Friday, November 6, 2015

Into The Wild {part one}

Well, we went on a doozy of a camping adventure this time! It was a little creepy, a lot crawly, and I was a nervous wreck for a large portion of this trip, but oh, it was totally worth all the jitters! 

This little guy spent the whole day with us, sooooo, we named him. Meet Bob y'all.

We had a two part adventure this time and I'll post on part two next week. We traveled south down to the very bottom of Georgia to The Okefenokee Swamp, and yes, we cavorted with the alligators baby, up close and personal. 

Meet Brad, our fishing buddy. You've got to reel them in mighty fast or Brad gets them before you do!

You may notice that there are no fences in these photos, there's nothing between you and those creatures but your bravery {I stood pretty far away, my husband, he worried me silly!}.

 We were not as brave {craaaaaazy} as these folks who kayaked through the swamp.

Sneeky little critters aren't they?

We had some dry land adventures there too. We visited one of the original swamper family's homesteads. No one lives there any longer, go figure???????

Can I have this mirror please???

And look, another alligator. This was our campground y'all. Better believe I used my flashlight when making those late night potty runs!

So yeah, it was quite an adventure! Totally out of my comfort zone, but amazing memories were made. Stay tuned next week for part two, not as creepy, I promise!


  1. Alligators everywhere! We have two hermit crabs we'd like Matthew to meet.

    1. He's been learning ALL about shells, so he'd love to meet them!

  2. Yeah- Um...I don't do gators anymore. Had my share of them when I lived in Florida. lol Looks like you guys had great fun! xo Diana

    1. Bless your heart! They give me the heebie- jeebies too! I'm glad I braved through it though, my husband had an absolute ball!


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