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Thursday, December 3, 2015

All Is Calm, All Is Bright

Well here we are again y'all, Christmas time. Have you noticed that as we age, Christmas comes faster and faster? My goodness, I can't believe that it's here again. 

I've been thinking a whole lot about last Christmas and the moments that I really enjoyed and the moments that, well, need some tweaking. My favorite from last year, starting the tradition at our house of a Jesse Tree. Remember this post from last year? It totally altered our Christmas season, like completely shifted our whole family's focus. 

What happens? By focusing on the real of this season, a calm and quiet settles over our family. A calm and quiet settles over my spirit, and I know y'all will agree, nothing's sweeter than peace. Am I right?

Starting on December 1st, we read our devotion each night from Ann Voskamp's book and the children place an ornament on our Jesse Tree. It's a quiet time of gathering together as a family and reflecting each day on the Christ in Christmas. Priceless. 

If you've never celebrated with a Jesse Tree or Ann Voskamp's devotional, honey, this is your year. Get your peace  on friend!

*****I'm adding this little edit because in my old age {smile}, I forgot to give you the links to Ann's books that we use. Last year we used this one, and although I loved it for me and my husband, it seemed to be a little wordy for the children, so I knew that I wanted to order this one  for this Christmas and I'm so loving it y'all! *****

Friday, November 14, 2014

A Whisper Of Christmas

Well, I'm beginning to get this little blog all spruced up for the Christmas season. I've started to feel a little Christmas-y since the cold arctic air rolled in yesterday. Shhhh..... don't tell, I started listening to my favorite Christmas station on Pandora- I know, I just couldn't help myself! Christmas is such a joy-filled season. I'm still holding off on all decorating for Christmas around the house though until Thanksgiving has passed. Living simply and intentionally means slowing it all down and enjoying every season. Thanksgiving is such a special time, so I'll wait for it to pass before I begin any Christmas decorating.

What I am doing right now is organizing my Christmas decorations and figuring out how I'd like things to look around here to honor the Christmas season. I'm busy sewing up some new pillows in fun vintage fabrics and red gingham- love gingham! I'm going to continue with using all natural elements {this means FREE stuff y'all} this year and keep the decorating clean and simple. You'll be seeing lots of evergreen and whites and pine cones used in lots of places. The word for this Christmas is SIMPLE. Doesn't that just sound so pleasing- simple. Now, say that with me real slow like, s-i-m-p-l-e. 

I've added some new Christmas banners to my Etsy shop  and I'm going to be using lots of those in my decorating here too. I've used book pages, whites and traditional reds and greens to create some star banners that you can use to decorate a shelf, mantle or even string on your Christmas tree. I've also added some gift certificates to the store that can be purchased for those folks that you just aren't sure what they want this year. 

Join me Monday and I'll be sharing a new tradition that our family is going to be starting on December 1st- The Jesse Tree. If you'd like to embark on this journey with us, you'll have plenty of time to research or purchase some books on the subject. I'm so excited about celebrating Christmas using the Jesse Tree! We're going to be using Ann Voskamp's book "The Greatest Gift".

Have a fabulous weekend y'all and until next time...... AE

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