Monday, November 9, 2015

Into The Wild {part two}

As promised, here is part two of our latest camping adventure, and after creeping a few of y'all out with my part one post,  I guarantee you'll like part two lots better! It was an absolutely breathtaking adventure. Since we were camping on south Georgia's coast, a trip to the beautiful Cumberland Island was in order.

It begins with a forty five minute ferry ride that transports you from the Georgia coast over to the island. The island is an undisturbed oasis and boasts maritime forests, marshes and pristine coastline. The best part, wild horses freely roam the island along with some deer, wild boars, armadillos and more birds than I could count. 

It's a pack in-pack out national park which means everything you may need for the day, you carry on your person. We packed as little as possible and each of us had a backpack filled with our necessities for the whole day. The only thing provided on the island are restrooms and drinking water refill stations. 

I'd always wanted to visit this little gem of an island. It was once home to the Carnegie's {a few descendants of the originals still inhabit the island} and it was the destination of John Kennedy Jr.'s wedding. 

Spectacular and exhausting, but one of those good kinds of exhausting. Seeing horses romp and play all over the island was definitely the high point, and we did find some awesome shells on our beach walk.

Well, that's it for our wild camping adventure. Hmmmmmmmm, where shall we go next???????


  1. I have heard about that island but never been there. What a wonderful experience that was! Truly an amazing place-almost like it was bypassed by time. xo Diana

    1. Diana, if they'd only let me bring my little pop up there, I'd stay for weeks! It's hard to find that kind of tranquility these days. Such a beautiful island!

  2. Wow what a hidden gem! I have never heard of it but after seeing your pictures I want to go... if I could muster up enough courage I would go to part 1 of the adventure too but I am chicken!


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