Our Camper

Welcome to our Camper Story

It all started with a crush:

Then our dream became a reality:

We are so thrilled to be all done and enjoying this little pop-up! Stay tuned for postings about our adventures y'all. It's going to be awesome!

A Few Adventure Stories:

Why Camping

Life Is Good

Exploring Kentucky

A Camping We Will Go


  1. I have to admit, I'm ditching the kitchen aid mixer idea for my birthday and have started looking for a pop-up. I don't want retro, but want to be able to do life more with my hubby and kiddos on a tight budget. We'll see what happens~~can I blame you for this new hunt I am on? Inspiration-- just have to really see.what is feasible.

    1. Ya know what? The redo was awesome, it was fun and right up my alley, but totally NOT necessary. I love camping so much, that as long as it was a clean camper, I couldn't care less how fashionable my camper was! I really am in love with our adventures! Please accept my apologies for turning you on to it as well ;)

  2. Your camper is super sweet. Love your makeover. What a perfect cozy spot to create fun memories.


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