Monday, February 20, 2017

Gratitude And My Craigslist Obsession {Part Two}

So seriously, have you ever read a 'Part Two', six months after the 'Part One' was published???? Well, welcome to my wild and wacky world. Better late than never I say! If you're totally confused or just a little rusty on the details of my long lost last post, then click here to go back and catch up {I had to 😉}.

We scrimped, we saved, we sold our pop-up, and finally, finally, this...........

Well, there she is, our 'new to us' RV. As I searched Craigslist, I all but gave up hope of ever finding an RV that had everything we needed AND was affordable, AND was nearby, all but given up I tell ya! Then, one magical morning in January, I checked on Craigslist and there she was, just listed 27 minutes prior. My heart started pounding as I read the description and I wasn't finding anything wrong. When you're searching for something on Craigslist, let me tell ya, there's always something wrong. She was a teensy bit higher in price than we had saved, but my husband said let's take a look anyways. If it's meant to be, God would work it out. She was located only 40 minutes from our house, so we contacted the owners and were relieved that they sounded 'normal', hey, Craigslist right??? We drove over, fell in love, and prayed that they'd come down on the price to meet our savings. We went home, prayed some more, and waited for the couple to decide. They texted the next morning and said that they would most definitely come down on the asking price because they were thrilled that a new family would be having their little traveling dreams come true. I literally started crying. A new chapter had begun.

If you're a little dismayed that this post is a mere show and tell, I'll try not to dissappoint. As I said, I've changed oh so much since I was last here in August. God knew that I needed some very quiet time filled with a great deal of reflection to reveal some really large flaws in myself. I heard Him, I saw them, and I'm trying daily to change them. I hope you'll see the fruits of my efforts as I visit here. I hope you'll see that there is a better way to approach life, a simpler, slower, more intentional way of living. Maybe you are already living with balance, but me, I was way, way off. And still, I have such a looooong way to go. This camper has been a start though, and over the next little bit, I'll be sharing all the how's with you here on the blog, Stay tuned............... ❤


  1. Your motorhome looks very similar to ours. We bought ours about this time last year and have enjoyed it a lot. Last year we spent time in the upper peninsula of Michigan (we live in SW Michigan) and visited friends in Northern Minnesota. Our old camper was nice but our daughter had to sleep on the dinette turned bed which was pain to set up and tear down every day so it was nice for her to have her own space. As it was winterized when we bought it we did find a few plumbing problems when we un-winterized it but nothing too major. It will be fun hearing about your adventures in your new rv. I bet you will have a blast!

    1. So happy to hear that you're enjoying your adventures! I'm really looking forward to all our travels as well! So much fun to pile us all in and hit the road- absolutely wonderful!!

  2. Hi sweet Amy :)

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that needed a break from blogging. I'm still trying to get back into it again, which can be hard after months of not connecting with friends in Blogland. I'm glad you're doing well and back at it again too :)

    I can't wait to hear more and so happy for you that you got your dream motorhome.


    1. Hi Rue! No, it's not just you my dear! And truth be told, not sure how all in I am, but, we'll see. Glad that you found your way back as well! Happy blogging friend!

  3. I need you to start looking for one for me! I love this so much, and I hope y'all have many miles and years of wonderful adventures in this beauty! Love you...

  4. That sounds very interesting, I will be happy to come back and see how you are doing. I am interested in the camper too and hope you will share some pictures and adventures.

  5. Hi Amy, I'm intrigued by your comments about God showing you the need to live a quieter, simpler, more balanced life. Would you mind sharing with us more specifics? That would be a blessing to so many people. Through the years, the Lord has shown me that He wants His children to live our lives focused on Him. When we learn to do this, everything else in our lives falls into place. It takes practice, time, and encouragement from spending time in God's Word, communing with the Holy Spirit, and in prayer. God bless! Proverbs 3:5,6. Listen to the song, "In Christ Alone" on YouTube, for more encouragement.


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