Wednesday, October 1, 2014

We're Off To The Fair

Fall means lots of things to lots of people. When I was a little girl growing up in Macon, Georgia, fall meant fair time. We had a pretty decent sized fair and I so vividly remember the sights and sounds and smells of it all. There's just something so real about them. Fair people are a group all their own. You know what I mean? The folks you see at the fair are not the same one's you stand behind in the check-out line at the grocery. There's as much fun to be had in people watching as there is in actually riding all those crazy rides. 

Where else can you see a woman wearing nothing but leggings and a leather jacket {mostly unbuttoned} and think nothing of it. Yes, I did cover my seven year olds eyes, more than once... but hey, it's the FAIR. It's a place where you eat food that on any other day of the year is off limits because it's.... well......... just nasty. But on fair day, it becomes not just acceptable, but required. On that one day, you throw caution to the wind and hold a corndog dripping with a mustard/ketchup mix in one hand and a fried funnel cake sprinkled with oodles of powdered sugar in the other hand. It's also the day you try not to drink too  much for fear of having to use the porta-potty! Ahhhhh, the fair! 

Three of our four children have fall birthdays, heavens, they were all born within two weeks of one another! This year since they are all older, my husband and I decided that a gift of taking them all to the state fair complete with an unlimited ride pass and all the cotton candy you could stomach, would be a great group gift! What a wonderful gift it turned out to be! 

Our oldest son, has a very special young lady in his life, and of course she was invited to share in this giant birthday celebration! Bless her heart, she must think we're a bit on the loony side {more like totally loony}, but, so far we haven't scared her away, whew

Y'all are so sweet for joining me here and I wish I could just hug you all. Just please know how much it means to me for you to visit and how lovely it is to share with you in the comments. Have a beautiful Wednesday y'all!

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