Monday, December 15, 2014

In Roars Winter

My soul has begun it's annual descent into a quiet, and often darker place. A place that I've spent way too many years fighting against. It's come a little earlier this year than usual. I expect my "guest" after Christmas, yet here it is mid-December.

Today was an absolutely glorious day out- if you sat directly in the sunshine that is. My gaze fell upwards on the barren trees that fill this property- tons of them. As I took in all their empty gray-ness, my desires seemed to fade too. As winter looms on the horizon, my soul begins to flit quickly from one thing to the next. I start to feel all antsy inside like I just can't be satisfied. I've decided to embrace this annual unrest rather than fighting a futile and exhausting battle against it, I'm opening my arms up to IT. Even, welcoming IT.

Here's how that looks. I'm looking forward to a change up in the colors here in our house. I'm planning on trading out some of the reds for corals and adding more soft aquas and pale blue/greens to the mix. I was totally inspired the other day by a post from another blog that I follow, she does that to me quite often, inspire me you know. Love her for that. Click here to check her out- man she's good. I'll be crafting a new wreath thanks to her and more pom pom garlands out of icy-wooly-wool's. 

It also looks like this. Winter is a season of reflection and rest. A time for our homes to be our cocoons. I want to fill this home with lots of warm cozy spaces, chairs with throws for cuddling fireside, stacks of books at the ready and a tea kettle on the stove top. I desire to embrace this season of slowness and let it envelop my soul. No more fighting against winter's natural urging. There'll be a time for movement and growth come spring. I want to allow my body and soul the time to nurture my inner growth. I want to hibernate here and grow myself and my kids through stories and hot cocoa. 

It also looks like this. I want to schedule some traveling adventures- one each month. A winter visit to our beloved Tybee Island, a snowy mountain cabin retreat, places to fill and nurture our souls with some new sights and sounds. New landscapes to soak in. 

It may also look like this. Saying "no" more often- and not feeling the least bit guilty about it. My heart and home so desires to welcome others, but if I don't take the time to nurture myself first, there won't be anything left for you. I'm going to be okay with that. I'm not going to feel rude when I say no.

Winter is a time of quiet and still, of peaceful reflection. A time of silvers against vivid blue skies. A time of slow change. A time of saying no, more. A time of quiet adventure.

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  1. "embrace this annual unrest" -- I too am feeling this way. I guess me and winter just need to hug it out so to speak. I pray for your spirits to be lifted!! And I love how you called it a time of slow change-- such a more constructive way to look at it. ♥ Have a terrific Tuesday friend!

    1. I'm so, so sorry that you feel this way too! It's so confusing and unsettling. Your prayers are so appreciated. I'll be praying for you too friend! Merry Christmas!

  2. I'm so sorry this is a season of struggle for you; it always helps me open up, oddly enough. I take time to search inside, and settle within myself. When the world around me slows, I don't feel the pressure to keep up like usual...I can breathe.
    I think the time spent confined in my home settles me...I can see the space around me clearly through the barren trees. The rustle of leaves is gone, and there's just structured silence. I relish this season...

    1. I'm so envious! I've REALLY got to try and view winter more from your perspective. You make it sound so welcome! Thanks for giving me plenty to think about! Merry Christmas!


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