Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mountain Wanderings

I used to hide from winter. I despised going out for hikes and mostly whined about the cold, and empty landscape. This winter is different in lots of ways..... whew! God has given us something to see and appreciate in every season, we only have to take the time to look for it all. 

The other day was so sunny and beautiful, so out we went for a little mountain hike. When all the usual distractions are gone, the leaves, flowers, scurrying animals, suddenly there's so much to see. I never look at the moss gently growing over the exposed rocks, or the intricate patterns of the bark of a tree. I certainly never notice a worn piece of wood that has taken the odd shape of a dragon. No, I would have missed all that if I'd waited till it warmed up and all the sprouting and budding had begun. 

How about a winter's hike? 

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  1. Beautiful! It's the days like that give us hope and stamina to make it until spring! We're going to be near 60 today and it will be a treat! :)

    1. 60!? That's wonderful! Hope you enjoyed all that warmth!


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