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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Getting To Know You {and me}

As I'm quickly approaching my one year 'blogiversary", it's occurred
to me that I've never really even properly introduced myself to you. I thought it would be fun to share some facts about myself that you may not know. By the end, you'll know waaaaay more about me than you ever wanted- wink, wink!!

  • I absolutely, positively hated school even though I got good grades
  • I dreamed of being a hairdresser, then a singer and then just rich
  • I had a guardian angel experience when I was nine {cue the theme song from The X-Files} 
  • I am a serious INTROVERT
  • I have fought depression most of my life
  • I've been married 23 years 
  • I'm an only child married to the youngest of ten {whoa, right?}
  • I didn't think that being an only child was all that cool- so my answer was to have FOUR awesome children!
  • We currently have five house dogs { I know, I know...........}
  • I only completed 3 years of college { school was always rough for me- the INTROVERT thing}
  • Food addiction: Mexican torta and fries. What? You don't know what that is?? {Sorry, I may have just contributed to your new addiction}
  • During my last pregnancy, I developed pre-eclampsia at 26 weeks and was hospitalized until Matthew was born at 29 weeks
  • This should be an obvious one........ I developed severe postpartum depression after Matthew was born {duh, right?}
  • We've homeschooled for 16 years
  • My oldest child is 22 , then 14, then 12, then 7.  {two boys, two girls}
  • My favorite quiet time splurge, a nap 
  • I'm totally smitten with oil cloth
  • I'm obsessed with campers, so much so, that when driving ANYWHERE whenever we pass one, Matthew YELLS, "camper mommy"
  • I have a tiny but growing quilt collection
  • My favorite date night with my hubby- Chinese and a movie IN bed {thanks Jessica!}

Whoa, more than you wanted to know right? Your turn! I'd love for you to share a tidbit or two about yourself. Go.............

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Simplifying Date Nights

Scheduling date nights has always been hard for us. With no family nearby, and hiring a sitter not in our budget, date nights have not happened nearly often enough around here. Having older children to care for the younger ones is a blessing for sure, but when they are all grown up with houses and lives all their own, it gets really c-r-a-z-y trying to plan a date night! We have simplified so many parts of our lives and I decided that date night needed simplifying too! 

Date night should be a time of renewal with your spouse, right? It doesn't need to be about hours in the shower, shaving, hair-do's, make-up, and nails, getting all dressed up, then dashing out of the house to dine at some fancy restaurant. No...... that's not what it is about at all. Just getting it scheduled and all that dressing up even sounds stress-filled! Date night should be about a moment in time, where we look into the eyes of our partner and remember why we married them, loving them wholly and completely. This can be accomplished right in your own backyard.

So, make dinner ahead, put on a movie in the house for the kids {and tell them "no going outside"}, and you've just planned a stress-free date night for you and your hubby. It doesn't have to be an all out production, just a tiny, stolen moment.

Simplify, and steal a moment away with your husband, in your very own backyard. Throw a quilt on the lawn and gaze into the beautiful evening sky. Light a fire on the porch and cuddle under the stars. We have a really bad habit sometimes of making everything so doggone difficult when it's really the littlest pleasures that bring such lasting joy. 

Simplify people. Simplify.

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