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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Happy September {how about an acorn wreath?}

Happy September y'all! I don't know about you, but September officially begins the Fall season for me. My mind starts racing to apple picking, woolly throws, pumpkins and everything Fall! Last year our daughters and I, made an acorn wreath that I immediately fell in love with and hated when I had to take it off of our door to welcome winter. It moved down to the basement, and through each season when I'd wander downstairs to dig around {I shop in my basement, don't you????}, I'd see my sweet little acorn wreath just waiting for Fall. In the last days of August, I couldn't wait another second, and down to the basement I ran to bring that little wreath back upstairs to it's rightful place of honor on our door, where it will greet us every time we come home till it's time to bring out the reds and greens. This wreath held up perfectly in storage. The only thing I did differently this year was deciding not to use a ribbon for hanging. I've found myself in a much simpler style for quite awhile now and hung it directly to the door sans any extras. Simple, woodsy, wonderful. If you remember my tutorial post on it from last year, but didn't get around to making it, I'm re-posting today. Head on outside y'all and start that acorn gathering!

In a recent post, I shared about how important it is to have pretty and tidy porches to welcome guests into your home. If you missed that, you can find it here. And today, I'm going to show you how to dress up your door with a beautiful acorn wreath. This wreath is so easy, fun for the kids, and on the cheap! Let's just jump right in...... here's what you'll need:

  1. LOTS of acorns
  2. A wreath form of your choice and size { I bought a straw wreath for $2.47 from Walmart}
  3. Hot glue gun and extra glue sticks
  4. Satin or burlap ribbon for hanging

First, let's gather those acorns! We have lots in our yard, but they are quite small, so we went to a local park and collected along the walking trail. There were thousands! It's just such a glorious time of year for walking anyway! We took some little bags with us and just collected as we walked. 

Take your wreath form and begin hot gluing each acorn, one by one. It takes a while! My daughter and I plugged in two hot glue guns and tackled it together. See, a great activity to do with your kids! It'll look something like this as you go along:

After a while it will begin to shape up nicely. The point is to cover the top, insides and outsides while leaving the back unfinished so that it will lay nice and flat against your door. If you use a Styrofoam wreath base, I'd recommend spray painting it brown first, so you won't see the green through the acorns. We just kept going using different sizes of acorns until we had it all completed.

I was soooo extremely pleased with the end result! It is so rich and woodsy looking. I just LOVE it so much! A warning, it is quite heavy when it's all done, so please hang it securely. I used an orange satin ribbon with a little bow for the hanging. 

So, what do y'all think? Fallish? And the absolute greatest part...... drum-roll please..... cost: $5.75 !!! Say what?? Yes, only $5.75. Score! So head out this weekend and start some serious nut collecting folks. There are tons of projects using acorns. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for visiting with me today! Enjoy y'all!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Help: I'm Going Crazy Cooped Up Inside With These Kids

This cold weather is really starting to wear on my nerves. I have a seven year old boy who must  go outside every day or bad things will happen. Can anyone relate? Today it's so cold and windy there's no hope of getting my little guy out- yikes! What's a mom to do? Help me Pinterest, help me! I checked my DIY board and came up with a few ideas.

Art to the rescue! I started by covering my table with craft paper for easy-peasy clean-up, then put out the pencils and watercolors for some crafty fun. If you don't have paper specifically for watercolors, pick some up, it really makes a big difference in the end product. I put out a little fruit still life and stood back.

I had this picture in my mind of my kids doing their artwork, you know, all smiley and everyone cooperating and beautiful masterpieces being turned out, oh my gosh, so didn't happen. First there was total confusion from Matthew about how to draw the bowl, and then a dog joined in and ended up with a watercolor heart tatoo on her belly, then Matthew turned over his cup of water and it puddled all onto the floor. This is pretty regular if you know Matthew. Bless his heart. So much for picture perfect.

On the bright side, they had fun, we passed some time and some really great art was made. A giant Pinterest fail,  but I don't think the good life is really meant to be pin-worthy. 

If you're pulling your hair trying to figure out how in the world you can make it till warm weather arrives, give art a try,  not the pinnable kind, but the real life kind. And take heart, it can't possibly be any worse of a mess than ours!

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Monday, December 15, 2014

In Roars Winter

My soul has begun it's annual descent into a quiet, and often darker place. A place that I've spent way too many years fighting against. It's come a little earlier this year than usual. I expect my "guest" after Christmas, yet here it is mid-December.

Today was an absolutely glorious day out- if you sat directly in the sunshine that is. My gaze fell upwards on the barren trees that fill this property- tons of them. As I took in all their empty gray-ness, my desires seemed to fade too. As winter looms on the horizon, my soul begins to flit quickly from one thing to the next. I start to feel all antsy inside like I just can't be satisfied. I've decided to embrace this annual unrest rather than fighting a futile and exhausting battle against it, I'm opening my arms up to IT. Even, welcoming IT.

Here's how that looks. I'm looking forward to a change up in the colors here in our house. I'm planning on trading out some of the reds for corals and adding more soft aquas and pale blue/greens to the mix. I was totally inspired the other day by a post from another blog that I follow, she does that to me quite often, inspire me you know. Love her for that. Click here to check her out- man she's good. I'll be crafting a new wreath thanks to her and more pom pom garlands out of icy-wooly-wool's. 

It also looks like this. Winter is a season of reflection and rest. A time for our homes to be our cocoons. I want to fill this home with lots of warm cozy spaces, chairs with throws for cuddling fireside, stacks of books at the ready and a tea kettle on the stove top. I desire to embrace this season of slowness and let it envelop my soul. No more fighting against winter's natural urging. There'll be a time for movement and growth come spring. I want to allow my body and soul the time to nurture my inner growth. I want to hibernate here and grow myself and my kids through stories and hot cocoa. 

It also looks like this. I want to schedule some traveling adventures- one each month. A winter visit to our beloved Tybee Island, a snowy mountain cabin retreat, places to fill and nurture our souls with some new sights and sounds. New landscapes to soak in. 

It may also look like this. Saying "no" more often- and not feeling the least bit guilty about it. My heart and home so desires to welcome others, but if I don't take the time to nurture myself first, there won't be anything left for you. I'm going to be okay with that. I'm not going to feel rude when I say no.

Winter is a time of quiet and still, of peaceful reflection. A time of silvers against vivid blue skies. A time of slow change. A time of saying no, more. A time of quiet adventure.

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Friday, November 7, 2014

DIY: Faux Fur Rug {so easy}

The other day, I posted about Matthew's Woodland Themed Room makeover. My favorite part of his room refresh was making a large throw rug for his woodsy space. It's so easy to do this rug yourself and the best part is the PRICE! You couldn't possibly buy a rug this size in a store for less! 

What You'll Need:
  1. Your choice of faux fur
  2. No-slip rug underlay
  3. Velcro strips to be glued on with fabric glue or sewn into place
That's it!

First, let's talk about fabrics. There are lots of options and colors to fit your style, some are machine wash, some dry-clean only, so be sure and check the label before purchasing. If you have a Joann's Fabric store, you can use a coupon for a deep discount on both the fabric and the underlay. That's how I got mine so cheap! Here's a FEW faux fur options......

I've wanted a large area rug in Matthew's room for a while, but the prices on those are just totally out of my frugal budget. So what's a girl to do? Yep, make my own!

Step by step:

1. Decide how you'd like your rug to be shaped. I decided on simple wavy edges and just started cutting. If you're anything like me, free style cutting may give you a few heart palpitations, but just keep going, I promise it will turn out great in the end! And if not, a wonky original is cool too, right??

2. Next, lay your uncut underlay on top of your fabric and cut this out following the shape of your fabric.

3. Now begin cutting your strips of Velcro and pin them along the edges and center on both the fabric and underlay.

The placement of your Velcro strips is going to look something like this diagram, although your shape may vary.

And now, you can choose to sew them to the fabric and underlay or fabric glue them. Whenever you want to wash your rug, just remove the underlay and toss that bad boy in the wash!

That's it! Any easy afternoon project that only cost me $20 to make a washable,  4x6 rug! Score! Now, that's a rug that I can afford! 

Hope y'all enjoyed this easy-peasy, faux-fur rug tutorial! Until next time....

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