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Hello.  My name is Amy and I'm a wife and mom of four: our oldest, Alex {all grown up and married}, Olivia {16}, Sofia {14}, and Matthew {he's 9 and FULL to the brim with an adventurous spirit}. My husband and I have been married for twenty five years and we are more in love now than ever! Stay married people, it really does get better with age! We have homeschooled all of our children for just about EVER I think! I love it!!  Now that our children are older, I knew I wanted to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I had thought about blogging for quite a while but just wasn't sure if it would be a good fit. But, guess what, I LOVE blogging. . Join me as I explore my heart here and try to write about the "real" on this blog. I desire transparency in myself each and every day! Thank you ever so for dropping by for a visit today!


  1. Hi Amy,
    I nominated you for Liebster Award. Check out myLiebster Award post for more details. I hope you will accept it and have fun :)
    Let's Make It Lovely

  2. I love everything about your blog, and I feel the same way as you do, I even love the color turquoise too! I am dying to get a camper and restore it, but I have a husband who is reluctant to have to put that much work into it. He would rather buy a new or newer one, and leave it the way it comes. We are a little, no a LOT older than you are, and he doesn't want that much work. But I sure do want to design it the way I want it. I keep my prayers going, the right one will come along that will please both of us. Thanks so much for the inspiration. Have a wonderful time!

  3. Hi Amy, I reposted your bohemian girls room as inspirational design, hope you don't mind.
    Really gorgeous work you've done!!

  4. I have been reading your blog and will be hoping to get to know you. You sound like an interesting and fun lady. I love the little camper and now you have a new one. I can't wait to see what you do with it.


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