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Monday, May 16, 2016


This morning, I'm going to let you in on a little secret, I'm an INTROVERT, in all caps. Growing up, I mostly fought it, despised it, cursed it, but once I became an adult, out of school, not forced to embrace people all the time, I learned to be okay with who I really was, embrace it even. As an adult, I decided when and with whom, I wanted to socialize. It's been lovely all these years, completely lovely, until now that is.

God has decided that I need to learn to embrace people more, so into the fire I've been thrown, noooooo. I've argued my case with Him, to no avail I should say, so in the fire I stay. The cause, I'm the mama of two teenage girls. All you mama's out there are going to recognize this dilemma I've unwittingly fallen into, it's called teens like socializing, and it's so uncomfortable for me, which gets us right back to why God has thrown me into the fire. I don't understand the why part, but He obviously didn't agree with me that I was just fine in my own little tiny corner of the universe???  I thought it was all kinds of awesome, He thinks differently, shoot.

So, here lately I've found myself, socializing at multiple proms, having too many sleepovers to count, hosting cookouts with no less than fifteen teens, have I lost my ever-lovin' mind?, chauffeuring around teens, mine and others, to various local events, many late nights with kids and their parents at local eateries celebrating this and that, really Lord, are you kidding me???? My daughters, mercy how I love y'all, but you're killing me!

All you regular, sociable folks out there won't get this at all, but for the rest of you, this is hard! So hard, in fact that I shut down completely from the toll it takes on me mentally, which may explain why I disappear from this blog at times. Sound crazy?  It feels crazy inside my head, and the struggle is real my friends, but for whatever reason, God wants me uncomfortable right now and if I could see the big picture like He can, I'm sure I'd totally get it, but right now, little ole me is treading water struggling to keep from drowning.

So back to the title, stretched, where are you right now? Is God giving you a makeover too, stretching and pulling you in all directions? It hurts doesn't it? Believe me honey, I know how it hurts. I have to remind myself daily how it's all for something good, and it will be revealed in His time, not mine, but doggone it's hard. If you're struggling with change today, I'm right there with you sista, you are not alone.
Amy {CEO Introverts Unite}

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Therapy In The Dressing Room

I found myself in the dressing room waiting as patiently as one can on a teenager. I tagged along to make sure the hemline was to the knee. One stall over, a woman carrying on a conversation with someone in the next stall. As I waited there, I realized it was another mother-daughter duo. Then I could hear them shouting to another woman across the way. Another daughter, trying on outfits two stalls over. Their voices were all giddy with excitement and I could see outfit after outfit hitting the floor in a tangled jumble. As one model emerged, the other two would run out to catch a glimpse of the outfit. They would ooooooh and aaaaaah and compare which was more flattering. None of this is so unusual, it's why dressing rooms were born, but you see, I have an issue with my size, and they were not a size six, not even a size twelve, yet they were happy with what they saw in the mirror. They were happy with themselves right where they were at this very moment. I stood there in awe of their joy and confused at why I rarely ever try anything on at the store. When I do make the mistake of trying on, it turns into judgement day. Where did I go. Where is my size six.

As I was still waiting, teen girls take their sweet time don't you know, out of another stall pops a lady, mid sixties, tan and so tiny, she's thrilled with a handkerchief hem skirt and is twirling around like a little girl. "Perfect for the beach" she says. She came out of her room with the smaller mirror to catch a glimpse in the larger three way mirror. I notice she's wearing a wig, cancer maybe, but she's so happy and joy-filled and twirling and twirling.  

Therapy and God are all around us every day. You don't really have to look for it, you just have to pray to change and He will provide the path in the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times. I wasn't looking to be challenged in a dressing room, but yet I was. I'm still pondering all of it and that's just as it should be. I'll just leave it at that. 

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Things Are Changin'

Has anyone noticed that I'm not blogging on my 'regular' days? When I started blogging, I was very unsure of my own abilities, and I only posted on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's mostly. I guess I wanted to hold myself accountable, but you know what, this new year has already brought a new confidence in me and I got really brave this week and started writing when I felt my thoughts bubbling up to the surface and felt that I really needed to share. I stopped worrying about stats and numbers and would anyone really even want to read what I had to say. I started to embrace {my word of 2015!} that I do have a voice and it does matter. 

So from here on out, I'll be posting on different days, at different times, no more worries and fears about the stats that say, "don't post on Thursday's , always post before 11 a.m", that may be true, but I'll be writing as my heart is inspired and hoping that my words travel to and land upon exactly the right ear, at exactly the right moment. This also means that there'll be lots of typos because I won't be proofreading a gazillion times before I hit "publish". Yes, I might be a slight bit OCD.......... bless your heart for sticking around y'all, we're in uncharted territories here, it may be a bit bumpy but this free thinking is really starting to excite me big time. Watch out world, here I come!

Welcome to the season of embrace.

Are you thinking about your word of 2015 and giving it the space it needs to change and mold you? 

Be Brave. Be Bold.

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