Monday, July 27, 2015

Around The House {summer edition}

It's been quite a while since I've posted any house photos. I haven't tackled many projects lately, and our home has felt very comfortable and cozy, not all that pinterest-y. But, you know what, it's that comfortable and cozy that makes our home, our home, so welcome.........

Our homes don't have to be ever-changing or spectacular. Our homes should be a reflection of the love shared by the folks that live within it's walls. 

Don't judge, I have a slight chair addiction. My kids think I'm nuts! It's a gathering room I say, the more chairs the merrier!

Most importantly, your home should be a reflection of you,  your own individual personality. A living room filled to the brim with seating, yes please. Quilts and blankies all around for cuddling, most definitely. 

My home is just like me, a little quirky and a whole bunch of wonky! It makes me smile. Pictures next week of the change-up in the girls' room, a little sultry and a lot vintage. Thanks for dropping by friends!

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  1. That was fun. Eli and I pointed out your pretty blues.

  2. Your home is one of my most favorite places to visit in person.

  3. You have a very cozy and inviting home! Thanks for sharing!
    Joanne @ Sea Glass Cottage

  4. love your home !!! it is so inviting and cozy, fresh, and happy...loving the colors !!! looks like a home filled with love !!!

  5. You have a house after my heart! I love the combination of wood texture, pastel colours, coral and yellow. It's so fresh and romantic at the same time. Love the way to style your couch. The quilt looks so good against the white. I'm also in love with your coral door. Thank you very much for sharing.

    Veronika | Tickled Pink Confetti

  6. "Our homes should be a reflection of the love shared by the folks that live within it's walls." Exactly!

    I have a chair addiction too ;)


  7. Your home is absolutely perfect! I love how you have it decorated and the way your unique style shines through. :)

  8. I really enjoyed your house tour.. SO pretty ,and just feels so homey... Love all the blues.. Just perfect.. The couch is so pretty with the quilts on it. thank you for sharing.


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