Friday, February 26, 2016

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue {hello spring}

As I sit here all cozy and warm in front of the fire, my mind has drifted far, far away. Thoughts of warmer days and gardens are dancing in my head. We've had a few warm days here and there and that was all it took, all it took to shift my mind to thoughts of spring.

Last weekend, my husband helped me with a little work in the flower gardens out front. This garden area has been an outright battle front for a couple of years now. It's us against the free ranging chickens, the verdict is still out y'all, but I think we're closing in on a successful plan of attack. Biggest problem, MULCH. The chickens scratch it, kick it and it flies too and fro. I've been doing lots of research and I'm determined that we can at least call a truce! I pulled back out my favorite book, Free Range Chicken Gardens. Oh how I love this book! I get all giddy just thumbing through the pages. It's an excellent resource for all free range chicken owners.

This morning I awoke really early and started looking for some lovely heirloom seeds to order online. I found the sweetest little website and ordered several varieties from them. I've been dreaming of nasturtiums and sweet peas, they had them both and I was thrilled. So the plan is to start them indoors and then transfer them out when there's no longer a danger of frost. I can hardly wait!

Also, on my to-do list, basement clean up. Stuff  has taken over and no longer do I have any control down there. It's just an old, unfinished, cinder block basement, now, but thanks to this sweet lady and this post, it's about to be so much more! She kicked my rear into gear, and mercy I needed that. She's done it on more than one occasion mind you! That's what I love so much about my little blogging community. Sometimes we girls need a push in the right direction, just a little motivation to get us going. I'm honored to be a part of such an awesome community of uber talented women, that so, so, often, get me moving!

That's me at the moment, what's going on in your little neck of the woods? Do tell............

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  1. My basement is a mess!!!! That is my biggest project I keep putting off and my hall closet is an avalanche waiting to happen!!!! My family is afraid to open it! I have some cool crafts in there but will go buy something instead of opening up the closet of doom!!!!!

  2. My husband commented that if we don't do something soon to the basement, we'll just be opening the door and tossing things down there, NO hope of walking in there :( Don't you just love how Shannan carved out a little useful space in hers? I love it! We made a little progress down there yesterday. Looooooong way to go...............


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