Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer Porch Inspiration

I've been slowly pulling our back porch together, goodness, it's July, I should be done! We've been really laid back around here and have been cruising slowly through summer, decorating included. We spend soooooo much time on the back porch around the pool and so I wanted to add to the furniture we already had on the porch from last year increasing our seating area. Success! 

My only purchase was new sofa cushions for the iron sofa my hubby found me last year at a yard sale and an 'on sale' indoor/outdoor rug to bring the whole seating area together. My husband brought home some free wood pallets and we constructed an easy table out of them {more about that Friday} that really anchors the space making the area entertaining friendly. 

We now have a place to eat and place books and drinks without ever moving from the seating area. We are really loving it all! How's your summer going so far? Are you in high gear, or cruising like we are?

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  1. It looks fabulous, and I love the color combination. Enjoy your time spent in the sun!

    1. Thanks Dawn! I'm soaking up that sun every moment I can!

  2. This is spectacular! It's just so pretty and put together so well.

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  4. I love the red against the grey! Your porch looks so cosy yet so open.

  5. Absolutely LOVE this!! My husband and I are working on our backyard and we just finished building a pergola, now we are working a porch swing. Hopefully that will be done soon :) I love all the color you have going on, such a great combination! I need to get a rug for the patio and I am looking for a bright one. I love the one you have! Thanks for the beautiful inspiration! Visiting from #summerfamilyfun have a wonderful day!

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