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Monday, May 9, 2016

A Porch Story {simple living inspired}

Well first, hello friends. I've taken an unexpected break from blogging, but I'm so very excited to be back! You should know that I struggle greatly with balancing a simple lifestyle and the duty of blogging. Sometimes I find myself wondering how the two, blogging and living the simple life, can ever possibly survive within one woman. I confuse myself at times and that's usually when I take a little rest from blogging.

Do you often feel that your life is way too overloaded and running at a pace that leaves you nearly breathless, but you worry that you'll let others down if you don't keep up with this harried pace? I used to feel that, that sense of obligation to others over myself and my family. Over the last few years, I've managed to whittle down my obligations and learn to not feel as guilty. Now, I very carefully consider what goes onto my calendar.

Living simply not only affects my time, it has spread into all parts of my life, all parts of me. My home looks different today than it did just six months ago, I've taken a much closer look at my decor and asked myself if a certain item is really working for us, or is it simply clutter. I've moved things around and some pieces have been purged completely. Our outside spaces get a whole lot of traffic in the warmer months and I really wanted them to be simple and functional.

That gets me to the point of this post, sorry, my wandering brain, our porch. I started by completely emptying the whole porch, it drove me batty for it to be empty, but I felt like all the stuff on it cluttered my mind and I just couldn't think. I wanted it to be neutral and calm and uncluttered, I also wanted it to have a vintage vibe, of course, not too many plants, uh the upkeep when it gets really hot here in the summer months, so I looked for one outstanding basket and just a couple other little tidbits. I repainted my old metal chairs and our porch swing, added an old school desk for a coffee table, and I was done. Now it greets visitors in simplicity, but still maintains the vintage vibe that we have throughout the rest of our home. I've spent way too many mornings on it already and one cup of coffee quickly turns into two!

While I've been away from the blog, I've been focusing a bit more as time allowed on my Instagram account. I tell ya, it's way simpler to come up with one liners than entire blog posts! If you're on Instagram, I'd sure appreciate the follow and leave me a comment to introduce yourself if you don't mind. You can click on my Instagram feed in the sidebar to hop right on over {click on the word 'Instagram'}.

Thanks so much for allowing me some space to disappear sometimes and still being here when I return. Y'all are the absolute greatest! I've missed y'all so much! Happy to be back this morning!

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Moving On.........Again {and a summer porch}

Well, after yesterday's deep post on repentance, I'm doing a 180* and moving on to summer porch decor. Did I forget to mention that I'm a little scattered like that sometimes? No, really, one has a whole lot to do with the other. This is me, picking myself up {again} and brushing myself off {again}, and moving forward {again}. Focusing on God and joy in my every day. So see, not as scattered as you thought, huh?

It occurred to me a couple of days ago as I was sitting on the front porch, that summer is upon us, shoot, this is the first big weekend of summer for goodness sakes, and I'm totally not ready, like at all. Our porches are filled with "the talcum powder of spring" {aka pollen, yuck!}. And I mean covered,  like inches y'all. It was time to leap into action and get these porches in tip-top shape. 

First on the agenda, they needed a bath. Out came miles and miles of hoses and my trusty side kick, Matthew, and we made quick work of it all. A little spray paint here and there to freshen up some worn spots, a quick trip to our local garden center to pick up a few cuties, and voila, a summer porch, beckoning weary, hot souls. 

I'd been remembering an old, sad little picnic basket I had stored down in the basement and thought I'd turn it into a planting box, love it! I took an old, worn enamelware pot, and converted it into a little home for succulents and herbs, throw in a little chair for some height and I was very happy with the end result. 

Well, that's it, it's not a Southern Living spread or anything, but it's all comfy and cozy for all those upcoming warm, summer nights. I think I'll head out right now and enjoy that clean, fresh porch!

Y'all have an awesome Memorial Day Weekend!

I'm jumping in here this morning to thank you ALL for your sweet comments and messages about my post yesterday. No worries, I am GOOD.  Sometimes in this great big world we can lose our anchor, but when we recognize it, and leap into action, oh, what a glorious day! I'm grateful that I know a life FILLED with God and I will accept no less! Sending you all the biggest hug and a hope that if you are feeling lost, or wondering who you are, or where 'you' went, God is there waiting, walk back to Him!

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Friday, December 5, 2014

A Merry Little Porch

I'm just overflowing with joy y'all to share our Christmas porch. Every Christmas for years, I head to my favorite blogs waiting with anticipation for those ladies to fill me with inspiration. This is my first Christmas being a blogger, I still have to pinch myself sometimes when I say that out loud. It doesn't even seem real sometimes that I spend my days writing and sharing and meeting some of the kindest folks on earth. I'm so grateful to be on this journey. Okay, enough rambling, on to our Christmas porch. Christmas is no excuse around here to spend wastefully, so I always do my best to use as many God given natural elements as possible, translation-FREE! I love using as much fresh magnolia, juniper, and nandina berries as possible! Welcome to our porch........

I kept the porch as simple as possible so that it would easily transition to a winter-time porch as well. My husband made the little fur covered bench for me and it doubles as a little table by the sofa. I recovered the sofa cushions with some recycled toile curtains that used to call the living room home and made a few more pillows in some grays and icy blues. 

 On the other side of the porch, I have another little sitting area with our swing and my favorite old afghan. I've had that blanket for years and I just love all it's bright happy colors.

I added pine cones to a twig wreath that I use in lots of seasons. And here's some pictures from our little side porch that gets the most traffic at our house. We're totally back door kind of people y'all! 

I was determined to stay simple and uncluttered this season using as many natural elements as possible. I thank y'all so much for coming by today for a little tour of our Christmas porches. Have a very Merry Christmas!

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