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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dressing Olivia And Random Facts On Fashion

Olivia has always loved fashion. Lucky for me {and her dad}, she's grown up knowing that thrift shopping is the bomb! Her sense of style amazes me. She is our first girl and I loved shopping for her when she was little. Back then, we spent LOTS of money on clothes. Nordstrom, Gap, Dillard's, oh yeah, such waste. Our life is very different now. Thrifting is the name of the game. Olivia's turning into a young lady right before my eyes. I'm very grateful that I LOVE her style! Her hair does anything she tells it and those big brown eyes, oh my. Her dad is even considering a shotgun purchase just to keep all the future suitors at bay ;)

{ vintage shoes: antique mall, shirt: clearance Old Navy, skinny jeans: WalMart }

It's mighty hard raising girls in this world today. We not only have to fight against ALL the sexual media bombarding them every day, but also against the world telling them how they are supposed to look. Girls readily get the message that it's a one size world and if you don't fit that mold...well... you just don't fit. I recently did a post on self acceptance and body image and how crucial it is for our teen daughters to love themselves. Olivia is moving forward and learning to feel good about herself.

We shop LOTS of thrift stores, consignment sales and store markdowns. Believe me when I tell you how hard it is to find appropriate clothing when your girls start wearing women's sizes. Man, it's tough! They are still just precious little girls and suddenly all skirts are micro minis and shirts are just mere threads dangling. What? What happened to the good ole days? You remember, right? When skirts came to your knees and shirts, well, they actually COVERED you. 

{denim jacket: thrift store, lace skirt: clearance American Eagle, chemise: Amazon}

Thrifting is so much fun and it's all about the thrill of the hunt. We just love it and I'm so thrilled that my daughters are learning how to take care of a family on a budget. If you haven't thrifted lately, head out on an adventure this weekend! You can thank me later! Get thrifting mama's ~

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