Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Being Brave {In The Form Of Frozen Foods}

A very brave friend of mine recently had to relinquish some of her commitments because life got hard. Real hard y'all. Sometimes we can't do it all, not even close. You know what? That's okay, not just okay, but brave even. Saying "no" or "it's too much" is hard, but oh so necessary. 

Sometimes all this blog stuff with it's fancy, shiny all dolled up posts, is hugely deceiving. Don't get me wrong, blogs serve a great purpose of inspiring us through others. But you have to remember that my house doesn't look like those pictures that you see posted here from time to time. You can't see all the fur on the sofa and fuzz balls on the floor in the pictures because the camera lens just doesn't pick them up- thank heavens! If I'm doing one thing well, then you can surely trust that there's a handful more that I'm not. I don't have it all going on! My life, why,  it gets just as messy as yours.

This week I found myself in the frozen food aisle. That's probably not all that earth shattering of a concept to some, but for me, the organic, wholefoods, bake from scratch, me, it's BIG. This week, I really wanted to have the time to bake for others and hand-make some gifts for our friends on top of our usual LIFE. I- can't- do- it-all. I just can't. So I found myself on the convenience food aisle begging for a helping hand from Stouffer's and Sara Lee and anybody else that could help me with this week's meals. I felt soooooo guilty putting those boxes into my cart, but listen, my load feels so much lighter because I did. 

Sometimes we all need a little help. Sometimes we have to be brave enough to let go.

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  1. It's ok you. Remember what Ann Voskamp was saying, Perfectionism kills the soul. We are all living in a time of way too fast paced. Some nights we have the good food and some nights it's hot dogs or chicken nuggets. The kids are in sports even though we homeschool and it takes it's toll on mama and papa. I have come to say thank God for whole food and thank God for the not so whole food, don't worry you are perfect in your imperfections because you belong to Him!

    1. Thank you so much for that Nori! It's always nice to have sweet friends remind you that it's all okay! Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you for sharing that your home may not always appear as "Catalog Ready" as it seems. :o)
    I *need* that reminder that sometimes things aren't always as they appear through the lens, and that creative editing isn't always a bad thing.
    Remember: This is a season of quiet grace. Take the grace that is freely offered, and fully REPRESENTED in this season.
    Sometimes, the best we can give is limited to the effort of sliding that box into the oven. Sometimes, it's waiting in the drive-thru...*ahem*
    It's so telling that you chose a rather uncomfortable path for yourself, so that you might provide comfort and considerate CARE for others. Not so you can wallow in yourself, but to shine a light to those around you. Forsaking yourself, to raise someone else up...sounds like someone else we all know...


    1. You know what? I need you to come to my house every single morning from January through March to provide me with a little pep talk and a fresh perspective for each day!!! Do you think we can arrange that?? I'd be happy to work out a trade or something, paint some furniture for you or something ;) Seriously, you are so inspiring! So grateful for sweet folks like you my dear!

  3. *gigglesnort* I'd be happy to, but I do come with 3 sons, a husband, his ex-wife, a cat and dog. :o)
    Your honesty in this forum is inspiring to me. Please keep it coming!


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