Friday, March 20, 2015

A Camper Redo {part one}

We've been hard at work over here getting our little pop-up ready for travel. Y'all remember we got a little pop-up camper? My plan is to have a vintage/bohemian vibe with a little hippie thrown in for good measure. I'm really challenged with the bohemian style because it's filled with mismatching and I have a real hard time making things flow without matching, but I'm committed to making it work and I know I'm going to love the end result. I've had a crush on bohemian for a while, and I think I'll be as surprised as y'all when it all comes together! 

I've found an awesome site filled with pop-up redos and helpful advice. If you're considering a pop-up, check out The Pop Up Princess. I purchased some clean-up products on Larissa's advice. 

My first goal was to clean the canvas both inside and out. It was mildewy as sometimes happens to canvas and that had to go. I used Scott's Outdoor Cleaner and even though it doesn't remove the stains left by the mildew, it completely removed any smell which was my goal. Next on my list was to clean and protect the see through plastic windows. I used ProtectAll and the plastic is as clear as glass. As soon as we have a few sunny, hot days in a row, I'll be applying Scotchguard to all the outside seams to waterproof the canvas. 

I removed all the cushion covers from the seating areas and all the curtains. They were definitely not  bohemian. I put a whole lot of thought into what I wanted to cover our cushions with because it had to match the bohemian vibe, and let's face it, we'll be traveling with kids and pets, it has to be easy to keep clean. I've been swooning over leather sofas for a while but our current home has way too much dark wood to be able to pull off one of those, so it was a natural choice to choose leather cushions for the camper. Easy to keep clean and a perfect fit for my bohemian dream. I know they're not real leather, but just play along with me here, k? 

My husband helped me recover all twelve  cushions and it was a bit of work taking an entire day, but I think it's going to be perfect in the end. Now, I've covered quite a few seat cushions in fabric, easy-peasy, but this was different, first, it was 'leather', and it's stiffer to work with and tends to bunch up and second, half of these cushions needed to be pretty from the backside as well, all new challenges for me. I had no intention of sewing with leather, so it was obvious we'd have to learn some upholstery tricks. We finally  found a tutorial on You Tube and it was the answer to my prayers. It addressed every issue we were having.

Whew, once we knew what we were doing, we went right to work. I love  them.

I'm just giving you little sneak peeks at them {you can see them all finished up when we're all done with the camper}. Next up, sewing new curtains. Stay tuned y'all for part two real soon ..............

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  1. I'm in awe. It's going to look fabulous. This is so much fun. More, more, more...

  2. Lookin good :) It will be fun to incorporate all the fun colors into the camper. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  3. I was wondering in the first post would be going up about the camper redo. I think we might need to come to the house and sneak a first hand peek.

  4. You're genius for using "vegan leather." Heehee...I love calling it that! I couldn't commit to a particular fabric long term, so I was scared to do it...and yes, the idea of sewing it had me a nervous wreck!

    I just made covers for what was already there. :o)

    For our popup, Murphy's Oil Soap was a LIFE SAVER. We would use it every year to clean the canvas and it acted as a sealer, too. It kept the canvas from getting brittle. That first go, I think the specific cleaners are smart, but once you have that done, it's much easier to just keep one cleaner...and Murphy's was the ticket!

  5. Really nice! I love seeing the process between the before and the after. Might even be my favorite part.

  6. I'm so anxious to see some more!!!!.....

    1. Me too- ha! I should probably get busy sewing huh? Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Wow...a lot of work, in one day..It is going to be great.. Can't wait to see the finished camper..have fun.

  8. I just found you through Nancy/A Joyful Cottage and I already know I love you! lol I am your newest follower and I am putting you on my sidebar (where I read blogs from) so I don't miss a single post. Can't wait to get to know you better! You are my kinda gal! xo Diana

  9. I too just found you through Nancy's site, and love your style! I don't know that I would ever be brave enough to attempt a leather redo, but watching you do it, made it look more doable! Excellent tutorial, and will be coming back to visit to see more of your creativity!

  10. Wow, Amy ~ you and hubby have done a ton of work and it looks fantastic so far. Can't wait to see the rest!

  11. Hi Amy :) You are all going to have so much fun in your camper trailer. No doubt it will become part of many future happy memories :)

  12. Hi Amy :) You are all going to have so much fun in your camper trailer. No doubt it will become part of many future happy memories :)

  13. Wel, you're sure braver than I am! I chickened out and bought the cushions for my kitchen lol The leather cushions look great :)


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