Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Winter Kitchen

This winter, each room in our house is getting a few tweaks for the season. Winter can be so dark and dreary, so with that in mind, I set out to lighten and brighten our tiny kitchen space. First up, curtains down.  Oh wow, what an unexpected delight! I knew it would be a little brighter without the curtains in there, but holy moly y'all, it's such a huge difference. 

If y'all have windows that you're not worried about anyone peering in, take those curtains down, at least for the winter. You'll be so surprised at the difference- I promise. It's a real mood lifter. I reorganized my open shelving with all my baking bowls too and it's so easy to grab what I need for baking now. 

Don't have open shelves? Neither did we. A simple removal of a few cabinet doors, and voila- open shelving. It really lightens and brightens your kitchen space. Never feel like you're stuck with your house just the way it is- think outside the box a little- you can thank me later! 

Anyway, these tiny changes in the kitchen have made a HUGE  mood lifting impact. I'll be posting on more free and on the cheap changes you can make around the house for the long winter ahead that will keep you feeling your best this season. The tiniest changes can make such a big impact. Y'all stay warm............

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  1. Oh boy do I need the sun! I make a point to open the curtains most days. The dark and dreary not as much, but I still do. I have to see. So even though my kitchen/patio curtains will stay up, they're a nice light and lively pattern to aid in the brightness. Plus, our kitchen/dining is yellow! :)

    I love open or see through cabinets. I was to have a few glass fronts, but we haven't gotten there yet.

  2. I love how creative and cozy your kitchen is. Absolutely perfect!

  3. I LOVE sunlight in the house. We currently have such a dark home and it drives me crazy! I didn't even realize the cabinet doors were off in your pictures! Ours are down right now as well - but because we are redoing them. I wish my kitchen looked as nice as yours! Cheers and happy new year!

  4. First thing I do in the morning is lift up the mini blinds, I have no curtains anymore in the living room or dining room. I just got those cheep mini blind and I raise them up not open and close them. I have sheers in my bedroom and kitchen, very effective for keeping a bright home as well. Have you ever heard of those special light bulbs for winter that are more like sunlight. A woman I know had them and she turned one on in her office and I was amazed at the effect it had in a matter of minutes. It was like a we were outside, very mood lifting, they are a bi pricey but worth it.

  5. What an interesting thought, taking off my cupboard doors. I just looked inside my cupboards and decided that I might want to wait until my plastic cups become glasses. You've inspired me once again.

  6. ♥! I too am a LIGHT girl! I made sure the house I bought had ceiling lights in every room! I turn on lights at night like nobody's business and I'm sure it drives my husband bonkers...! I like noriecoleman's idea above about the special light bulbs.... it seems in the winter that I leave in the a.m when it's dark and return in the p.m when (you guessed it) it's dark again...! So that may be a good trick to employ! Also love your open cabinets...maybe I will finally throw caution to the cat fur and just take my doors down already....! As always ♥ your inspiration!

  7. Sadly, I leave the house at 630 am, and come home about 6pm, so it's dark outside anytime I'm actually home. *sigh*
    However, I don't have window coverings for exactly this reason! When there *is* sun out, I want as much as possible to come into my home!
    Personally, I don't worry much about whether my neighbors can see into our common spaces - living room, dining room, etc. If they don't want to see what's happening, don't look....heh, maybe that's a bad neighborly attitude....


  8. I just love ALL y'all so much! Your comments make my heart so crazy happy! It's like having a room filled with all these different women with all their different personalities merging together- pure joy! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  9. I'm with you - I need light - and lots of it! I love the open cabinets; I wish I were brave (read: organized) enough to try it. Thank you so much for sharing your winter home tips with us! You had the "most viewed" link at the Talented Tuesday Link Party last week - stop by tomorrow to see your feature! :) Have a great evening!

    1. Oh that's sooooo exciting! Thanks so much Amy!

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