Friday, October 23, 2015

In The Quiet

My mind has already begun drifting to thoughts of the quiet season {you know, w-i-n-t-e-r, shhhhhh}. I never know how my mind will react to that looooong, cold stretch. Sometimes I find myself in a season of darkness that seems impossible to shake, other times, like last winter, smooth sailing. Last year I made lots of plans that I truly believe helped keep my spirits lifted. Our home fully reflected a calm and cozy winter, and I was honestly sad to see winter go. There was lots of baking, candles, blankets all around, we traveled a little, it was heavenly.

I'm gearing up again mentally and mulling over some ideas to make winter bright for our family. If you happen to suffer from depression from time to time, bless you, you're in my prayers and if you know someone that does, the smallest gestures of kindness are truly a life-line. 

Planning ahead last winter was a life-saver, so, I'm planning away friends!

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  1. I am praying you have another peaceful, serene winter! I have a friend that suffers from depression and winter is VERY hard on her. Hope you have a wonderful fall weekend. xo Diana

    ps.IF you have time pop over and sign up for the giveaway for my son's newest venture.


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