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Monday, July 28, 2014

Through Rose Colored Glasses

This happens to me sometimes, maybe to you too, I browse through some of my favorite blogs looking for a decorative inspiration and I leave feeling quite inferior. Their EVERYTHING looks so perfect. Their photos shine and every room screams perfection. While I am truly inspired by their projects and their ideas do get my creative juices flowing, all those perfect shots leave me feeling a little a lot deflated. 

Yesterday, Danielle over at Blissful and Domestic, honored me greatly by featuring a tour of our home on her blog. I am blown away by her kindness and it was such an absolute thrill to see our little house being featured, but it also left me feeling a little hypocritical. I've posted about this before, but I think it's so important for us all to remember. The glossy images we see on our favorite blogs are only a tiny bit of the whole truth. I think we bloggers that write about room re-do's and before and afters, owe all of our readers the whole truth. Our homes don't look like those photos on a daily basis. I know mine sure doesn't! We are just really good cleaner-uppers I think. I'm able to get it all staged well for the shot, but it is usually a mess again before I even get the pictures downloaded onto my computer! 

So the next time you begin to feel a little inferior after gazing at some one's stunning photos of their home, or magical re-do, remember these unedited shots of our home and that we all need to get real sometimes, don't you think? We owe it to one another to be honest. Sometimes my house is a wreck. Sometimes other things take priority and cooking and cleaning are last on the list. That's OK. That's life! Now brace yourselves for a reality check.............

What can I say, more often than not, the bed just doesn't get made!

The sad truth, we have six house dogs {yes, I know, a slight hoarding issue} , and this is what happens if I don't vacuum every other day. But, on a positive note, if you go barefoot down the hall, it's kind of like ice skating. Cool, yes?

He's seven, need I say more?

They're a tween and a teen, even worse than the seven year old on most days!

And laundry is behind too!

Sometimes it's just like this. Other times it's not. So later in the week when I post the after photos of our girls bedroom refresh, keep this in mind will ya.......

My favorite part is the cotton balls peeking out of the drawer. I couldn't have even staged the scene with so much realism!
Just keepin' it real people, just keepin' it r-e-a-l! 

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Homeschooling and Random Thoughts

For those who are new friends, we began our homeschooling journey quite a long while back when our oldest was just six years old. Our style has morphed many times over the years, becoming more and more relaxed as the years went by.  Now we follow an unschooling lifestyle for the most part.  We try to travel as much as we can on a shoestring budget, so the little ones can experience as much hands on learning as possible. Sometimes that's a splurge trip to D.C., sometimes just a day trip to a state park to mingle with the wildlife.

I love the lifestyle of homeschooling because it gives us so much downtime to just take part in God's beautiful creation.  We have time for nature hikes together, planting gardens as a family, and just strolling down the driveway to see what creatures are scurrying about.  

If any of you are considering homeschooling, feel free to ask any questions, and I'll do my very best to help you in any way I can. Some people wonder how in the world do us homeschool moms stand to be at home with our kids 24/7.  It's a great blessing to watch them mature right before your eyes, and yesssss, sometimes I do feel like pulling out my hair, or standing at the door waiting for my husband to come home so I can jump in the car and fly down the driveway to get in a little alone time!   But mostly, it's a phenomenal lifestyle.

And, on a happy note, the warm weather this week is bringing greener grass and blooming flowers and those things are helping me say good-bye to my winter time depression.  I truly hope that spring comes quickly everywhere this year.  I feel a bounce in my step and a smile on my face, and boy have I missed those!  I pray that all you ladies out there that suffer from depression, are feeling some better as we say goodbye to another dark, long, gray winter.  Welcome springtime!

And a big announcement- this week I'll be posting before and after laundry room pics.  I'm scared senseless, because the before picks REALLY do look like an episode of "Hoarders".  No lie, the before pics are BAAAAAAD!!  Any how, I'm going to mortify the family and actually post them, 'cause if we can make something that hideous look better, so can you!  
Until next time,
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