Friday, November 13, 2015

Keeping It Real On A Friday

Keeping it real is important. I wish I could say that it's all roses over here, but I'd be totally lying if I did! The real story behind this picture? Like how many shots I had to take hoping for a perfect one, which never happened I might add, or how loud I had to yell for the kids to stop picking on one another, geeeeeesh.

We were originally sitting on a beautiful vintage linen that I'd been saving for this photo.........

Didn't take high tide into consideration and as soon as we all sat down, flood, not to mention overexposed. Then there's the threatening Matthew to look at the camera, smile and freeze, it's like pulling teeth y'all.

Then there's me running back and forth to re-set the timer on the camera as it's teetering on top of a fishing tackle box, on top of a cooler to get it to just the right height {you do that too right?}.....

And the most hidden caveat, I brought a bad attitude on this adventure and I fought it through till the end. Sometimes your baggage follows you on your adventures and I don't mean your luggage. 

Pictures can be really deceiving, huh?

Just keeping it real on a Friday y'all..........

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  1. LOL-Oh- yeah...been there..done that---creating the "perfect shot" with IMPERFECT participants. Looks good though- you did good! lol xo Diana

    1. Thanks Diana! I need to take a professional photographer along next time!

  2. Replies
    1. Well....... totally NOT, but I'll take that compliment anyway!

  3. You made me smile this morning as I reminisced about my past "perfect" family Christmas photo shoots and prepare for another trial this year!

  4. Oh, I think we have all been "there" with pictures. LOL

  5. Okay, so leaving our vacation cabin this a.m., and we wanted a perfect shot (of the family) in the cabin before we left. So, we are taking this shot after our 6 and 7 yo got in trouble for something, and now they are not really in a mood to smile. This is real life, right? Love the comment about that 'baggage' we sometimes take along, but with the Lord we can overcome. Thanks for how real you are~~I appreciate it, and even chuckled about this since we had just experienced the same this morning.


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