Wednesday, November 19, 2014

DIY: A Winter Rescue Kit

It's that time of year again! Cold and flu season. Yuck, yuck, yuck! The other day, I started to feel a little nauseous, and then panicky! I'm not ready for this......I'm not prepared for this.......what if I'm really sick.....I don't have any supplies. Thank heavens I felt better the next day, but it really got the wheels in my brain turning. Sooooooo, next trip out, I began stocking up a box with emergency supplies. Now if one of us goes down, I'm ready! I know what you're probably thinking, "why do you need a box stashed away for this, just put the supplies in the pantry". If you have kids, the answer may be pretty obvious as to why I felt the need to pack all this away in a crate and store it in the basement. If it's in the pantry- it will get eaten! Already, just since I bought these supplies, our seven year old has asked for some Gatorade and saltines! Unless I hide this stuff, there's no hope! So what's in my box you ask?

I wanted to include things good for colds and tummy issues that may strike. I filled my crate with lots of Gatorade, Ginger-ale, children's fever aides, saltines, cough drops, tissues, and ginger tea. I'm planning on adding more goodies next grocery day. Things like chicken soups, lots more Gatorade, and even some coloring books and crossword puzzles for those long, boring days stuck in the bed. 

I found this ginger tea which is great for soothing an unhappy tummy. It's delicious. I went ahead and gave it a try because that's just how thorough I am for my readers ;). I figure now that I'm all prepared, no one will get sick this winter and that's o.k. too!! Oh yeah, I'll take that! Until next time friends- y'all stay well and warm......... AE

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  1. Great idea!! Thanks for sharing at Think & Make Thursday!

    Leigh Anne

  2. I saw those melon cough drops the other day for the 1st time, they look very soothing don't want to get sick to try them though. Very good idea on prepping!

    1. Thanks for stopping by for a visit Nori- I'm with you, I DO NOT want to get sick either!!

  3. Oh my! I needed this last weekend! Pinned and tweeted. We always love partying with you, I hope to see you tonight at 7 pm at our party. Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls


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