Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Therapy In The Dressing Room

I found myself in the dressing room waiting as patiently as one can on a teenager. I tagged along to make sure the hemline was to the knee. One stall over, a woman carrying on a conversation with someone in the next stall. As I waited there, I realized it was another mother-daughter duo. Then I could hear them shouting to another woman across the way. Another daughter, trying on outfits two stalls over. Their voices were all giddy with excitement and I could see outfit after outfit hitting the floor in a tangled jumble. As one model emerged, the other two would run out to catch a glimpse of the outfit. They would ooooooh and aaaaaah and compare which was more flattering. None of this is so unusual, it's why dressing rooms were born, but you see, I have an issue with my size, and they were not a size six, not even a size twelve, yet they were happy with what they saw in the mirror. They were happy with themselves right where they were at this very moment. I stood there in awe of their joy and confused at why I rarely ever try anything on at the store. When I do make the mistake of trying on, it turns into judgement day. Where did I go. Where is my size six.

As I was still waiting, teen girls take their sweet time don't you know, out of another stall pops a lady, mid sixties, tan and so tiny, she's thrilled with a handkerchief hem skirt and is twirling around like a little girl. "Perfect for the beach" she says. She came out of her room with the smaller mirror to catch a glimpse in the larger three way mirror. I notice she's wearing a wig, cancer maybe, but she's so happy and joy-filled and twirling and twirling.  

Therapy and God are all around us every day. You don't really have to look for it, you just have to pray to change and He will provide the path in the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times. I wasn't looking to be challenged in a dressing room, but yet I was. I'm still pondering all of it and that's just as it should be. I'll just leave it at that. 

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  1. I think it is so wonderful to see people happy with their size no matter what it is! I have never had that blessing- I always wish I was smaller...always....even when I was quite thin- I thought of myself as being "too big"...now I look back at those pictures and think--hey...dopey...you were SKINNY then! lol
    I work with a very large woman and she carries herself beautifully, dresses beautifully and is just happy with right where she is at. I envy her acceptance of herself/by herself.
    Loved this post! xo Diana

  2. Sometimes it is so hard to "love" ourselves, with all our perceived flaws, isn't it! Very poignant and wonderful post Amy! I confess - I hate dressing rooms too!

  3. How cool! I have many good memories of spending time shopping with my little sisters and cousins--dressing rooms have their frustrating moments, but it can be a fun social experience, too.

  4. Hello again dear Amy. Sorry I haven't checked for a few posts. This is a very poignant post. There are so many of us who are way too hard on ourselves where our perceived reflections are concerned. In reality there will always be such a variety of shapes and sizes. If we all looked like clones of each other, how boring would it be sitting and watching the world go by? Amy, we have people in the Media who have taken a liking to using the term "real women" in reference to those considered plus size. I detest this term. How is it one figure shape can deem a woman "real"? What does that make all other woman? My only daughter is a 175cm tall and size 6-8 Aus/UK sizing and this is her natural "real" size. I was the same at her age and before 3 kiddos, although a little taller. She has people stare at her in public and you can be fairly sure they have judged her as one who doesn't eat. Like me, she loves food and eats a healthy and ample diet. I thank God she has the confidence to not let other's presumptions worry her. She knows she is "real". Why oh why the Media can't just refer to woman and girls as being "healthy" I don't know. Wouldn't such a term aptly describe what is the most important aspect of one's outward appearance. "Real" woman....Pah! If only some figure types are considered and referred to as "real" what message is that sending to our young girls. Sadly, there are so many more important issues to be talked about in this world, I would hope that one day, this unhealthy obsession with women's figure shapes would die a natural death. I salute the body acceptance you witnessed in that change room Amy. More power to all of us. I promise that body confidence does improve with age by the way. I am soon to be 52 and finally feel quite comfortable with how I present :) Sorry to ramble. You have the best week and I will drop in on your more recent posts shortly. Thanks for sharing Amy. xo


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