Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Blue Chair

I mentioned Monday that I had a slight chair addiction, and Lord knows that I try to pass them by when I spot them. They sit innocently enough in antique stores and flea market stalls and I swear they give me a come-hither glance. I declare, I try my best to whisk right by them but alas find myself circling around again to get one more glance, putting out my hand this time to caress the fabric and wiggle the chair checking it's frame, sniffing to make sure there are no foul odors and finally allowing myself to sit. That's it, the sit  seals the deal.

I begin trying to figure out where in the world will I put this little dream of a chair? I'll figure that out later I tell myself. I can't possibly pass up a chair of this age, in this condition, and at this price. 

I loosen the tag upon the chair and clutch it in my palm, no one's getting my chair before I can get up to the cashier and seal this little deal. 

Anyone else a little overzealous at the flea market? Are you a chair hoarder collector like me? A different passion possibly? I promise, pinky promise, this is a no judgement zone, unload your burdens people.......... what can you not pass up?


  1. Ahhh...old kitchen gadgets. Old egg beaters, or potato mashers, or graters, or aprons, or copper muffin tins...I just touch them, and feel their weight in my hands, and I can imagine the countless meals made with them, and used as tools to express a love for OUR people. The ones that we protect, and serve.

    And old blankets. Unless they're FULL of holes, they're repairable. Who am I kidding? Even then, they can serve a purpose now as they have in the past. And, the scratchier, the better!!!

  2. Well, there's the chairs (like I mentioned in your last post) and then there's the mismatched crystal, quilts (for the right price), linens, etc... I never leave an antique store or a thrift store empty handed ;)

    Oh and your home is very pinterest-y.


  3. Wow what a beautiful chair, I love the color and the shape. I think you did a good thing by giving it a new home. It's just lovely :)

  4. Love your chair.. I love old chairs too...
    and fabric..oh my... I am a fabric hoarder, I can not resist it.. If I see a sale, I must check it out.. I must bring it home.. I have definite plans for it.. But then it gets swallowed up , with all the other fabrics.haha But, oh how I love looking at it.
    Have a great week.


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