Thursday, May 28, 2015

Why Camping? {our first adventure}

So why camping? Why was it so important to me to purchase a camper? To take on a massive year long search and pinch pennies all the while saving for a camper, then to finally find one and begin a truck load of work, cleaning, sewing, and saving some more for the redo. Why all of it? This is why..........

I desire for my children to laugh more together, I desire for my husband and I to take it slow and sit around a campfire growing our relationship without even saying a word, I desire for my children to learn, not through books, but through life, I desire for my children to be raised knowing that hard work {yes, setting up and taking down your pop-up is work} gives way to pleasure and a sense of accomplishment, I desire to escape technology, both for the kids and adults, I desire a simpler, slower pace and if that means packing up and going on a camping adventure as often as financially feasible, then that's what I want to do. 

Camping is a lifestyle. I learned a whole lot on our first trip out, some expected, some not. I knew I'd get more proficient with setting up the camper and campsite, I knew I'd learn lots of organizational skills {five living in a 12x12 box and you get mighty organized mighty fast!}, but what I didn't expect was my mental growth. I looked around and saw lots of other campers. I saw families camping with kids of all ages and lots of retired couples too. That was what I saw on the surface. But, what I really saw was that these were a special kind of folks that are tough, not afraid of hard work, people that understand that in great work there is great pleasure. I long to be more like these people. In my quest for 'myself' these last few months, I have grown complacent and lazy, I've gained back weight and have gotten sadly out of shape. I was inspired by and in awe of those campers and I did some serious soul searching that ended in me kicking my patootie into gear. I know who I am and who I want to be, geesh, I wasn't planing on getting all that from camping, but thank you God for opening my weary eyes!

I saw my children find other activities {no internet or t.v.}, they woke up earlier and went for walks, together,  they built campfires on their own because they wanted s'mores for breakfast {hey, I know, but they were having a blast}. 

For all these reasons, for these reasons, I wanted a camper. For these reasons, we searched and saved for a year. For these reasons, it's everything that I'd dreamed of and even lots that I couldn't possibly have even known. For these reasons, we'll be going camping as often as possible, I - can't-  wait!

Love y'all so much, and thanks for being around for the stories and adventures!

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  1. I agree with every single thing you've said. It's a special, incredible moment. When we go, there is a vibe to a campground that you just don't get in the "REAL WORLD."
    Everyone (at least where we've gone) is looking to step back from the BUSY-ness, reconnect with their family, and reconnect with HUMANITY in general.
    I will never forget the first time we took my (step)sons camping with my nephew (who has camped since he was in diapers), they came rushing back to our site, "Oooooooohhh...He's in TROUBLE!! He talked to STRANGERS!"
    It seems he was talking to other children on-site, and they panicked. It was a devastating blow to me that my (step) boys didn't understand that people are people, and that talking to them isn't a BAD thing. Five years later, they can't wait to go back, and see if "that boy that stayed down by the bend" is there again this year. :o)
    It's a different world when you're camping. And, I can truly say that many days, in "the REAL WORLD," I would drop the internet, phones, and Netflix, and never look back, to just live that life long-term.
    But then, modern day plumbing and easy access to bath tubs usually sends me back sooner or later. *wink*

    1. YES to ALL that!!!! My kids kept saying, "why does everyone keep waving at us?". How sad is that??? This is what our 'real world' is. So many people you pass by on any given day without so much as a friendly nod, or a hello, it's just sad. It's the world we're having to raise our kids in today. Campgrounds are different in all the best kinds of ways. They are a tiny community all their own, filled with like minded people, most of them with the same goal in mind, step back and enjoy the simpler pleasures. I just fell in love with it ALL!

  2. Lovely post, what a great family time. Im enjoying your adventure right along with you:)

  3. There is nothing like camping to reconnect you to family , nature and God. Blessings as you continue to become a seasoned camper. You are going to be great at it! xo Diana

  4. Lovely post and so very true. There's nothing like getting away from it all and finding yourself :)


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