Monday, September 28, 2015

Food Matters {a journey of health}

A little while back I posted about my weight loss and lifestyle change {you can find that here}. As of this writing, I've lost twenty seven pounds, but it's what I've gained that I'm writing about today.

To write about all the miraculous changes in my body, I first have to tell you about me. The me that was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease at eighteen, the me that has been on and off of Prozac most of my adult life, and the me that over medicated myself for debilitating migraines for more years than I care to remember. Over-weight and over medicated, that's been me for most of my post-baby years. I've lost weight before with traditional fad diets, only to gain it all back and more, sound familiar? It's a well travelled path.

So let's talk about what I eat. Lots of fruits, veggies, nuts, clean /farm raised/antibiotic free meats on occasion, farm fresh eggs, hormone-free diary, very little processed food {five or less ingredients and organic}, I bake breads from scratch or purchase preservative free organic, I use some sugars {organic cane, maple syrup, or raw honey} when baking homemade goodies. So you get the idea, I eat as clean as possible. Loosing weight was my main goal and I'd really hoped to be more energetic. I've achieved both of my main goals.

That was expected though, I knew that if I stuck to my plan of eating healthy and exercising, I would loose weight and I would naturally feel better. What I wasn't expecting was the ability of food to heal all of my brokenness. Food is  healing. My Crohn's disease, in full remission, migraines vanished, Prozac, gone. Food is power-full.

To begin this journey, you have to be desperate for change. You have to be sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I was.

I am.

If you're in a similar place, and are desperate for change, join me. We can do this.

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  1. What kept you focused on wellness? Maybe it's time for that closet re-do? I'm so proud of you! It would be fun to see a "before" and "after" picture. You are such a blessing.

    1. You are so sweet! I'm pretty happy for me too! I will be really brave and post a before & after, BUT I'm not to the 'after' yet! Thanks for dropping by this morning!

  2. I'm right there with you! I've gotten rid of all the ick in my house, ever since I went back to eating clean again. I have lost but maybe 5 pounds, but I feel MUCH better :)

    I'm so glad you do too!


  3. Isn't it amazing what good food can do? I call it God's diet. When we eat with the simple things he's given us, we're so much healthier. Thanks for sharing your journey and congrats on the weight loss. That's awesome!!


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