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Monday, July 27, 2015

Around The House {summer edition}

It's been quite a while since I've posted any house photos. I haven't tackled many projects lately, and our home has felt very comfortable and cozy, not all that pinterest-y. But, you know what, it's that comfortable and cozy that makes our home, our home, so welcome.........

Our homes don't have to be ever-changing or spectacular. Our homes should be a reflection of the love shared by the folks that live within it's walls. 

Don't judge, I have a slight chair addiction. My kids think I'm nuts! It's a gathering room I say, the more chairs the merrier!

Most importantly, your home should be a reflection of you,  your own individual personality. A living room filled to the brim with seating, yes please. Quilts and blankies all around for cuddling, most definitely. 

My home is just like me, a little quirky and a whole bunch of wonky! It makes me smile. Pictures next week of the change-up in the girls' room, a little sultry and a lot vintage. Thanks for dropping by friends!

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Monday, December 15, 2014

In Roars Winter

My soul has begun it's annual descent into a quiet, and often darker place. A place that I've spent way too many years fighting against. It's come a little earlier this year than usual. I expect my "guest" after Christmas, yet here it is mid-December.

Today was an absolutely glorious day out- if you sat directly in the sunshine that is. My gaze fell upwards on the barren trees that fill this property- tons of them. As I took in all their empty gray-ness, my desires seemed to fade too. As winter looms on the horizon, my soul begins to flit quickly from one thing to the next. I start to feel all antsy inside like I just can't be satisfied. I've decided to embrace this annual unrest rather than fighting a futile and exhausting battle against it, I'm opening my arms up to IT. Even, welcoming IT.

Here's how that looks. I'm looking forward to a change up in the colors here in our house. I'm planning on trading out some of the reds for corals and adding more soft aquas and pale blue/greens to the mix. I was totally inspired the other day by a post from another blog that I follow, she does that to me quite often, inspire me you know. Love her for that. Click here to check her out- man she's good. I'll be crafting a new wreath thanks to her and more pom pom garlands out of icy-wooly-wool's. 

It also looks like this. Winter is a season of reflection and rest. A time for our homes to be our cocoons. I want to fill this home with lots of warm cozy spaces, chairs with throws for cuddling fireside, stacks of books at the ready and a tea kettle on the stove top. I desire to embrace this season of slowness and let it envelop my soul. No more fighting against winter's natural urging. There'll be a time for movement and growth come spring. I want to allow my body and soul the time to nurture my inner growth. I want to hibernate here and grow myself and my kids through stories and hot cocoa. 

It also looks like this. I want to schedule some traveling adventures- one each month. A winter visit to our beloved Tybee Island, a snowy mountain cabin retreat, places to fill and nurture our souls with some new sights and sounds. New landscapes to soak in. 

It may also look like this. Saying "no" more often- and not feeling the least bit guilty about it. My heart and home so desires to welcome others, but if I don't take the time to nurture myself first, there won't be anything left for you. I'm going to be okay with that. I'm not going to feel rude when I say no.

Winter is a time of quiet and still, of peaceful reflection. A time of silvers against vivid blue skies. A time of slow change. A time of saying no, more. A time of quiet adventure.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Little Farm Christmas 2014 {A Mini Home Tour}

Welcome friends to our home. I'm so thrilled that you could stop by for a visit. Firstly, it sounds really bonkers that I'd be inviting anyone over for a home tour! This little, old house of ours is hardly show-worthy by any means, but, I'm a real firm believer in the "bloom where you're planted" philosophy, and because of that, our home is always open to friends! With that being said, come on in y'all! 

I've tried so hard to stay on track with a simple and thrifty Christmas, with the focus on ushering in Jesus' birth. You'll see lots of natural elements in our home because that is the easiest way to decorate and the price is always right {free!}. Our home is already full of color, so I try to keep the holiday decor as natural and green as possible. I love using fresh magnolia, juniper, pine and nandina whenever possible both inside and out. This year, we went to a tree farm and cut down our own tree- what a wonderful day it was! I had found this sweet old washtub and was saving it for our tree. Topped with vintage colored lights- I'm just smitten.

Here's a tiny sneak peek at the mantel. That's all I can show you because it's going to be over on Blissful And Domestic in all it's southern glory on December 18th, so stay tuned for that!

Each room gets a little bit of Christmas love. The dining room gets lots of party traffic this time of year so I gave it a little fresh greenery and set up a hot cocoa bar for our guests.

The kitchen gets all spruced up with lots of fresh elements as well.

I went really simple this year in the bedrooms and made sure that they gave a polite little nod to the season. The master bedroom had a few playful details added to freshen it up for the winter months.

Matthew's room had some vintage C7 lights added for fun. Miles, the cat, LOVES the ambiance they add to the room!

And the girls' room, that was a fun one. Last year, Edie @Life In Grace, really got me when she dolled up her dress form in an evergreen skirt, so this year, I new it was number one on my Christmas to-do list! Edie, this room's for you!

And that wraps up our very first Christmas home tour! If you missed our Merry Little Porch tour, just click here, for that tour.

Thank y'all so much for taking the time to visit with me today. Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 5, 2014

A Merry Little Porch

I'm just overflowing with joy y'all to share our Christmas porch. Every Christmas for years, I head to my favorite blogs waiting with anticipation for those ladies to fill me with inspiration. This is my first Christmas being a blogger, I still have to pinch myself sometimes when I say that out loud. It doesn't even seem real sometimes that I spend my days writing and sharing and meeting some of the kindest folks on earth. I'm so grateful to be on this journey. Okay, enough rambling, on to our Christmas porch. Christmas is no excuse around here to spend wastefully, so I always do my best to use as many God given natural elements as possible, translation-FREE! I love using as much fresh magnolia, juniper, and nandina berries as possible! Welcome to our porch........

I kept the porch as simple as possible so that it would easily transition to a winter-time porch as well. My husband made the little fur covered bench for me and it doubles as a little table by the sofa. I recovered the sofa cushions with some recycled toile curtains that used to call the living room home and made a few more pillows in some grays and icy blues. 

 On the other side of the porch, I have another little sitting area with our swing and my favorite old afghan. I've had that blanket for years and I just love all it's bright happy colors.

I added pine cones to a twig wreath that I use in lots of seasons. And here's some pictures from our little side porch that gets the most traffic at our house. We're totally back door kind of people y'all! 

I was determined to stay simple and uncluttered this season using as many natural elements as possible. I thank y'all so much for coming by today for a little tour of our Christmas porches. Have a very Merry Christmas!

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

On Decorating For Renters

I have some new friends here on the blog, and I thought I'd re-post one that's near and dear to my heart. Never let your current circumstances get in the way of decorating your home. Whether it be that you're a renter like us, or feel that you just don't have enough money, there are always little, inexpensive things you can do to make your home your own!

About seven years ago, our life changed drastically, and we found ourselves looking to rent a home. Our decision was God led and was one of the most beautiful moments of our life together {that story is another whole post on it's own!}. For the sake of this post, I wanted to share some things I've learned along the way about being a renter but still having fun decorating. Bloom where you're planted people! Bloom!

Fortunately, we are blessed to have a landlord that has been like a father to our family, as I said, this was a God led path, and God placed us in our little Garden of Eden. I had dreamed my whole life of a home like this, but never dreamed how the path would be laid out before us. It was bumpy and paved with rocks boulders at times. But here we've landed and here we pray we will always stay.

Renting can be extremely challenging as far as decorating goes because there are such limitations. Even here, in the best scenario imaginable, I have limits that I just can't get around. Our living room space has wood paneled walls that would be just dreamy painted a crisp white. But that's something I just can't do. Same with the dark wood kitchen cabinets. I would love to paint them, but again that's a biggy for a renter and I feel it oversteps our boundaries. Our landlord has been very gracious and has allowed us to paint walls and change out lighting. From that point I had to learn how to brighten any other dark areas with a little illusion. I began painting some things everything light, cool colors or white.

This chest of drawers, for example, was a thrift store find, but it was a dark cherry colored wood. I painted this piece Benjamin Moore's "Bird's Egg", and I lightened up an otherwise very dark entry wall. This visually tricked the eye to seeing more light where there was previously darkness. Don't be afraid to paint your furniture. Google repainting furniture and learn how to spice up your old, lifeless pieces.

This piece was once a dresser with attached mirror and was given to us by our landlord's wife.  Once again, dark wood. I removed the mirror, repainted it a buttery yellow with white distressed drawers and it's now the buffet I always wanted in our dining area. Thinking outside the box works every time.

We've had this armoire for years.  It, too, was dark wood, so white it went. This was the first piece of furniture I painted. I've never regretted that decision. Please remember that EVERYTHING we do here is on a shoestring budget and took many months, even years to match my vision. Don't not start because you can't see a finish line. Just work on one piece at a time,and keep trucking along. I learned that a can of spray paint is my best friend. I repainted a thrift store lighting fixture with just a bit of spray paint. I've done this to every fixture in the house! Everything here was 1970's brass and that just didn't cut it, but I wasn't about to go out and buy all new!

I've pretty much painted everything in our home {not much has escaped me}. But, it makes such a huge difference.  Your home should reflect your personality. It is your blank canvas. Another big help, are throw rugs. Begin slowly collecting light, bright one's and change your space from the floor up.

Another biggie, if you have very dark surroundings, is to change your upholstered furniture. If you're like us, sometimes new is not an option, so learn to slipcover. Of course I couldn't afford to have someone make them for me, so I began to search online for how to sew a slipcover. I found a fabulous e-book, "The Lazy Girl's Guide to Making a Custom Slipcover" at http:/ This helped hugely and gave me the confidence to drastically change our surroundings. I'd dreamed of going white with our furniture and this allowed me to begin. After much saving, we were able to purchase a new couch to replace a very old and sad one. Finding the best deal at IKEA, we purchased a white slipcovered sofa from their EKTORP line and I'm still over the moon with it! We have four kids and six house dogs, and we entertain A LOT. When it gets dirty, I throw it right in our washer, then hang it to dry and voila, like new again. Going white with our furniture has made a huge difference. 

I think this will give you an idea of how lightening your furniture can really have an impact on a room. That coffee table was a Re-Store find for ten dollars and yes, those precious little casters are original to the piece. This was also a dark colored wood originally, and got a thorough sanding and a coat of B.M's "Bird's Egg" also {I just LOVE that color, can you tell?}. Don't forget your walls.  Lighten and brighten there too!

Renting doesn't mean that you're stuck with someone else's stuff, it just means that you've got to think outside the box a little. It's still your home, enjoy where you are right now!


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