Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mornings On The Porch

Oh how my soul has longed for these mornings. We are having an unusually warm week here and this morning, well, this morning was a 'coffee on the porch'  morning. My favorite.

I've missed these so. It's the birthday week of our youngest and he's already gotten a couple of gifts. He couldn't wait to try out his remote controlled car. 

He's my early bird. Mornings and Matthew are one. Me, not so much, but his passion for the arrival of each new day is nothing short of inspiring. 

Of course, our mornings involve lots of little chickens. I wouldn't change a thing. 


  1. What a beautiful way to spend a lovely early morning! Can't wait until mornings here are warm enough to have coffee outside too. This morning it was 24 degrees here, a wee bit chilly yet for outside coffee lol!

    1. Okay, I literally just gasped when I read that it was 24 degrees in your little neck of the woods! Bless your heart! Praying for warmer weather for you real soon!

  2. I am so jealous. We had a high of 37 today here by the water. I just can't wait for some warm weather. We are driving north 3 hours tomorrow and just found out we are driving into 2-4" of snow. Love your sweet birthday boy pictures! xo Diana

  3. Goodness - this definitely looks like a great way to start the day!

  4. I desperately crave mornings such as this. Sadly, my view most mornings is that of the bumper of another car...


    There will come a day...

    Enjoy it, and just know I'm reeling in jealousy...*wink*

  5. Me soon :) Amy your countryside views from your porch or verandah in Aussie speak, is priceless. The emerald green vista is intoxicating. I live on the outskirts of a rural town on a small acreage, so whilst our neighbours aren't as close as some and we have a large garden and paddocks to look out on, we still have other homes a short distance away that are in our line of sight. So, although I truly appreciate the extra space we have around us, I really love your green rolling hills. Thank you for sharing your relaxing and beautiful view. xo


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