Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fear = Good {More On Unschooling}

If you've chosen to school your children at home, you know that there is always a gnawing fear involved. Are you doing this thing right? Are you messing your kids up beyond repair?  Blah, blah, blah. I know, it's a crazy fear! Even if you've graduated a child from your homeschool and you're still schooling your others, that fear is still there every day. I don't think it ever vanishes until all your littles have graduated and they are all grown up and you are pleased with the choices they've made. Only then can you breathe a sigh of relief that, well, maybe you did it all o.k. MAYBE!

Here's my thoughts on the subject, and remember please, that I'm no all knowing guru or anything, but this is just my two cents, K? I believe that fear is good. We have cared enough to take on a HUGE responsibility of not only having our children but keeping them with us and educating them as well. We have put our own needs to the side and followed God's call to school our children at home. We have not handed off this responsibility to anyone else, but heeded God's call upon our own lives. When we REALLY BELIEVE that we are doing God's will, how can we possibly be messing up our children? We are following God's call for our lives- that's huge! Own It! 

Unschooling is just taking that call one step further. Unschooling means that each and every day we believe through faith that God will lead us and our children and grow us in the way that He sees fit. It is stepping out in faith each day and believing that God Himself will show up and lead. Does that mean that we all sit in the living room all day waiting to hear from God? Of course not. But it does mean that as the parent, I actively seek God's presence every day and plan accordingly. It means that I try to stay in tune with my children and listen for God to tell me what they need by their actions and behaviors.

Our life isn't perfect over here by any means. My kids bicker and argue just like yours. We don't sing kumbaya in the car on the way to the grocery store {although, that would be really nice}, but what we do is try to pay attention to one another's subtle cues and explore those daily. I believe that God wants us to hear Him in the most unassuming of places, in our own children perhaps.

Unschooling can be really scary, and that's a good thing. Fear = Good. Now repeat that three times! Fear keeps you on your toes! If you know in your heart that you are following God's call in the lives of your children, you're not messing them up. Have faith that you are growing them and educating them God's way! Promise me that you'll have faith. 


Did you promise yet?

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  1. Amy, this was so good. I seek the Lord daily for direction also. Right now two of mine are taking a bath. Two are working outside of the home in jobs suited to their gifts. One is listening to his dad explain how to tie a fly for fly fishing. Another is making lunch. Everyone is doing the right thing at this moment. I also fear and also have faith.

    1. My dear friend, that sounds like the PERFECT unschooling day! Thanks for visiting today!

  2. This is very good advice for lots of decision making!!! Fear = Good. I like it! ( However, I can't believe you don't sing Kumbaya in the car... LOL) Thank you for sharing with us at Merry Monday! xx Julia


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