this particular one is no longer available but check here for similar: Urban Outfitters}
Bedding {check here for similar: Urban Outfitters}
Tapestry over seating nook Urban Outfitters
Bed Shams and Throw pillows Urban Outfitters
Futon Sofa: Ikea
Sofa Pillows: Ikea

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

An Anniversary- Come Celebrate!

This is a REALLY special week for me! It's my anniversary! Six little months ago, I started this blog and I never could have envisioned the paths it would take me on and the many ways it would change my EVERY day! As a homeschooling family, sometimes our world can seem a little small. We focus so on family and learning and as the mom doing the teaching, it's so common to become all wrapped up in that and lose your own individual identity. You become the "homeschooling mom", and that's your whole life. Then one day, your littles are bigger and you look around and realize, "who am I". When I found myself in that place six months ago, I began writing and this little blog was born.

I never could have envisioned the joys that were in store for me. I didn't realize all the connections to many wonderful women I would make from all around the world. I never realized that I would feel so passionate about writing again. I never realized that by writing, my world that always seems to whiz by at lightening speed, would slow down because writing about it and photographing it just seems to have that effect. I had no way of knowing that when I put my first thoughts down, on my first not so good post {with terrible pictures!}, that my life would change as it has. It has been an amazing journey that has left me crying for MORE!

So for today, I'm looking back at some of the posts that have meant the most to me and have gotten the most response from the beautiful and kind people that have taken the time to drop by this tiny little spec of a blog compared to ALL the blogs out there. I appreciate y'all so very much because writing is terrific but sharing and knowing that you have affected other's lives in some way is truly awe inspiring! Whether a post changed how you think about educating your children, or maybe helped you tackle your fear of painting furniture, or gave you an idea of a recipe to serve for dessert tonight, please consider giving me some feedback in the comment section, because it's your comments that take this from being just my ramblings to an actual, virtual conversation between you and me. Comments mean SO much to every blogger. It lets us know that we're not just whistling in the wind, but that you are really there and you are listening. If there's something that you're not seeing here that you'd like to, tell me that too!

In case you missed any of my older posts, just click on the links under the photos and it'll take you right back to the original post! Thank you all again for taking the time to visit.  My hope is that this blog will continue to grow and flourish and it will only do that if you'll take the time to share any of these posts, yes, I'm shamelessly begging y'all to click on that little share button at the bottom of each post and SHARE. I'd be ever so grateful!!! This little blog sits in a teeny, tiny, little crevice of the whole world wide web and only y' all, the readers, can give it legs and help it grow. I'd be sooooo grateful and you'd be making my little dream come true!  

Thanks for helping me celebrate my six month anniversary! See you on Friday with a tutorial on how to make a beautiful fall wreath to grace your entryway! I promise it'll be EASY, FRUGAL, and FUN!

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Monday, August 4, 2014

The Girls' Room : The Big Reveal

We are finally done in the girls' room! Hallelujah! I was beginning to think this was going to take forever. The "bones" of the room remained the same, but the girls really wanted to freshen up their space and have it reflect their tween and teen personalities more.

The makeover actually started before you even enter the room. Our oldest daughter is a Pinterest fan and had seen a photo of a painted door that would give the bedroom more of an apartment vibe. She loved it and wanted to try the same technique on their door. So, she taped off the panels and began painting. They both decided on the number two since they are two sisters sharing the space. 


Then we freshened up their seating area with some new pillows and art work. This great little love seat converts into a bed for spend the night guests.

The beds got a little lovin' by adding a graphic duvet cover and more fresh pillows. We pretty much left everything else the same.


The biggest change-up came to their shared desk area. They spend a whole lot of time at their desk and they needed some shelving to de-clutter the space. They also wanted to incorporate a t.v. into the area so they could watch movies together from bed. The disco ball, well every teen just needs a disco ball right?

The room reflects their vision now and they are both really pleased with the result. What do you all think? Thank you so much for coming by to see their transformed space! Have a great week y'all!


Duvet covers-IKEA
All shelving- IKEA
Pendant Light- IKEA
Sunburst mirror- Lowe's
Desk lighting- IKEA
Desk- IKEA
Loveseat- IKEA
Zig Zag Rug- Urban Outfitters
Disco Ball- Walmart
Pillows handmade by moi
Curtains- IKEA and I added the pom poms. See how here.

Post originally written by Amy Espinosa who blogs at The Little Farm Diary {}

Thursday, July 31, 2014

On Adding Pom Poms To Curtains

Lately, I've been crushing on all things pom-pom.  I see them around the blogosphere and think how fun and retro they are.  As I cruise around thrift stores and flea markets, I always keep an eye out for great steals and deals. And then, I hit the jack pot when I came by a whole bolt of retro pom-poms.

Even crazier, they were only $3.00 for the WHOLE bolt!  Big score!  I knew that I had been wanting to incorporate orange into the girl's room and this was the perfect way to marry my love for pom-poms and my desire to add orange.  We already had basic white curtains in their room, so adding the pom-poms was a cinch. Down came the curtains for a washing and then a sewing.

Just stitch the pom poms straight down the inner edge and in mere minutes you've taken your curtains from blah to trendy. The sewing is easy breezy. I just love simple projects that visually really change up a room. And, here is a sneak peek of the window all dolled up.

Stay tuned as we continue to change up the girl's room leading up to the big reveal. Thanks for stopping by y'all!

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Through Rose Colored Glasses

This happens to me sometimes, maybe to you too, I browse through some of my favorite blogs looking for a decorative inspiration and I leave feeling quite inferior. Their EVERYTHING looks so perfect. Their photos shine and every room screams perfection. While I am truly inspired by their projects and their ideas do get my creative juices flowing, all those perfect shots leave me feeling a little a lot deflated. 

Yesterday, Danielle over at Blissful and Domestic, honored me greatly by featuring a tour of our home on her blog. I am blown away by her kindness and it was such an absolute thrill to see our little house being featured, but it also left me feeling a little hypocritical. I've posted about this before, but I think it's so important for us all to remember. The glossy images we see on our favorite blogs are only a tiny bit of the whole truth. I think we bloggers that write about room re-do's and before and afters, owe all of our readers the whole truth. Our homes don't look like those photos on a daily basis. I know mine sure doesn't! We are just really good cleaner-uppers I think. I'm able to get it all staged well for the shot, but it is usually a mess again before I even get the pictures downloaded onto my computer! 

So the next time you begin to feel a little inferior after gazing at some one's stunning photos of their home, or magical re-do, remember these unedited shots of our home and that we all need to get real sometimes, don't you think? We owe it to one another to be honest. Sometimes my house is a wreck. Sometimes other things take priority and cooking and cleaning are last on the list. That's OK. That's life! Now brace yourselves for a reality check.............

What can I say, more often than not, the bed just doesn't get made!

The sad truth, we have six house dogs {yes, I know, a slight hoarding issue} , and this is what happens if I don't vacuum every other day. But, on a positive note, if you go barefoot down the hall, it's kind of like ice skating. Cool, yes?

He's seven, need I say more?

They're a tween and a teen, even worse than the seven year old on most days!

And laundry is behind too!

Sometimes it's just like this. Other times it's not. So later in the week when I post the after photos of our girls bedroom refresh, keep this in mind will ya.......

My favorite part is the cotton balls peeking out of the drawer. I couldn't have even staged the scene with so much realism!
Just keepin' it real people, just keepin' it r-e-a-l! 

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Teen Girl's Room Refresh {Before}

Hi y'all! We are really busy over here trying to freshen up the girl's shared room. I love it just as it is, but the girls wanted more of a teen vibe going on in there. Here's how it looks now.........

and here's some of the goodies they've chosen to change things up a little- new fabric to make pillows......

shelving and lots of pillow inserts from IKEA..... 

and new duvet covers also a bargain at IKEA.....

and here's the corner that's getting the most attention. It's where they keep their shared desk........

And to add just the right amount of funky, a disco ball....

Stay tuned everyone. Hopefully, this won't take too long and I'll post some after shots soon! What's changing at your house right now? We are just about to repaint our master bedroom and finally make some headway in the kid's shared bath. I've put off re-doing their bath f-o-r-e-v-e-r, and it's just high time I dive right into that project. Have A Manic Monday Y'all!

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